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Archived Blog Posts

What to do when a ceiling or wall has water damage?

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

A bathroom shows water damage to the ceiling when rain soaked materials became too heavy and fell Dealing with a water leak? Call for help to quickly get it cleaned up before mold starts to develop.

While some home repairs are simple and can be a DIY project, water damages are not really one of them because mold can develop and grow within hours. Keep the health of you and your family a priority and hire a professional to take care of water issues the correct way using IICRC standards and protocol.

Signs that a professional restoration company should be called:

  • New stains or brownish spots on your ceiling
  • Water is leaking, dripping, or flooding
  • The paint is bubbling
  • Materials look wet, mushy, or crumbling
  • Parts of the ceiling has caved in or collapsed
  • Mold has suddenly appeared

Our team is ready around the clock to respond to your emergency needs. We will use professional tools to help determine the source of the water intrusion, assist in making the needed repairs, and properly cleanup the water based on the circumstances and how long the issue has been going on. Don’t delay, call today.

Can indoor flooding be dangerous?

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

A laundry room shows room flooding out from a running clothes washing machine as a barefoot lady stands there was ironing but Stay safe. Act quickly. Get shoes on. Stay clear of the flooded areas. Call SERVPRO for help.

At SERVPRO of West Covina, our professionally trained team puts safety for everyone involved at the forefront. If you wake up and step out of bed into several inches of water it can be startling. What can you do? There can be potential dangers to keep a lookout for. Here are a few suggestions to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

  • The first thing to do is to put on hard-soled shoes or rubber boots if you have them. If anyone else is in the home, have them also on shoes, and instruct them to stay clear of the wet areas for safety measures.
  • Next, if you can determine where the leak is coming from, can you shut off the water source? Is the leak from a running toilet or washing machine? Did a pipe inside the wall or slab rupture?
  • Now you will want to call SERVPRO to come help stop the damages from becoming any worse. We will arrive promptly, scope out how far the water traveled, extract the standing water and begin the repair process with the following safety precautions in mind:

Standing water potential dangers

Risk of electrical shock – Electronic chords dangling in the water is a problem. Wet electronics and/or fixtures are also an issue. When your home floods and your main power switch is on, walking around in the flooded water can lead to a potentially deadly shock. Do not take the risk, stay out of the wet rooms that are affected.

Outside flood entering home – If at all possible, remain clear of affected rooms. Beware of sharp debris and potentially harmful contaminants or chemicals within the soil such as animal or bird feces. Beware of waterborne illness.

Bacteria and contaminants- If a high bacteria level is present, small cuts on your skin can lead to health risks and concerns, especially if small children or the elderly are walking around barefoot.

Mold – Indoor temperatures are ideal for supporting the growth of mold when both water and organic material is available for the spores to feed on. Wall cavities and areas where no light shines can easily be missed if a professional company is not hired for the cleanup. Check with your doctor regarding the risks related to mold exposure within the home. Mold is avoidable if the water damage is acted upon immediately and the proper IICRC measures are taken.

Fire Preparedness Reminders for SOCAL Residences

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

A picture of a fire inspector reviews safety measures. Flames are behind a clipboard and a fire extinguisher is ready for use Regularly do a safety fire check at both your home and office, since where we spend most of the day can be considered our second home.

As our state begins to deal with hotter temperatures, wildfires may put our homes or businesses at risk at some point. Plus, despite preventative measures, fire-related accidents still happen. Fire spreads quickly so each minute counts in assuring everyone evacuates safely. SERVPRO is here to help clean up after and encourages you to prepare now in the event that disaster strikes.

Important reminders:

  • Bi-annually check batteries on each smoke detector
  • Keeping room doors closed can help slow the spread
  • Prepare your property with fire extinguishers and service regularly
  • Consider upgrading your property by installing an internal sprinkler system
  • Plan an escape route and agree upon a safe outdoor meetup spot
  • Practice your fire escape plan annually
  • Keep pathways and exits free from clutter
  • At the first sign of fire, act quickly and calmly
  • Remember to stay low to avoid breathing in smoke
  • Stay out, once you are out, notify the fire department if someone is missing
  • Practice a scheduled fire drill, timing how long it takes for all to exit

What does the IICRC do?

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

The IICRC certified logo - white background with lime green and teal dots that are shaped into a globe Hire a restoration company that daily practices IICRC industry standards and prioritizes health & safety measures.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification was founded in the 1970s and over the decades has become a trusted organization setting high standards for the restoration industry. Restoration business owners, property managers, and insurance companies trust and rely on the standard the IICRC has set.

Education matters, especially in the restoration industry. The IICRC offers detailed training and certifications in related fields for this profession. An emphasis is placed on ethics, health, and safety for all parties, and certifications can be earned by technicians so that when working out in the field, they can bring trust through their professional expertise as services are rendered. Courses are available for property damage issues such as water damage, the presence of mold, fire & smoke damages, the proper cleaning of contents and/or surfaces, odor removal, proper care for a variety of flooring types, plus trauma & crime scene cleaning.

These valuable courses, insights, and industry standards take the lead in providing a clear protocol based on the issue at hand. Cleanup for a clean water pipe rupture is different from for example raw sewage backup because of health concerns. Understanding how to handle microbial issues professionally can avoid problems down the road. By (mitigation) stopping the issue from growing larger, and handling matters properly right from the start based on the category of loss we can save the homeowner parties involved tons of money by avoiding unnecessary steps.

What services are offered at SERVPRO?

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

A closeup of a customer filling in an online review and leaving five gold stars representing the highest satisfaction rating Choose to hire professionals who value you, your health & safety, your property, and your important feedback.

With so many local businesses in our SOCAL community, you would select SERVPRO of West Covina because you are in need of either commercial or residential specialty cleaning services that a typical maid or janitor company may not offer. You will want to hire us because our IICRC certified team is well trained to be quick to identify an emergency property cleanup need over an issue that can be scheduled and attended to during normal business hours. If you are unsure what your specific need is for, you can trust that our decades of experience will add up to your benefit when our professional protocol and recommendations are reviewed at the time of inspection. Then we get right to work. We will even assist with the claims process if that route is needed. The big difference that you will experience, is that we care. We care about you, we care about your project, we care about our community, and we care about our reputation. We are here to help with the property issue you are facing. Check out our online reviews and call today to learn more!

SERVPRO of West Covina offers the following:

Emergency Restoration:

  • Water restoration
  • Water pipe rupture cleanup
  • Water flooding extraction
  • Water removal
  • Sewage removal
  • Catastrophic wind and storm response
  • Post water mitigation dry out of the structure (dehumidification)
  • Fire restoration
  • Smoke and soot removal of structure and contents
  • Secure and stabilize post-fire
  • Board ups

Non-Emergency Restoration:

  • Mold inspections
  • Mold removal
  • Mold testing
  • Post plumbing repairs
  • Pack out of belongings during the repair phase
  • Content inventories
  • Off sight cleaning of contents
  • Drying of electronics, equipment, documents, and/or art
  • Pack back of belongings post-construction

Specialty Cleaning:

  • Odor removal
  • Methodical and detailed structural cleaning of ceilings, walls, contents, and floors
  • Flooring, carpets, curtains, blinds, and upholstery
  • HVAC cleaning
  • Attic cleaning
  • Crawlspace pump out, sewage removal
  • Vandalism cleanup and repairs
  • Crime scene/biohazard cleaning
  • High content - hoarding experts


  • Post water damage
  • Post-fire damage
  • Post mold remediation
  • Post-storm damage
  • Haul away, demolition, debris removal
  • Repairs to structure and/or building materials

Seven areas in your home where prevention measures can make a difference

4/7/2022 (Permalink)

 A family with young children sit together to plan for potential emergencies, exit plans, go-bags and to take safety measures Your family's health and safety are a top priority. Take the time to discuss and make needed changes now.

We have all heard the saying, hope for the best, but plan for the worst…

Our home is intended to be our family’s safe haven. Yet, year after year accidents leads to ER visits due to injury. If some of these can be avoided, the efforts made will be well worth it.

  1. Be aware of falling– We all could be at risk from a fall but little ones and older ones are the most susceptible to a serious injury.  If you notice a potential danger, take action right away. Every staircase should have a secure handrail. Slippery surfaces in kitchens, and bathrooms are areas where extra care can be given. Rugs can be secured with rug grippers found on Amazon or double-sided tape can prevent tripping on a lifted edge or ripple. In bath and shower areas a non-skid rug may be the best option. Spills should be quickly attended to, and safety chairs or railing when appropriate can be used as a safety precaution.
  2. Reducing clutter– Working from home and having a full house, you may find this to be a bit of a challenge but reducing clutter in pathways, on floors, and staircases can prevent a bad fall from occurring. By aiming to keep electrical cables or chords off the floors, not only trips will be avoided but in the event of flooding, electrical shock potential risk is minimized.
  3. Keep areas being used well lit– With prices for everything going up, we are all concerned with conserving energy, yet by making it a habit to ensure staircases are well lit for each use and walkways are properly illuminated, tripping on steps may be avoided altogether.
  4. Turn the water main off when on vacation– When you return home the very last thing you want to deal with is finding your place flooded. By taking this extra step a lot of heartaches can be avoided altogether.
  5. Never overload electrical outlets– Too many fires begin this way. The devastation it can cause is heart-breaking. Older homes are at higher risk for electrical problems especially dangerous at night when smoldering could be missed.
  6. Spills should be given immediate attention– Water or anything slippery can be a recipe for disaster. Broken bones in the elderly can be easily caused by a wrong step.
  7. Have an agreed-upon family evacuation plan– This will provide peace of mind and render the best results to have a designated safe meeting place post evacuation after an earthquake, fire, or storm.

At SERVPRO we make ourselves readily available for property damages when accidents occur but we also care enough to share what we have learned from years of responding to home emergencies in our community. We believe that by each of us doing our part and taking preventative measures, we each can make a big difference overall. Stay safe!

2021 is Proving to be Challenging but SERVPRO is Only a Call Away

9/14/2021 (Permalink)

A yellow wood sided cozy looking home has a large fallen tree that has fallen on top of it due to a passing storm Whatever the emergency is, we are ready to help get your property inspected, cleaned, repaired, and back to its preloss condition. Trust SERVPRO!

Across the globe, it is definitely another challenging year in more ways than one. We are continuing to endure the COVID-19 pandemic and witnessed much suffering and many lost lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families as they endure these difficult times.

