Recent Before & After Photos

Covina home suffered roof leak from rain damage - PART 1

Lots of California sun may have contributed to the wear and tear of these shingles. Then on a particularly windy day, it blew away several protective roof shing... READ MORE

Covina home suffered roof leak from rain damage - PART 2

Living in the San Gabriel Valley, we all have experienced heavy winds at some point where noticeable damage occurs. In this instance, the wind blew hard enough ... READ MORE

Home sprinklers malfunctioned and covered the home

While greatly appreciated in a fire situation, home sprinklers sometimes leak or go off at the wrong time due to the high pressure that the water is stored unde... READ MORE

Fire started in the bedroom of this West Covina home

On each of our fire damage calls, nerves are shot because of the traumatic experience and loss. In this home, thankfully only minor injuries occurred to the one... READ MORE

Toilet overflowed and damaged this family's kitchen

Here is a common scenario that our team frequently runs across… This flooded kitchen got soaked with sewage water from a toilet back up and overflow from... READ MORE

Mold in walls found, then removed

This SOCAL home experienced a water damage that unfortunately was left untreated a little too long and mold growth began within the wall cavity. These dark damp... READ MORE

Water Damage in Azusa, CA

Certainly not your typical before and after picture because our 'after' shows our equipment working to dry out the structure from water damage. I... READ MORE

Board up needed in Baldwin Park, CA

From time to time we get called out to secure and stabilize a home or business after a break in or a fire. On this instance we were called out immediately after... READ MORE

AC Unit leaks and floods a home in Orange County, CA

This Orange County home discovered a water leak had traveled all throughout their first story of their home. We were called out to help and discovered the sourc... READ MORE

Specialty cleaning at a retail shop in Pasadena, CA

Upon opening, the business owner discovered a thick layer of concrete dust blanketing every nook and cranny of their retail arts & crafts store. Parking lot... READ MORE