Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Toilet overflowed and damaged this family's kitchen

Here is a common scenario that our team frequently runs across… This flooded kitchen got soaked with sewage water from a toilet back up and overflow from... READ MORE

Home sprinklers malfunctioned and covered the home

While greatly appreciated in a fire situation, home sprinklers sometimes leak or go off at the wrong time due to the high pressure that the water is stored unde... READ MORE

Is the source of your water damage clean or dirty? Depending on that answer, the protocol for cleanup will vary

Our specialty hardwood floor drying equipment is used on a daily basis, but ONLY when the water rupture or leak is from a clean water source such as from a plum... READ MORE

Do not wait to call out the professionals when dealing with a flooded room. Let us get right to work, making the needed repairs.

When our team was called to offer assistance with this home's water damage, our dispatcher first asked how long the leak had been going on and then collected ad... READ MORE

Water Damage in Azusa, CA

Certainly not your typical before and after picture because our 'after' shows our equipment working to dry out the structure from water damage. In this home, th... READ MORE

AC Unit leaks and floods a home in Orange County, CA

This Orange County home discovered a water leak had traveled all throughout their first story of their home. We were called out to help and discovered the sourc... READ MORE