On a positive note, there is no need to battle this virus alone as our cleaning team continues to maintain a busy schedule of disinfecting properties. We receive calls for covid cleaning of homes, businesses, and schools. Really, our services can be utilized after any sort of in-house / in-office coronavirus outbreak and/or someone testing positive for the SARS-2 virus.

In addition, another huge problematic issue is that year after year the weather has progressively become extreme. Reports all over of constant seasonal wildfires, large earthquakes, wind storms, tropical rainstorms, flooding, heat waves, cold fronts, and hurricanes, hitting areas one after the other has caused loss of homes and businesses. Our SERVPRO teams and SERVPRO large-loss teams respond all over the country wherever the help is needed. 

Our monthly donations to disaster relief efforts continue to be put to good use because of the great need. You can rely on our local SERVPRO of West Covina team to continue to respond and assist with our local West Covina and SOCAL resident cleanup calls. You can trust that our crews are prepared around the clock, well equipped, and professionally trained. We are here to help during any sort of catastrophe or unexpected damages and offer the quickest response, especially in emergency situations. 

How to prepare for California wildfire season

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

A woman wearing an N95 mask looks out on her balcony as her neighborhood fills with smoke from a nearby brush or wildfire In case of a wildfire ending up in your area... Be ready to leave quickly if asked to do so. Prepare everything now including emergency go-bags.

Fires can start and spread quickly. Many times you may have only minutes to grab necessities before you are in danger. A few years back during a local canyon fire, a client had a nearby hillside of brush on fire. She filled her arms with what she could but by the time she got to her car, the smoke was so thick and low, she struggled even making it to her car. Fortunately, she and her family made it to safety. But, sadly her beautiful home of eighteen years where she and her husband had raised their kids in burned to the ground. Since we live in a dry and windy climate, it is wise to fully prepare.

Prepare your home

  • Clear surrounding areas of your yard so that it is free of debris, woodpiles, fallen leaves, twigs, and dead branches
  • Keep rain gutters cleaned out
  • Keep flammables away

Prepare your family

  • Teach the family how to use a fire extinguisher and ensure that they know where it is stored
  • Make a family emergency & evacuation plan
  • Have an emergency go-bag ready
  • Have emergency supplies on hand

Be prepared to leave quickly

  • Recognize air-quality alerts & fire warnings
  • Stay safe during a fire by evacuating immediately if authorities tell you to leave home
  • Have your masks and sanitizer ready to go when sheltering at a public location or a friend’s home
  • Use N95 masks or a respirator to protect yourselves against

Remember the 5 P’s of evacuation

People & Pets as a priority

Prescriptions, vision aids, power chords, first aid kit, and sanitization items

Papers including important documents, insurance papers, and contacts

Personal needs, clothes, shoes, food, water, cash, cards, and phones

Priceless items such as family photos or other sentimental valuables

After you return home, if soot, ash, or a strong smoke odor is present, we can help. Call our team out for a complimentary visual inspection at 626-960-9145

Emergency Preparedness - Are YOU Ready?

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

A close up of a well stocked supply of lots of clear plastic drinking water bottles Afterwards, SERVPRO of West Covina is here to help with the cleanup of any type of disaster. Call anytime.

2020 California wildfires were the worst on history records last year. An additional challenge was the fact that we were all working or staying at home because of the pandemic. As we head into the warmer months of another Southern California’s summer, extreme heat, winds, and dryness all combined unfortunately create the greater risk and threat of wildfires. Homes too near dry brush may already no longer qualify for homeowners insurance which can be challenging because we know emergencies can occur at any time. These families especially will benefit from emergency preparedness due to living in or near the high-risk zones.

Ensuring your family and business are prepared in advance is important. Basic supplies for any time of possible disaster are well worth the efforts. These extra supplies can help you plan for a fire, an earthquake, potential flooding, and even rolling black-out power outages. We never know how long water or power may be out as multiple states this past year experienced real struggles due to storms and severe weather. Texas residents quickly ran through emergency supplies and experienced empty shelves in local stores. A friend who went inside a San Antonio Target discovered all of the shelves were empty with the exception of beer. Preparing fully now will be the wisest action to take in protecting you and your loved ones.

Customer Satisfaction remains Vital in 2021

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

A close up of a man holding a square wood block that in black bold letters says: A Satisfied Customer is the best of all Happy Customers Lead to Happier Employees. Our entire team is committed to measuring customer satisfaction daily.

81 percent of satisfied customers who had a positive experience will be a repeat customer

In any industry high-standard, customer service will win return business. A loyal customer is prized so much that many professionals are willing to go the extra mile to retain clients. In the restoration industry an industrial or commercial building owner that hires us to extract flooded water throughout and dry up costly contents, may in fact never be in need of our services again unless a disaster directly affects them. However, the strong relationships that we make with local business owners and property managers mean so much to the livelihood of our business that our whole team bends over backward to make the best and lasting impression. Receiving good customer feedback is always encouraging to share with our team members as it boosts morale especially since we all work so hard to strive for excellence.

If and when our emergency property services are needed for a repeat customer, we love it when they were so happy with our hard work the first time that they call us out again. Because our main goal is to treat you the way we want to be treated, we work to gain your trust and provide a positive experience through good communication and understanding your needs and concerns throughout the whole process. A simple way to view it is that providing fantastic customer service, is a win-win for all involved. Our team will be satisfied with a job well done which makes the earning of a paycheck a bit more joyful and our clientele will appreciate having a caring professional company work at their business or home during the difficult and stressful time of dealing with unexpected damages from a fire, storm, water intrusion, mold, covid-19, or vandalism. Regardless of how we may help our SOCAL community, we are more than happy to do so. Please feel free to call today for any questions that you may have.

SOCAL Residents now have access to our 360* View & Scan Technology

5/16/2021 (Permalink)

A woman holds her cell phone up to access a 360* scan & view feature for creating a virtual tour experience Our new technology is ready to be put into use in your time of need. Don't go it alone when dealing with unexpected property damages. #HeretoHELP

During COVID, a lot has changed. A couple of new services that we added and now offer are complimentary virtual inspections and virtual access to the loss.

By using Matterport’s specialty cameras we can take 360* scans so that anyone like insurance claim adjusters, managers, or property owners can view super detailed 3D images even if they reside out of state. We are excited about this technology because this assists us in engaging so much better with our clients since this feature provides round-the-clock access to the scanned property. The Matterport system enables us to generate self-guided tours as if you are getting a bird’s eye view and walking throughout the home or business. This allows first-hand viewing of the damaged areas and how extensive the scope of work will be due to water damage, fire damage, vandalism, or mold damage.

What you can do while you wait for the plumber

5/13/2021 (Permalink)

Fresh clean water seeps from a toe kick out onto tile floor from a water leak A little bit of water may not seem like a big deal but if not properly addressed right away it could end up causing costly mold repairs.

You’ve discovered water leaking from under the sink, a fixture, or from inside the wall and the first available appointment is days away… what can you do in the meantime to be a proactive homeowner?

  1. Turn off the main water valve so that damages will not continue to spread

  2. Check for moisture in surrounding areas like trim, baseboards, walls, and cabinets

  3. If moisture is present, give a restoration company like SERVPRO of West Covina a call

We are here to help around the clock and our inspections are complimentary. The responding technicians will scope out how far the leaking or flooding water traveled, come up with a professional plan of action based on the circumstances. We will help with extracting standing water, properly dry wet materials based on the IICRC standards to avoid mold growth, and assist with any other needs you may have like removing swollen laminate.  And if needed, possibly recommend a few plumber options of whom we work with regularly, trust, and who maybe can come out sooner, depending. Call now for more information!

We are ready for when You need us!

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

A close up of a fireman's boots walking through and splashing in puddled water as he steps up the curb towards the property Enter as a property emergency contact on your cell phone: SERVPRO of West Covina 626-960-9145 to simply place the call as needed.

None of us could have predicted the 2020 pandemic and its far-reaching effects. We cannot anticipate what exact emergency might befall our nation, state, city, neighborhood, business, or home. What we have learned though is that we will be better prepared & equipped to deal with a disaster IF we plan ahead. In the event of an earthquake, a wildfire, or a flood we will have the supplies and resources needed to safely endure the situation. We know basic emergency food & water supplies are a must along with go-bags & extra gasoline in the event an evacuation is required.

How can you plan for a property emergency in your home? If a fire occurs at your property or your place floods, who can you call for immediate help? SERVPRO of West Covina is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and will respond even if your emergency falls on a national holiday. We greatly care about our community and sincerely assisting ones in crisis so that we can help aid in making things better.

In a fire situation we will:

  1. Stabilize & secure your home or business
  2. Assist with inventory of total loss items and what is salvageable through professional cleaning
  3. Remove smoke & soot odor-causing particles

In a flooding situation we will:

  1. Scope out how far the water traveled & come up with a plan to restore
  2. Extract standing water
  3. Begin drying all wet materials through specialized machinery

As General Contractors certified through the IICRC in mold remediation we will:

  1. Remove & demolish swollen moldy materials safely
  2. Replace and install flooring, trim, cabinets, drywall, paint, etc.
  3. Live up to our SERVPRO slogan and make the effects of your disaster “Like it never even happened.”

Do you need to wear a mask if you’ve been fully vaccinated?

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Four friends wearing masks, elbow bump as a group instead of hugging as a greeting to stay safe from the virus We have all learned about the precautions to take against the virus. The CDC recommends continuing them to ensure everyone's safety.

The CDC has a section on their website for frequently asked questions that they answer based on what they know so far. This question is the seventh on their FAQ page – updated April 30, 2021.

For now, until more is known the recommendation is to continue wearing masks and maintain social distancing in public settings for both your protection and others. They also say depending on the circumstances related to households and unvaccinated people where there may be an increased risk, caution should continue to be taken for gathering indoors.

Sadly, news reports still continue of young and old losing the covid battle. The average national daily death toll is 246 giving a 7-day average as of May 9, 2021, at 667.  We can easily understand that because of this, it is better to err on the side of caution than to become overconfident and accidentally endanger the life of anyone. Of course, we all miss eating out the casual way we used to, shopping malls, theaters, and participating in typical outings but please, please be careful.  Regularly check the CDC website for adjustments or new information for continued guidance on these super important matters.

How to avoid falling prey to fraud after a disaster?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

A homeowner is writing with a pen and pad. His calculator, stacked coins and a model house is on the desk with him Choose a company that you can trust like SERVPRO of West Covina for all your restoration needs. As general contractor's we can help you rebuild.

