Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm damage occurs even in sunny California

Many times our main focus is on the repairs we see that are needed inside our home and we might not realize our roof is damaged until a storm passes... This gor... READ MORE

Water Extraction of living room in Walnut, CA

A local Walnut, CA home needed water extraction because they came home to their sunken living room being flooded from rain pooring in. Our team is available aro... READ MORE

Some storms come from within

This kitchen had a pipe rupture on the second floor so the whole downstairs got rained on. The ceiling caved in, soaked materials swelled up and cabinets began ... READ MORE

Roof leak needing repair in West Covina

In Southern California, we do not seem to get much rain anymore. But we do get lots of hot sunny days that eventually lead to wear and tear of roofing materials... READ MORE

Covina home suffered roof leak from rain damage - PART 1

Lots of California sun may have contributed to the wear and tear of these shingles. Then on a particularly windy day, it blew away several protective roof shing... READ MORE

Covina home suffered roof leak from rain damage - PART 2

Living in the San Gabriel Valley, we all have experienced heavy winds at some point where noticeable damage occurs. In this instance, the wind blew hard enough ... READ MORE