As we know, businesses and families have suffered much financially this past year. Crime and scammers have increased. Ring doorbell recordings show how brazen criminals have become. People will take advantage of any situation, unfortunately even after a storm or fire disaster. They know insurance money will be available and they will take try to gain from your great loss. What can you do to protect yourself from becoming a victim?

Protect yourself against fraudulent contractors by doing good research online. A business card with only a first name is a red flag. You will need the contractor’s full name, legal business name, address, and state license number.

Using all the information google the person and the city they work in, if you find nothing at all, that is weird. If you google their company name, what appears? Are they featured on multiple platforms? Validate their contractor’s license is active through CA.gov. Look to see if any complaints have been filed against them through the BBB and Angie’s List. What do online reviews say? If some are negative, what is the response from management, is it satisfactory to you? Ask for multiple references and follow up on speaking with them. Ensure that you proceed with a written contract of work to be completed.

Be careful and rely on your gut instinct. If something seems too good to be true, it likely is. By hiring a nationally known company like SERVPRO who cares about helping our community and maintains the highest reputation you can trust the work you hire us for will be completed to your satisfaction. 

PART 5 - How to use a Fire Extinguisher?

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

A man uses all his might to properly use a fire extinguisher by aiming at the base of the flames coming from the oven We are here to help every step of the way. Call now for more information on professional smoke & odor removal.

Fire extinguishers can save lives and prevent the total destruction of properties. When a fire begins, how quickly it will spread depends on surrounding building and content materials. Everything can happen so fast that in that exact moment, it may be difficult to think clearly, let alone decide how to best react to the situation.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can be of great value. Understanding what to do after extinguishing the flames is the fifth and final step of this blog series.


  • If you have emptied one canister and the flames continue, if the fire has not grown, you can use another cylinder but again, your focus must be on the base of the flames. If you are still unsuccessful after using the resources available, make the call to your local fire department by dialing 911. In most instances, they will arrive within minutes to quickly put out the fire.
  • If you have successfully extinguished flames, what a relief!!
  • Once the flames are out, you first make sure everyone is safe, that no one was injured nor inhaled smoke or fumes. If anyone needs to be evaluated by a medical professional, seek help at once. Next, try to keep everyone away from the area that had caught fire because a bigger mess will be made with a lot of movement. As you look around… the powdery substance deployed from the now empty canister will be all over, not just on the area you sprayed, so a good cleanup will be needed. Now is the time to call in the professionals instead of a typical maid service because you will want to fully remove the smoky smell

At SERVPRO of West Covina, our team is professionally trained to remove even the tiniest of odor-causing particles and leave behind a fresh clean area. Time and again, our customers cannot get over how clean we leave the area post-fire. We constantly hear that we left EVERYTHING cleaner than when it was brand new! We love these kinds of compliments for a job well done and this is part of the reason why we find this line of work so rewarding.

PART 4 - How to use a Fire Extinguisher?

5/5/2021 (Permalink)

A close up of a fire extinguisher and its tag log. A man is checking off for maintenance purposes Be thorough in all your preventative measures to avoid real dangers and property damage from occurring.

Fire extinguishers can save lives and prevent the total destruction of properties. When a fire begins, how quickly it will spread depends on surrounding building and content materials. Everything can happen so fast that in that exact moment, it may be difficult to think clearly, let alone decide how to best react to the situation.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can be of great value. Understanding the importance of regular maintenance of all extinguishers is the fourth step.


Maintenance of our cars, homes, and appliances, is a necessity. Adding home and business fire extinguishers are important enough to add to our list. It may be of little to NO Value to grab an extinguisher to put out a fire if it is old, empty, or completely broken.

Most businesses or property managers have a company that regularly fits the building with supplies and logs maintenance checklists or logs. What about the extinguishers at your home? Be sure to regularly check the pressure gauge on each extinguisher. You do not want it too low or high otherwise it is in need of service. Ensure that the path is clear and items are not blocking easy access to each one. Inspect the cylinder, hose, and connective parts. Look for any sort of corrosion or damage to determine if this unit should be replaced. If everything checks out, do a wipe down of the exterior of the extinguisher so that sticky dust or grease is not allowed to build up.

(To be continued...)

PART 3 - How to use a Fire Extinguisher?

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

A kitchen worker wearing an apron reaches for a a bright red fire extinguisher to put into use Call our team in after the flames are out to help remove the lingering smoke smell and soot particles. We are ready around the clock!

Fire extinguishers can save lives and prevent the total destruction of properties. When a fire begins, how quickly it will spread depends on surrounding building and content materials. Everything can happen so fast that in that exact moment, it may be difficult to think clearly, let alone decide how to best react to the situation.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can be of great value. Understanding how to actually use an extinguisher is the third step.


FEMA’s website under fire prevention recommends remembering the acronym PASS

Pull the extinguisher pin

Aim the nozzle low at the base of the flames. This is super important; otherwise, you could be wasting the canister contents

Squeeze the lever

Sweep the nozzle back and forth from side-to-side

(To be continued...)

PART 2 - How to use a Fire Extinguisher?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

An iron has melted and is covered in flames as it rests on an ironing board in a high-end looking bedroom Safety always comes first. Only if it safe to proceed using an extinguisher should it be considered for use.

Fire extinguishers can save lives and prevent the total destruction of properties. When a fire begins, how quickly it will spread depends on surrounding building and content materials. Everything can happen so fast that in that exact moment, it may be difficult to think clearly, let alone decide how to best react to the situation.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can be of great value. Understanding how to decide when to use an extinguisher is the second step.


A quick assessment is important. If the answers to all of the three questions below are YES and it is SAFE TO DO SO, an attempt to extinguish the flames may be taken by a physically capable adult. If after completely emptying out the contents of an extinguisher or two proves unsuccessful, evacuate the building and call 911.

  1. Is this fire small and contained to one object only?
  2. Is everyone indoors aware there is a fire in the building?
  3. Is there a clear escape route, including breathable air?

If flammable liquids are nearby or if the fire materials burning could be considered toxic, exit immediately. If the fire is already heavily smoking, exciting immediately to avoid smoke inhalation is the wisest course. If the fire has already spread from its original source to surrounding objects, quickly exiting and allowing professional fire-fighters to extinguish flames is strongly advised. If the building is full of more than a handful of people, it is wise to assist everyone to safely exit, account for all then call for help.

(To be continued...)

PART 1 - How to use a Fire Extinguisher?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Flames are all a blaze in the back but 6 fire extinguishers are labeled according to use based on type of flames Learn classifications. Then teach employees and family members how to utilize these important tools. It may save your life or theirs, one day.

Fire extinguishers can save lives and prevent the total destruction of properties. When a fire begins, how quickly it will spread depends on surrounding building and content materials. Everything can happen so fast that in that exact moment, it may be difficult to think clearly, let alone decide how to best react to the situation.

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher now can be of great value. Understanding how to douse flames based on the type of fire is the first step.


Fire extinguishers are graded based on materials or fire types. Class A, B, & C, etc, or labeled for multi-purpose uses. Ex: B-C. 

A, B, and C types are typically found in homes. You will want to know details such as an ordinary type A intended for cloth, paper, and wood, will not be used the same as a class B fire started by a flammable oil nor a class C fire of an electrical appliance, for examples. You will want to look at which types are accessible in your home.

At your place of business… you may often find Class A, B, or C as well or multi-purpose ones. If your place of business is located in a factory, you may even have a Class D type extinguisher intended for flammable metals.

Restaurants and other commercial kitchens may have Class K in the event of a grease fire, or dry powdery substances can be used like baking flour, but as we all learned in school, never add water to these types of flames.

(To be continued...)

Is your business and home adequately covered for a natural disaster?

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A business owner meets with his insurance agent, with paperwork to discuss concerns, coverage, & important policy details. Utilize your best defense to ensure that you are properly covered for each type of natural disaster that our sunshine state is prone to.

Since 2020 was such a rough year, one takeaway that we have learned is that we can never over-prepare for the unexpected. None of us could have predicted the far-reaching and serious effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite year after year of emergency preparedness reminders, many of us were still caught off guard. Even if our emergency supplies and food held up, we always need to update, restock, and replace expired or used items. In California, we need to think in terms of earthquakes, floods, windstorms, and wildfires.

What about properly preparing for your business? How is your commercial insurance policy written? If improvements have been made at the property, or specialty equipment is purchased… have photographic documentation been provided to your insurance? These important updates are crucial in the event of any sort of disaster from fire, storm, or flooding. Any sort of severe wildfire or storm can be catastrophic to a company if underinsured. Is coverage extended to include your contents? Or is coverage for the structure only? Have you researched separate Earthquake policies and coverage? Now is the time to reach out to your insurance agent, review policy limits, conditions, ensure your coverage is sufficient for your needs, and ask lots of questions. Find out specifics and if different types of disasters affect your deductible. Be smart and careful not to decline an increase in coverage that you may need in the event of a natural disaster.

Underwriting departments have periodic changes made from the Insurance commissioner’s board and regardless of being a long-term policyholder or a new one, changes are made across the board. Will those changes affect you and your livelihood? Many national insurance companies are no longer able to provide coverage for high-risk businesses or those located in fire danger zones or flood-prone areas in California. Finding wildfire coverage in Southern California may be a challenge for some, depending on the circumstances. Do your utmost each year to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

How To Lose Weight?

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A happy family is in their clean kitchen cooking together. An assortment of healthy whole foods are being prepared Prioritize your health in 2021. Eat right, exercise, continue to sanitize, and keep your environment clean. Need specialty cleaning? We can HELP.

This topic and question are on the minds of many, especially after the 2020 Pandemic. We know this because each month over five hundred thousand people Google the question “how to lose weight?”. Due to the Novel Coronavirus, during the initial shut down phase, we witnessed something we had never seen, completely empty and cleared shelves at markets and grocery stores. Basic supplies like cleaning and disinfecting products, toilet paper, paper goods, meat, and dried boxed foods were in short supply. Even someone at that time who was already interested in shedding a few pounds was forced to re-think their diet due to the country going into emergency mode. Limiting shopping to once a month made it difficult to have fresh produce on hand. Many working from home and limiting outdoor activities put on an extra few pounds of weight. Comfort foods provided a temporary fix as our waistbands expanded…

We are now well into 2021, vaccinations for COVID-19 are available to most ages and nearly everyone is back to an almost typical routine. Some who were over-weight in 2020, made drastic lifestyle changes after seeing dear loved ones who sadly lost the coronavirus battle and slimmed down to improve overall health and immunity. Little changes can add up to big results over time, so never give up. For those ready to finally rid themselves of the ‘stay at home twenty’, what can you do?

We are all different. With a variety of body types,  food preferences, and physical activity levels, what works for one person may not work for another. It is important to do a self-analysis to figure out what the main issue is and make the adjustment. Are you dealing with major health issues? Is too much stress wreaking havoc on your hormonal balance? Are you sleeping well? Are you giving into food cravings and making poor food choices? Is the problem portion sizes, overeating, or binging? Are you drinking too many calories through sugary juices, drinks, or homemade cocktails?

Getting outdoors and walking is excellent in many ways but your diet should be an issue to address right along with increasing exercise. The key is making better choices. What can you change?

If cravings are an issue, intermittent fasting may be an option. Some enjoy going fully plant-based because of the health benefits but it is important to educate yourself so that you do not end up undernourished. If support groups will help hold you accountable, join one. If meal prepping will keep you on track, carve out time on Sunday so that you are well prepared for the week.

Whatever positive changes you decide to implement should be something that you can stick to. Creating new habits takes time but if you enjoy the benefits, it will get easier. Of course, life happens and some days we indulge but then our goal should be ready to quickly resume whichever eating changes we can make part of our lifestyle. Regular ‘healthier food swaps’ can go a long way in keeping us feeling full. Eating the right foods can actually allow for larger portions and satiety. Can a bowl of fresh sweet berries or a crisp apple, sliced and sprinkled in cinnamon take care of a sweet tooth versus indulging in chocolate cake? Or, if you really want the cake, can you take two bites and stop? Not all of us have that sort of willpower, in which case its better to go with the healthier of the options. For savory cravings, can salty popcorn suffice instead of going for something deep-fried?

Knowing your limitations and what is doable for you personally will aid you towards success. Limiting Or omitting cheat days, caffeine intake and alcohol consumption may all be things to try, at least temporarily.

Some dieticians recommend keeping it simple, to find just a handful of healthy food ‘go-to’ meals and snacks, that you like and know you will enjoy. Others prefer a variety and would not eat the same lunch two days in a row, again whatever works for you, utilize it and make the swap.

Eating a balanced diet, including fresh colorful vegetables at every meal will aid you in getting the proper nutrient-rich foods that your body needs. Many YouTube vloggers have found incredible results by filling each plate with non-starchy steamed, roasted, or sautéed vegetables, filling up on veggies first then eating the other side of food on the plate that may contain starch, fats, or protein. This ensures that you are not left hungry and grumpy plus lowers your overall caloric intake. Cooking together as a family will help instill good eating habits for little ones.

At SERVPRO of West Covina, we care about your health. This is evident through the extra precautions we continue to take along with the disinfecting and specialty cleaning services that we provide. Even a couple of our team members with daily determination have worked hard and have been able to lose some significant weight as of late. This in turn boosts mood & energy levels and allows us to love our job even more as we continue to help those in need of property damage cleanup services in our community.

What does SERVPRO stand for?

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A distinguished home with a bright green SERVPRO van parked in front. Evidently servicing damages do to fire, water, or mold Not sure who to call? Google SERVPRO of West Covina to view our online reviews. Pull us up on BBB, then on Yelp to make your decision a lot easier.

Good question! In short, SERVPRO stands for ‘service professionals’ which encompasses the goal of exceeding even the highest of customer service expectations.

SERV is an abbreviation for service because not only are we in the service industry but our goal is to provide the best possible service to each of our customers. This may not always be easy when stress levels are high after damages have occurred unexpectedly at your home or business but regardless, our entire team is here to help you through the entire process of cleanup and restoration.

PRO is an abbreviation for professionals because we are extremely well trained, have many years of experience, and specialize specifically in the restoration industry. Our team holds certifications in each required aspect of specialty cleaning including the IICRC who sets the industry standards for mitigation and water damage drying and cleanup.

Some think our company name may be spelled Serve-Pro or Surf Pro as many times in the past, we have received phone calls from individuals looking to buy a new surfboard or other surfing supplies… and we kindly explain the nature of our services is that of emergency property damages due to Storm, Fire, Water, Mold, Vandalism, and now the Novel Coronavirus.  We are proud to be SERVPRO of West Covina, serving our SOCAL community. If you are in need of any of our service professional specialty cleaning services, call today.

SERVPRO near me

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Our signature orange house logo for SERVPRO of West Covina If you were hiring someone to work inside your mom's home, who would you pick? Hire only the best! You, your family, and your business deserve it.

If you Google: SERVPRO near me, several restoration businesses in your local area will appear on the Google map. How do you select which company to go with? Are all SERVPRO’s the same? Yes and no. SERVPROS are independently owned franchises, many are family-operated, depending. So while much of the training and certifications may be the same or similar, each owner sets the tone for their specific team, office, and warehouse. Years of experience and specialty services will vary from franchise to franchise.

How do you pick which franchise to hire? If time permits:

  • Google SERVPRO of (the city name you are interested in). Our team is SERVPRO of West Covina. The city or cities name following SERVPRO is simply for franchise purposes and not for limiting cities that we work in. SERVPRO of West Covina services all of Southern California. We work hard to develop the highest reputation and to build strong relationships within our SOCAL community so wherever the call comes from, we will help. Online Google reviews are posted from within the community for an accurate read on how customers really feel about services rendered.
  • Search Yelp for reviews on the nearby franchises. Read the negative posts as well and see if and how management replied to resolve the issue. You can learn A LOT this way. Posted pictures are helpful also to allow you to see the pictures of who may be showing up at your door.
  • Review their company website’s about page to learn more about who you will be hiring. Jot down their contractor's state license number so that you can cross-reference it with the BBB and Angie’s List. Are they IICRC certified and learn what certifications they hold. What extra precautions are being taken since we are still in a pandemic? View before and after pictures, read customers' testimonials, and watch any videos that they have posted. All of the above will help paint an overall picture of who you are considering hiring.

How SERVPRO can help after a fire?

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Spring brings bright pink blossoms on trees, fresh green grass and our SERVPRO green logo'd van sits in the middle Get a clean fresh start after any sort of disaster, storm, or damage to your property. Even call us around the clock for emergency needs!

While the nation deals with 'typical' weather-related storms from wind, twisters, monsoons, lightning, rain, and /or blizzards, here in California our largest issues relate to firestorms. The super-dry desert-like heat, surrounding dried brush, and hillsides combined with Santa Ana Winds can all add up to danger. Those circumstances can quickly lead to fire warnings, wildfires, and rolling blackouts.

We are still in the month of April and not yet in the high heat of summer but SERVPRO of West Covina continues to handle fire & smoke damage inspections for business owners, property managers, national insurance companies, HOA’s, homeowners, and lawyer’s offices.

Our fire inspections determine the extent of damages caused by soot, smoke, and char at properties. A sketch is rendered based on the affected areas so that a professional protocol for cleanup can be recommended. Our technicians will assist with the separation of what needs to be disposed of versus what is restorable and cleanable. Most properties that are burned and entered by the fire department either through the roof or another point of entry will need to be stabilized and secured. Board-ups or temporary tarping may be required to keep the elements out. Air-duct cleaning may be suggested and possibly the removal of old smoky insulation to be replaced with new materials. Both of these services will aid in freshening the air ventilation systems. Specialized equipment can be placed for a few days to filter out particulates; this is especially helpful for those with asthma or respiratory sensitivities. Last year when fires lasted for weeks, the air quality was harsh. We were called for rentals of our air-scrubber machinery which really helped indoors. Removing carcinogens and microscopic particles is only part of the process…

If you sustained any sort of damage at your residence or business, call to find out in what ways we may be of valuable assistance. There is no need to go through the entire process alone, we will communicate our experience to you along the way and assist in going through your insurance if you chose to do so. You can trust our SERVPRO Team and brand because we care about our community greatly and love what we do.

Keep Home Maintenance a Priority

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A bright and clean kitchen seems to be having a real problem because a steady stream of clear water is flowing across tiles Help maintain your home by addressing issues before problems occur. If you discover trouble like this... call us out immediately!

Our spring cleaning checklist includes updating failing older appliances. After about eight to twelve years certain plumbing fixtures may need attention. Before a real problem occurs, it is best to begin addressing any maintenance issues, such as fixing leaking faucets, toilets and/or replacing and upgrading old ones.

A few months back while we were replacing a vanity basin in our home, we began to notice some leaking from the pipes under the sink. We worked to make the necessary repairs to that sink but realized the turn-off valves were old and brittle, so we started swapping old angle stops out with new ones throughout the home. When we got to our kitchen sink valves, difficulties began. Water ended up leaking overnight and dripped down onto the garage ceiling below. The next morning when we noticed the water staining, we went to address the issue only to struggle a bit from a combination of problems, one being old calcium build upon a super short connector. A few attempts to repair failed, so water continued to seep out for a few days until the final clamp and sealant repair worked. We had tried getting a plumber to come out but several local ones were weeks away from responding in person so we had to figure this one out on our own. We were able to run air-movers and a large dehumidifier the whole time until everything was fully dried out but you can see how easy water can cause damages to wet materials if professional equipment is not used.

Small issues that you can maintain control of may go well as a DIY project but if leaking had continued or if flooding had occurred, we would have needed professional help. It is our responsibility as a homeowner to keep on top of all maintenance issues. If you notice a problem, it is best to prioritize that repair, ESPECIALLY if water or mold is involved. If you are unsure how to proceed or of how large an issue may be, give our team a call.

A good quality Spring cleaning will make your surroundings bright

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A toddler smiles big as he sits inside a laundry basket being pushed by his mom in a fresh clean looking kitchen You deserve to live in clean surroundings. If you need a little extra help from the professionals, call today!

With summer still two months away, it is Spring cleaning time! Is your family’s To-Do Cleaning checklist ready? Pinterest has great lists to print out so you can physically check it off as you tackle each task as well as blogs providing wonderful tips and ways to be more thorough. Our cleaning list is long this year… for many who continue to work from home, focusing on some deep cleaning may really help improve your surroundings. For those with little ones, you will feel better about them playing on the floor. Clearing clutter and getting a fresh clean start may boost everyone’s mood. Some find it challenging to stay on top of regular dusting and routine weekly cleaning, so taking extra care to get into the detailed areas like corners, baseboards, and less used areas, should make a big difference in the overall appearance of your space. Moving larger pieces of furniture helps to really get underneath the hard-to-reach areas to remove all of the built-up clusters of dust bunnies. Polishing floors, cleaning rugs and carpets will freshen rooms up a lot too. Also, now may be the right time to turn your attention to blinds and windows that may have a blanket of sticky dust. A good tip is to use a paper towel or microfiber cloth lightly dipped in a bit of oil to clean. It degreases and works wonders on the stubborn hard parts to clean.

If taking on such a large cleaning project seems way too overwhelming, we can help. Our team is professionally trained for very methodical cleaning for post-mold, water, and fire damages.  When removing soot, smoke, and odor particles from all surfaces including ceilings, walls, trims, moldings, floors, and all of the contents, not an area can be missed. In fire damage cleanup, the only way to fully remove the smoke and char smell is to remove the teeniest particles first. In fact, one of our residential fire loss customers appreciated our talented team so much after the cleaning at his home that a few years later he called to ask us to return because of how great our team left his place in the end. We constantly get comments from both commercial and residential customers like “this is cleaner than before!” or “it was this clean when we moved in”. We highly value the feedback and input from our customers and love it when they call us out to return the next time our services can be of good use for them. Another area our team is fully trained in dealing with is sensitive matters such as hoarding and/or debris haul-away. In those situations, our cleaning crews can work wonders. We also get calls from restaurants and other local businesses to provide an extra deep cleaning when regular maid services just won’t do. Call now for more details!

What should be your Main Concerns when Flooding occurs?

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Water floods a hardwood floor. A plugged in floor fan dangles in the water and so do the chords for a TV sitting on the floor Easily recognize the dangers after water damage and take proactive measures to address each issue.

If you wake up to find yourself ankle-deep in water, what are the dangers and what should you do?

  • Risk of electrical shock – Be careful because we all know that water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Looking at this picture, you can see plugged chords dangling in the water. This presents a high risk for electrical shock. It is important to stay out of the area and keep others, children and pets away as well.
  • The danger of slip and fall – Walking on a hard flooring surface like wood, tile, or cement when wet can definitely be a slippery hazard. Again, clearing everyone from the room until everything is dry is highly recommended.
  • Are harmful bacteria present in the water? – One of our first questions after a flood call is to find out the water source. Is it from groundwater where the soil is present along with possible traces of animal feces mixed in? Did a toilet overflow or sewage backup cause the flooding? For your own protection, do not walk in these areas. If the source is unknown initially, call our technicians to help make the determination of the source.
  • Can expensive wood floors be saved? – If the water source is a clean one and you call in the professionals right away, specialty drying equipment can be used to restore instead of replacing the costly materials. Please note: not every restoration company uses the same protocol, so ask!
  • How soon do you need to take action? – The answer for both whether if the water source is clean or dirty is to act immediately by calling a reputable company that will recommend an IICRC protocol based on your circumstances. Any delays could result in mold issues later… call SERVPRO of West Covina and we will respond right away.

Who do you call when dealing with a large loss?

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A bright lime green super long SERVPRO semi-tractor trailer parked with endless stacks of bright green specialty equipment Our bright green SERVPRO trucks are hard to miss. They keep us well equipped for any fire or water damage emergency call.

With so many restoration company choices in Southern California, some may wonder who to call when their jumbo warehouse is vandalized, suddenly floods, or catches fire. Many property managers keep their phones on around the clock in the event of such a disaster occurring at one of the properties that they oversee. By meeting and getting to know the restoration team that you will use first before an emergency strikes, it will provide you with peace of mind.

SERVPRO of West Covina invites you to reach out to us now. We can set up a virtual conference to ensure that we can meet your restoration needs and emergency response requirements. Concerns and questions will be addressed so that you feel confident in working with us. Then moving forward you have a go-to vendor for any sort of property damages that may occur. This way if the need arises, we are simply a call or text away from responding to your property emergency. No need to scramble last minute for a number or having to rely on the phone book to search for a willing responder.

As part of the SERVPRO family, you will have access to our unlimited resources including adequate manpower and large quantities of equipment when a loss is on a catastrophic level. Regardless of the extent of damages being huge or minute, we can help. Our professional and courteous team is on standby twenty-four seven. Call now to schedule a virtual meeting so as to be prepared ahead of time.

With so many options out there, Why choose SERVPRO of West Covina?

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A close up of emergency operator at SERVPRO taking your call. She is smiling as someone who cares as she listens to the needs Trust the team who cares, is professional, and upholds the highest standards. Our online reviews speak volumes!

Living in Southern California, we all aim to support local businesses, especially now more than ever due to the pandemic. Business owners greatly value patrons because it means our livelihood. So when dealing with a stressful property damage emergency, how do you select who to call out for help and if you will hire them?

Here are three main points of reason to help you make the best choice:

  1. Online Reviews – Not every company has loads of reviews but for the ones posted, what do customers say? If a negative review was given, how did the business respond to that individual’s communication? Is their attitude all about customer service and willingness to make things right? Or is it a defensive rant?
  2. Professionalism – When you make your initial call, how is the information that you are communicating received? Are your needs and concerns being listened to so as to be met? Do you feel comfortable with this company responding to your request for services being rendered? How quickly is their response time to your emergency situation? How do you feel about the technicians that arrive at your door? Do you have confidence in speaking with them based on their experience level and knowledge about the issue that they will assist in making things better?
  3. Trust – Does this company truly care and do they display this to you? Do they care about you and your family’s best health interests? Do they care about their own reputation in the community? No one is perfect… so if hiccups arise, will they go the extra mile to resolve the matter and make things right? Our gut instinct can go a long way in helping us decide. If you feel uncomfortable now, will it be worse once they are deep in the middle of the cleanup or restoration project?

Selecting a restoration company that may be working inside your home or business is an important but necessary decision. When facing a property emergency, like a flood or fire time is of the essence. Choose wisely. You can put complete trust in SERVPRO of West Covina where our owner, management and team members have the very best attitude towards valuing each and every client and customer and will work very hard on your behalf.

Water damage typically occurs with Fire damage

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Firemen use hoses to extinguish a fire in a house garage. A melted garage door and burnt car shows high heat and damages Do not go through the stress of fire damages alone, call in the professionals at SERVPRO of West Covina to help.

How do water damage and fire damage go hand in hand? As flames are extinguished from a Class A blaze of building materials, the continuous full force stream of an industrial-strength water hose can leave everything sopping wet. Approximately one gallon of water may be used to put out a three-foot section. Interesting to note is that a hose spraying out three hundred gallons (some hydrants pump five hundred) each minute can easily overflow the equivalency of eight full-size bathtubs. That is A LOT of water.

So how do you handle the situation after a fire? The first step is to safely get you and your family out and relocated to a calm relaxing setting like a neighbor’s, friend’s, or family’s place. Next call in the professionals to inspect, secure, and stabilize the property. Board–up’s of windows, doors or the roof may be necessary… Then the cleanup process can begin. Valuables and sentimental items that can be restored will be gathered and a team will get right to work in addressing the smoke, soot, char, and water affected materials of both the structure and all furniture and personal effects. We will do our best to communicate well and assist you through the whole process to minimize your stress and worry. Call today for more information!

The importance of being PROCATIVE with water damages

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A family room has a bucket in the middle of the floor to catch the stream of dripping water from the ceiling Do Not delay in getting the professional help you need. Call immediately at the first sign of an issue.

Oxford Dictionary



(of a person, policy, or action)creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen by taking-charge rather than responding to it after it has happened.

“be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems”

What is a proactive homeowner?

A motivated homeowner remains observant of potential issues and will quickly take action when looking for and discovering any sort of damage or maintenance needs. Regular property maintenance is vital so by constantly anticipating property preservation, its requirements AND by taking immediate ACTION on the areas of concern you can prove yourself to be proactive.

Protect your biggest investment. As a homeowner and home insurance policyholder, it is crucial to understand that each insurance company expects you to be proactive on each property damage issue. Notifying your insurance of an issue is simply not enough, you must take action to work in harmony with your policy coverage. When the matter is related to a roof leak, a water leak, or a sudden water rupture you can be proactive by calling in a restoration company namely SERVPRO of West Covina at the first sign of a problem. Utilize our complimentary inspections to follow through with proper protocol and make the repairs as swiftly as possible. This will minimize costs and prevent further damages like mold from accruing.

Do you need odor removal from smoke damage?

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A wall outlet has a full sized plug. The chord of it is on fire and black smoke is beginning to cover the wall Call today and inquire about how we can help with odor removal!

Over the years in helping many different families and businesses after the devastating effects of a fire we have witnessed many different scenarios of how various fires have started. Learning from these situations has taught us a few basics. Never overload electrical plugs and never charge a laptop, tablet, or phone on soft materials like a bed where it can easily overheat.

How damaging a fire is, depends greatly on how quickly the flames are extinguished and the source of the fire. Electrical fires can sometimes smell like burned wires or chemicals and protein fires have a whole different set of circumstances to address. Sometimes these burned materials can make the odors dangerous for the respiratory system. Regardless smoke and soot particles travel quickly and spread throughout a space faster than one would think. Sometimes soot might not even be clearly seen until tested through a dry-cleaning method.

If you or a neighbor experienced a fire, even if it is quickly put out, you may be dealing with a strong smoke smell or the effects of acids in the ash that can etch into building materials. Many believe that in time the lingering odors will dissipate but that is not typically the case. Having a professional company that specializes in property damages is the best route. A typical protocol SERVPRO of West Covina will utilize for smoke smell removal is first to remove even the tiniest of particles from all affected surfaces, this includes ceilings, walls, floors, trim, cabinets, furniture, personal belongings and don’t forget about the ventilation system and/or attic. Soot can be between one to three microns in size so while it may not be visible to the naked eye you may certainly smell its odor. We have several methods to do this removal and depending on the situation our technicians will make use of either a hydroxyl or an ozone machine to fully deodorize. Call now for an inspection.

How to avoid needing a mold inspection?

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A wall with a section that looks like it may be mold in the background and a closeup of a clipboard for a mold inspection Our inspections are free but maintain the upkeep of your property and its value by preventing mold growth from water damages.

PREVENTION is always key. If you suspect mold is already an issue, call today because our mold inspections are free. If you are dealing with plumbing problems or a pipe rupture… Here are the TOP FIVE ways to prevent mold growth at your property:

No. FIVE - Regularly make the rounds in your home or office and inspect plumbing, appliances with water connections, behind large pieces of furniture backed up to walls or rooms with the plumbing inside and points of entry susceptible to leaks.

No. FOUR- Daily open windows and doors to get much-needed airflow or a cross breeze so that all rooms are adequately ventilated.

No. THREE - Immediately cleanup spills or overflows and ensure everything affected is fully dried.

No. TWO - Understand how water damages are categorized because the protocol for cleanup will vary based on necessary health and safety concerns – Category 1 = Clean; Category 2 = Murky; Category 3 = Dirty

No. ONE - The number one way is to be proactive by getting immediate help from a professional mitigation company like SERVPRO of West Covina at the first sign of moisture being suspected.

How to minimize business disruption when dealing with unexpected damages

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A smiling Shop owner turns the closed sign to OPEN To support local businesses, rely on their field of expertise. With over a dozen years of restoration service experience, trust SERVPRO to help!

Small and large businesses alike have certainly felt the adverse effects of the 2020 Pandemic. And, while adjustments were made by most, the financial struggle may still continue to be felt.

Moving forward as each of us strives to support our local community and businesses the number one goal is to keep the doors of your establishment open. From time to time as employees are affected by COVID, to protect others, we still will see businesses forced to close temporarily since health is a priority. While some outbreaks are out of our control, the majority of us do our best to comply with the CDC’s business guidelines and standards to PLAN, PREPARE, and RESPOND. Closing the doors to disinfect and get your crew past the time frame of potential exposure may be very necessary but what about after a fire? Vandalism or flooding? Who can you hire to make immediate necessary repairs as quickly as possible to minimize downtime? Every moment closed is costing the business big time.

A reputable restoration company is SERVPRO of West Covina. Online reviews speak for themselves and tell quite a lot about who you can trust in an emergency situation. Call today and see why our team has five-star reviews on the top three major social media platforms: Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Let us support you and your business by providing helpful services in your time of need.

Mold requires 3 conditions being present to develop & grow

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A corner of a wall, just above the baseboard with dark spots that look like patches of mold Not sure if what you are seeing at your property is mold? Call now for a professional assessment.

While mold spores can be found naturally all around us, what we do not want is an oversaturation indoors. Mold can be damaging to affected materials plus is an allergen for some. How water damages are handled could depend on an area ending up having mold issues sooner than later. If a water leak is small, in an inconspicuous place, or intermittent, the leak may go unnoticed until a musty smell develops or moldy patches become visible. After a passing storm, a wet area of a ceiling, wall, or floor affected by moldy spots may become visible. Yet in other situations such as a room flooding, bacteria can multiply and mold could develop inside a wall cavity, which really won’t be easily seen unless the baseboard is removed or the wall is cut open.

By taking active measures when dealing with any sort of unexpected water damages, mold prevention is definitely doable, especially when a reliable restoration company like SERVPRO of West Covina is brought in to assist. Also, understanding how mold develops, grows, and continues to flourish will help aid you towards preventative measures. Regardless of how mold occurs it always needs the following to actively grow:


Without moisture, mold cannot grow. Moisture can be present from having a large fish tank; poor ventilation in bathroom showers, or at points of entry; hot steamy cooking combined with poor ventilation can cause condensation on walls or window sills; water seeping from a toilet, sink, bathtub, a supply line or the obvious: a sudden water pipe rupture or spill. Be sure to thoroughly dry wet areas from spills or other wet materials as soon as possible. And, if poor ventilation is an issue, strive to get adequate air-flow by opening windows or doors each morning for a gentle cross breeze. A little bit of sunlight streaming in will freshen the air. By creating the healthy habit of achieving adequate daily air circulation, you will benefit your health but also it will be a proactive step towards good property maintenance


Without a food source, mold cannot grow. If water or moisture is present then naturally-occurring microscopic and buoyant mold spores will seek out organic materials to feed on. Paper backing of drywall, wood framing, flooring, trim, cabinets will be ideal for mold to develop on and begin to flourish. As long as the moisture persists, the spores will continue to eat their food source and off-gas. That musty smell is a telltale sign that nearby mold spores are actively eating, growing, and spreading.


Without “ideal” temperatures, mold cannot grow. If indoor temperatures are too extremely cold or excessively hot, mold may not thrive. Most molds cannot grow below 40 degrees Fahrenheit but will grow best between 70 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the cozy temperatures we typically keep our homes at. Add in humidity, dampness, or wetness, and mold will feel right at home in those comfortable conditions. Interesting to note: A couple of degrees below freezing or heat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or even using common cleaning agents could only cause spores to go dormant. They may stay that way until reactivated at another time if water is reintroduced along with all its other necessary components listed above.

As professional mold remediation experts, depending on the situation but still, our main protocol for best dealing with mold is through the REMOVAL of all moldy materials. Call today for a free inspection to ensure your environment is kept free of any of the potential health effects of mold.

Got mold?

3/17/2021 (Permalink)

Looking at the wall where plumbing is attached under a sink, it is hard not to notice the fuzzy dark moldy spots on the wall Mold in our environment is common but if you come across it indoors, call us out for a professional assessment.

You’ve just discovered dark spots under your sink… you may have lots of questions.

Now what?

Will it go away on its own?

Can you spray bleach and wipe it away or paint over it?

It depends. Mold is always in our environment naturally. While finding moldy patches in a hidden area such as under a sink, rug, or when you move a piece of furniture, it may be hard to determine what the real issue is. Figuring out what the mold is a symptom of is key because whatever mold spores are present will not disappear in time, in fact, if a water leak is present, the problem may only get worse. 

So what is the cause or source of what you are seeing?

Are you experiencing plumbing issues?

Is ventilation poor?

Since mold develops rather quickly, it CAN NOT develop and grow without 3 vital*** things, it is important to know what they are and how to address a mold problem at your property.

Mold requires three conditions being present to grow


***For additional details related to this topic see our blog coming soon... What mold needs to Develop and Grow

Is a quick fix the wisest option?

Again, the answer is: It depends.

How much mold is present?

Are building and/or structural materials affected?

Is the issue at a rental property that you are responsible for? Is your and your family’s health at risk?

If you are concerned about the possible negative effects of mold and you hide it by painting what is visible, you are not stopping the root cause. Putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound that needs a Doctor’s attention may do absolutely nothing to improve the situation.

Our company offers complimentary inspections for your peace of mind. By getting a professional’s opinion based on your specific circumstance, you will be better informed on how to proceed. There have been times at an inspection where our technician searches for moisture, none is found, the area of concern is small and no demolition is recommended at that specific time. In other situations, our technician has discovered a hidden water leak within the wall and the wet and moldy drywall, paper backing and paint is mush. When in doubt for how to proceed, do not delay in calling our team out for an assessment, we are happy to help.

Why is it important to call in the experts when dealing with water damages?

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Two feet wearing water proof galoshes, stepping on a wood floor that has been flooded and covered in water Do not delay in seeking professional help when faced with a situation like this one. We can help save those beautiful hardwood floors!

Who of us could expect waking up, stepping out of bed, and being ankle-deep in water!? Really, it may be the very last thing in our minds, until it happens. How you initially respond can make a huge difference. Some tirelessly try mopping the excess water up themselves. Others run to the home improvement store and rent a shop vac thinking all that is needed is to address the water visibly seen.

Important to note ahead of time is that time and money can be saved by calling in the professionals right at the very beginning. Scoping out the extent of damages will be the first step. How far did that water travel? Is water accumulated in wall cavities? Behind cabinets? In-ceiling light fixtures? We know water and electricity don’t mix, so is a risk of electrical shock present? How will each concern be professionally addressed?

Next, a professional water extraction will address saving our cherished flooring materials but a proper dry down with adequate pieces of specialty equipment will be placed and checked on regularly the next few days to ensure success, especially in areas unseen such as in wall cavities.

Our goal when dealing with a water pipe rupture of clean water is to restore everything without demolition. This saves costly replacement of materials and high reconstruction bills later. But how do you know which protocol is right for your circumstance? By calling out the experts immediately you can take advantage of saving time, money, and peace of mind, which really is priceless especially while continuing to live through a pandemic. None of us need any extra stress or worries these days… Make the right choice, to begin with, and have the confidence that you can call our team any time of day or night, weekend or national holiday and receive an immediate response.

Well prepared businesses endure property damages

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

Wood floor shows puddled water indoors that is a large concern for a property owner Don't go it alone, trust the experts!

2020 was definitely a rough year for everyone. Businesses suffered, so we aim to help one another by supporting local businesses in our community. As we continue to move forward, it is vitally important to be well prepared for emergencies that could arise. An area not often thought of until after is regarding property damages that could occur. One strong wind or hail storm can damage a roof and allow for water intrusion. One water pipe suddenly busting can flood a floor and damage costly electronics. An electrical fire could cause irreversible injuries or structural damages so before it is too late, prepare now.

Statistics say that forty to fifty percent of businesses who sustain damages either due to fire, vandalism or water, cannot recover. By having an emergency plan AND a go-to professional company that you can trust to be there in your time of need, could make all the difference between having to close your doors permanently or simply addressing the issues quickly, and then reopening.

When selecting a restoration vendor, online reviews can tell you a lot about a company. How management responds to negative reviews when customers voice their concerns are important to consider when selecting a vendor for restoration needs. At SERVPRO of West Covina, our customers are highly valued and when the need arises, and they call us out to help yet again, it speaks volumes. You can trust our team to help out immediately because we truly care.

Unexpected damages can occur at any time so keep our number handy, enter it in your cell phone contacts and know that no matter the day nor hour, professional help is not far off.

2020 Brings Record Breaking Amounts of Wildfire to the Golden State

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

A California hillside with trees and greenery are on fire. Flames and smoke are active. Rest assured that our team is here to help cleanup after a nearby wildfire has left behind smoke and soot inside your home.

As of September 9th, 2020 wildfires in California have sadly burned over 2.2 million acres and have tragically caused the life loss of eight people so far.

Firefighters are tirelessly working day and night trying to keep up but the rapid growth and force of the flames have caused over 3,300 structures to be lost this summer. The fall season typically is our prime concern for fires but this year has been unbelievable in more ways than one. Charming communities with custom homes in the Northern part of the state have been completely devastated. Here in southern California, the Santa Ana strong winds along with drought and continued record breaking heat temperatures due to climate change have brought low humidity levels so the flames continue.

This week a dramatic rescue of two hundred campers rescued by the National Guard was incredible! The nearby Creek fire trapped the campground by burning the only road for escape. They were rescued by helicopter despite danger warnings of extreme heat and smoke. Twenty to thirty sustained injuries some of which were severe but they made it out alive. Some hikers had no other choice but to drive through the flames to reach safety and reports are that those in their cars had their hair catching on fire while passing through the flames and had to douse their heads with water repeatedly.

For weeks now the air quality has been poor due to vast amounts of ash and has caught the attention of everyone because of lingered haze and tints of orange and coral in the sky. Fires blazing through several local counties include L.A. County, San Bernardino County down to San Diego County so eight national forests and campgrounds statewide have been temporarily closed by the U.S. Forest Service due to extreme fire hazard conditions.

The Camp Fire which occurred only two years ago had set the previous record for most acres burned from a wildfire where over eighty-five lives were lost, making it the deadliest in California state’s history. We are not yet completely into our Fall season so extreme caution is advised moving forward so that no careless mishaps occur to spark flames in these dried-out areas.

If smoke or soot has damaged your property because of fire, we are here to help. Call today for details.

September is National Preparedness Month - Take Time to Prepare Now

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

An orange and brown state map of California Unexpected emergencies can occur at any time as you can see. If you have not already prepared for one, please do so now.

As summer 2020 comes to a close, what has already proven to be a difficult time due to the novel coronavirus, has become even more challenging due to weather and climate. Several parts of our country continue to face catastrophes due to storms, fires, and earthquakes. Locally, our sunshine state is enduring a massive heatwave along with being in a state of emergency due to approximately 30 wildfires actively burning here in California.

CNN reported last week that on Sunday Death Valley endured the highest temperature recorded on earth since 1913 and possibly EVER! The temperature readings were 130 degrees Fahrenheit and residents describe the extreme heat as being hit in the face with lots of hot hairdryers or like walking into an oven. These excessive temperatures are a result of climate change. Yet along with these triple digits, at least three days last week have brought Emergency Storm Notifications for several SOCAL counties that include, hail, heavy rainfall, and house leveling type of winds. Previously burned areas are of main concern as flooding can quickly occur and be dangerous.

Families already under pressure due to job loss or cutbacks from the pandemic are certainly struggling with bills even more so. Attempting to keep indoor temperatures lower than outside ones is not easy. Last year a friend was caring for her elderly father who was home during the day while she worked. She received a whopping utility bill for over $900 from keeping indoor temperatures comfortable. In addition to the absurd amount of heat, the air quality in many surrounding areas can be harmful so caution is highly recommended if you head outside.

Protecting our health comes first so it is important to ensure that each of us is adequately prepared for an emergency. If we put forth the extra effort now, it will help when the unexpected arrives. If we need to evacuate for a fire that could pop up overnight or a big earthquake, we will have clothes, water, food, and supplies. From this recent pandemic experience, we already know how fast food, water, and basics like toilet tissue will fly off the shelf and leave you without. It is sensible to take action now.

Through whatever type of storm you may face, our SERVPRO of West Covina team is here to help. Always available around the clock for any sort of emergency property damage, you can trust our professionals when it matters most. We enjoy helping our community and the positive results that we get to see post-cleanup make for a rewarding and satisfying line of work.

Take All Preventative Measures Possible to Avoid the Coronavirus

7/18/2020 (Permalink)

A green illustration of the virus under a microscope with a red circle crossing the image out saying: Stop coronavirus Do all you can to protect yourself and those around you by hiring SERVPRO of West Covina for all your COVID-19 cleaning needs.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise the World Health Organization encourages the following:


Help stop coronavirus

1 Stay home as much as you can

2 Keep a safe distance                                  

3 Wash hands often                                       

4 Cover your cough

5 Sick? Call ahead

Also, it is super important to remember that when you do need to step out for necessities to wear a mask. These are good reminders for our us all for both now and in the future as the battle against the coronavirus continues. Another way to be proactive in stopping the spread is to have your property surroundings professionally disinfected. Scheduling a professional cleaning by our SERVPRO team can give you peace of mind for now. Then moving forward by utilizing our team for maintenance purposes it is wise to regularly schedule disinfecting services. This will help aid in the ongoing fight against germs and viruses that can easily re-enter living quarters as time passes or for offices and/or businesses open to the public.

Interesting to note is that the sanitization product SERVPRO of West Covina uses is not only Hospital Grade but Food Grade as well. Many local eateries call on our team for COVID preventative measures because we can disinfect areas where food is stored, handled, or prepared and since our products are non-toxic there is no business downtime or interruption. Have the confidence in knowing that our products are safe for inside your home as well.

The CDC advises everyone to educate themselves, including young ones, on how the virus can spread and put into regular practice thorough and frequent hand washing. By making the step of hiring a professional company you are taking a preventative stride towards forming new healthy habits. Regular disinfecting can minimize the stress and anxiety that we all are facing with this novel virus.

For those families who have had a loved one test positive for the SARS-CoV-2 RNA, our hearts go out to you. Please know that IT IS POSSIBLE to have an infected family member living in your home and for you to stop the spread to the rest of the family, including caregivers if all preventative measures are taken. Of course, the CDC advises to limit contact and keep the sick individual isolated along with a whole list of How To Protect Yourself When Caring For Someone Who Is Sick.

When you call our office, you will never reach an answering service. A well trained and knowledgeable team member will assist you. Call today for more information on the preventative measures you can take – 626-960-9145

Business Owners Can Be Proactive by Hiring Professionals

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

A black and white aerial view of a neighborhood of homes and a large orange house logo for SERVPRO & words: here to help Here to generously help our community however we can... fire, water or another property emergency. Ready to rescue around the clock!

Serving West Covina and surrounding SOCAL cities

With over eighteen hundred SERVPRO franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada, we are doing our share in helping to contain this worldwide pandemic. We provide property damage restoration and disinfecting services for commercial properties and local businesses. Our goal is to assist in mitigating the impact of the coronavirus to our surrounding neighborhoods and cities. In March, one of the first well-known group cases of COVID-19 was in Kirkland, Washington. The virus outbreak and death toll at the nursing facility caught attention from the nation and our SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team was called in for a professional thorough cleaning. By utilizing the experts for such an undertaking, no doubt much relief was provided to the community, staff, patients, as well as their families.

Our national disaster team is one of our biggest resources as they can be called upon and activated for any large loss whether due to the coronavirus, extensive flooding, water damage, wildfires, storm damages, or other biohazards cleanup needs. No job is too large for our elite large-loss specialists and will be supervised by a commercial operations manager to ensure timely mitigation with first-rate communication. Each independent franchise has access to our SERVPRO large loss disaster team to ease the minds of our national clients in the commercial industry. So property managers, city, county, and court buildings, hospitals, universities, and retail malls can continue to utilize SERVPRO of West Covina as their ‘go-to vendor’ in the event of a massive catastrophe.

Your commercial property’s appearance leaves a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Our SERVPRO of West Covina team is ready to assist with preventive or post-contamination measures. Now that we are dealing with COVID-19 it is imperative to be proactive now before lockdowns fully lift by bringing in the professionals for a good deep cleaning. After each professional cleaning, you have the option of posting documentation of the date of sanitization by our certified techs. As businesses begin to open and operate, have in place a plan for regular disinfecting through SERVPRO for preventative measures. Download for free the BE READY app on your mobile device and at the top corner, if you are in the SOCAL community… enter in SERVPRO of West Covina as your preferred franchise.

When to Call in a Professional Restoration Company ...

5/1/2020 (Permalink)

At a city intersection with a burned brick building, SERVPRO professionals are unloading equipment to start restoration Not every project should be a 'Do It Yourself' one. It is important to know when to rely on the experts and trust their wisdom.

Most property damages occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Since our SOCAL homes and businesses usually are our biggest investments, is it wise to make all repairs a DIY project or utilize a handyman or property janitorial team? If faced with issues due to any of the following, seriously consider calling someone who is IICRC Certified and specializes in the restoration field, is state licensed, insured and bonded for your protection.

When Water Damage Occurs

Flooding and water leaks can cause damage to materials affected and if not addressed within the first seventy-two hours bacteria will continue to multiply and fungus or mold growth may begin to make itself visible. Your first thought may be to call a plumber but in addition to stopping the leak, think of all the wet materials including the structure that could be affected behind the walls and areas not seen like under tile or wood flooring or behind cabinets. Fully restoring materials and contents that are wet may depend on how much time has elapsed. Flooring and other structural materials could end up compromised, turning a small issue into a serious one over time. The quicker you contact professional restoration experts, the better the outcome. 

After a FIRE 

If your property or a neighbor sustains damages from a fire you may be at a loss for where to begin. You may be inundated by people at your door offering conflicting information. Contacting your insurance agent and hiring a company you trust can help ease the recovery process immensely. As various materials burn, smoke and soot particles spread throughout the structure, covering everything, leaving a terrible odor behind some of which could be toxic. As time passes, the charred smell and lingering carcinogens can pose potential health effects to the respiratory system that could lead to breathing issues. Water or chemicals used to fight the fire can often leave behind additional damages if not addressed immediately so, time is of the essence.

Mold Might Be Present

Ongoing leaks can start small especially if it is in an inconspicuous area so not until a musty smell is noticed or moldy spots become visible will you know an issue has developed. Mold can flourish when it has water, food, (drywall paper or wood), and warm temperatures. Repairing the actual water leak is a place to start. Equally important is the removal of moldy materials and proper disposal. Some of the worst mold situations are discovered behind the tile, drywall, and inside the wall cavities where the wood stud framing of the structure is affected. If you suspect you may have mold, rely on a professionally trained company to test and remediate the mold for your protection.


Proper disposal of pathogen-infected materials, thorough proper cleanings, and sanitizing is the best plan of action for you and everyone's safety.   After any sort of trauma, crime scene, severe hoarding, or even coronavirus contamination, you will want to reach out to a reputable professional who will correctly address the situation. 

Weather Damage Occurs

The long heatwaves of our SOCAL summers can speed up the deterioration of exterior materials like shingles and wood. Then, when strong winds, hail, or heavy rains come along, roof and siding damages can occur.  Nearby trees can also be destructive so it is important to maintain your property grounds with a disaster preventative mindset. Proactively make repairs before rain can make entry into your dwelling, but if it does, you can count on our team to assist.

SERVPRO of West Covina is here to help twenty-four-seven and have many years of experience of working with Southern California’s homeowners, business owners and have multiple property managers as clients. We are proud to have the highest reputation and will take good care of you during your time of need.

Be Creative During Quarantine

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

Grey stuff recipe in a sweetly piped portion atop a cookie Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! And, try a few more new things... you may end up enjoying them!

There is no reason to be bored while our SOCAL Community remains on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. A smidge of creativity could bring a bit of fun to the day. Not everyone has the same taste in entertainment or amusement but why not try something new? Utilize Zoom for social gatherings or go exploring through virtual online tours.

  • Hold a Zoom cooking challenge, assign judges to determine the winning recipe
  • Schedule a Zoom recipe exchange, each person can share their favorites
  • Plan a Zoom painting class, find a friend who can teach and have participants gather supplies
  • Gather friends for a virtual game night
  • Select a book classic for a few friends to read and participate in a discussion chapter by chapter
  • Mark your calendar for a movie night, select a classic then plan drinks, dinner, and snacks around the theme. You could turn lights off and string twinkle lights for a whimsical atmosphere.
  • Take a virtual tour of a Museum, study the artifacts or artists and their work up close

Travel and Leisure enables you to see the sights of cities, zoos, free Broadway shows, and other attractions. Plus cool activities for children like virtually touring Disney Parks, rides, Disney Park famous recipes for Dole Whip, Churros, and the ‘Grey Stuff’ from Beauty and the Beast when Lumiere claims to “Try the grey stuff; it’s delicious!”

Thrillist has lots more ideas with links to instructions and resources to try: DIY ShackBurger, take a Masterclass course for free, grow a garden, use Google Earth to tour national parks, etc. Hopefully, something from these links will spark your imagination and put a smile on your face. Please be safe and kindly continue to stay home as long as you possibly can.

Grey Stuff Recipe

From the Movie Beauty & The Beast - Disney World's "Grey Stuff" recipe!! It's so easy to make and so delicious. Tastes just like the recipe from the Be Our Guest restaurant. So smooth and made with vanilla and chocolate pudding mix, milk, cool whip, crushed Oreos and topped with sprinkles!


  • 1 3.4oz vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 1/2cups milk
  • 15 Oreos
  • 8oz Cool Whip
  • 2tbsp chocolate pudding mix
  • sprinkles


  1. In a medium bowl, combine vanilla pudding mix and milk. Whisk well and refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  2. Place Oreos in a food processor and blend until they become crumbs.
  3. Mix the crushed Oreos in with the pudding mixture and mix well.
  4. Fold in Cool Whip and chocolate pudding mix until well combined and refrigerate for one hour before serving.
  5. When ready to serve, place "grey stuff" in a piping bag and add a dollop to the middle and then pipe a spiral around it. serve in a dish or use as topping on a cupcake of favorite cookie. 
  6. ENJOY!

What is Water Mitigation?

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

Two techs are setting up large mats to dry by use of hot air to remove moisture, to save the wood floors. Act now by calling in the SERVPRO professionals to mitigate damages & save your expensive hardwood floors by the use of specialty drying equipment.

Disasters can unexpectedly occur anyplace at any time. If you are searching online for a plumber, perhaps what you really need is a water restoration company. It can be comforting to know that you do not need to handle the property damaging situation alone because SERVPRO of West Covina is here to assist around the clock.

We understand that certain terminology and vocabulary we are accustomed to may be unfamiliar to some. Mitigation is a term used to describe one of the services SERVPRO offers when property damages have occurred. It denotes actions taken to help to lessen or eliminate risks caused by potential hazards or disasters. Our team is called in to mitigate or stop the damages from proceeding to get worse.  By intervening right away, our mitigation services are aimed to ease or alleviate the problem. Mitigation provides improvement to the situation and without it, the severity of damages continues to spread. FEMA explains mitigation as an effort to reduce the loss of... property by lessening the impact of disasters. Their same page also goes on to state that: for mitigation to be effective, ACTION MUST BE TAKEN NOW – before the next disaster – to reduce human and financial consequences later.

Here is what you can expect after contacting SERVPRO of West Covina: 

When you call our SERVPRO of West Covina franchise, whether you are calling during the early hours of the day or in the middle of the night, you can always expect to speak with a trained professional about the emergency you are experiencing. We never use an answering service because we understand that questions may arise after an accident and we want to help address all your concerns personally. Our phone lines stay available to emergency calls during weekends and holidays.

Quick Response - When a building has been damaged due to water damage, flooding or fire, the response time is an important factor in how costly restoration might be. Since SERVPRO of West Covina is always available to be reached, we will gather the necessary information by asking you a few questions, after which you can expect to hear back within the hour for a window time frame of when to expect our technicians.

Arrive Time - Our technicians can be on-site to begin the restoration process as soon as you are available to meet them. This fast response can make the difference if your property has suffered extensive damages. Water, fire and mold can result in building materials being adversely affected. By beginning the process quickly, it will result in less damage overall which ultimately will cost less money.

Inspection/Verbal Briefing - Once the damage restoration specialists have arrived, they can perform the onsite inspection and brief the principal parties on the extent of the damage. This verbal briefing will include recommendations based on the IICRC standards. This helps you determine whether to put the loss in as an insurance claim. Together we will determine the best course of action to moving forward.

Restore vs. ReplaceThe old way of handling water damages was to rip out all wet materials regardless of the bacteria levels present. But if the water source is classified as clean, restoring is a much-favored alternative. If the circumstances allow, SERVPRO will Dry-In-Place by extracting the flooded areas, placing drying equipment machinery, documentation, and checking moisture readings daily. This ensures proficiency and proof of work completed. National insurance companies recognize that millions of dollars are saved each year by choosing to restore using this method. This method not only speeds up the Water Mitigation process but also produces happy customers, which should be the goal of all service industry businesses.

Summer is Almost Here!

4/28/2020 (Permalink)

A turquoise blue pool of water has a bright orange safety floatation device with a rope. Young hands are holding on Be safe this summer by preparing now!

Our city of West Covina homes five Fire Stations that are spaced out in our city for the quickest response depending on the location of need. Fire station no.1 is on South Sunset Ave., no.2 is on East Cortez St., no.3 is on West Puente Ave., no.4 is on South Azusa Ave. and no.5 is on East Shadow Oak Dr. Our California firemen are extremely dedicated; they work incredibly hard and regularly put their lives on the line to help others. We cannot thank them enough! Our hearts go out to each of them and their families. The extra dangers our firefighters will continue to face while we battle COVID-19 puts each of them at extremely high risk due to years of prolonged exposure to smoke inhalation and compromised respiratory systems. Yet, they continue protecting us and our city from dangers and we wholeheartedly THANK YOU!  

The city of West Covina remains active in our SOCAL Community reminding us of the importance of disaster preparedness summer is just ahead. Outdoor temperatures steadily rise so our city along with our West Covina Fire Department has reminders for us all. On our city’s website they provide POOL SAFETY TIPS to adhere by. Stopdrowningnow.org informs us that on average ten people drown every day, most occurring at home pools, so swimming lessons and water safety is the best way to prevent accidents.

Pool Safety checklist

  • Be prepared with a safety net and flotation device
  • Bring your cell phone to the pool area – 9-1-1
  • Assign an adult supervisor who knows CPR
  • Before leaving the pool each time, collect all toys so children won’t wander after them
  • Be sure when leaving the pool area to close and lock gates
  • Do a safety check around the fence to ensure there is nothing that a child could climb to gain access to the pool

Pool Safety DO

*Install fencing or a cover as a protection

*Have rules posted and review them often

*Teach children to swim, early

*Keep children away from the filter inlet and drains, which are dangerous

*Stay hydrated and reapply sunscreen hourly

*Maintain proper PH to keep the water clean and clear

*Evacuate pools during rain or thunderstorms

Pool Safety Don’t

*Swim alone

*EVER leave children unattended, even for a moment

*Allow horse-play, running or diving

*Let glass, sharp or breakable items in the pool

*Don’t permit adults who have been drinking alcohol into the pool area. Alcohol and swimming don’t mix.

5 Water Survival skills

Every child & new swimmer should know:

  1. Float or tread water for one minute
  2. Turn around in a full circle to exit
  3. Swim 25 yards to exit
  4. Exit the water without using the ladder
  5. Step or jump into the water above their heads and return to the surface

Are you dealing with water damage, a leak or flooding in your West Covina home?

4/27/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO water technician is helping this homeowner figure out how wet the floor is after this leak was discovered Do Not wait until mold is visible or the smell of bacteria has taken over your West Covina home, call now to schedule your VIRTUAL INSPECTION .

Mitigation Services Can Prevent Secondary Damages in Your SOCAL Home

We all face the risk of unexpected damages occurring at our properties. And, unfortunately many occur at the most inopportune times. Our focus at this very moment may be protecting ourselves from the coronavirus and ensuring some sort of steady income for our household. However, be aware of your surroundings so that if a leak occurs, instead of searching for a plumber, you can immediately get help from our professionally trained restoration experts . Understandably, during this pandemic though, some may fear inviting anyone to their home right now, even if it is for much needed help. Please note: if you are finding moisture, it is important not to wait because as bacteria multiplies, mold might begin to develop and ultimately both the damages and the cost of repairs may very well increase and rapidly. 

Typical causes of water damage to beware of:

  • Roof or ceiling leaks
  • Burst pipes from within walls
  • Leaks from water supply lines
  • Defective door, window or plumbing installation
  • Toilet, bath sink, shower/tub, kitchen sink, fridge or laundry appliance leaks
  • Dispersal or leaks from fire-sprinkler lines
  • Storm flooding
  • Toilet overflow
  • Sewage backup
  • Hot water heater tank leak or rupture

Sometimes leaks go undetected when they occur within a wall cavity or behind cabinets or furniture. Our SERVPRO technicians use specialty equipment to trace how far the water traveled to begin the dry out process and minimize damages. For burst pipes or flooded areas where enough water is present our SERVPRO technicians can extract all the standing water then place drying equipment until the structure is fully desiccated.

For your health and safety both for now and in the future, trust that SERVPRO of West Covina can help stop present damages from getting worse. Since we are all concerned about COVID-19, we are pleased to offer virtual inspections, for your convenience, call to schedule one today.

Concerns about indoor-air quality at your West Covina business?

4/25/2020 (Permalink)

It's spring cleaning time so SERVPRO lists recommendations for commercial buildings by listing available cleaning services Call and order the professional cleaning services that your Socal company could benefit from most!

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Since spring is here, you may want to consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned as a part of your annual ‘spring cleaning’. If you have an older building structure you may want to consider freshening up your air-ducts. Or if your property has undergone a remodel recently, post-construction can leave everything covered in a blanket of dust. Installing any sort of materials where machine cutting is done on the premises, can leave sawdust or tile dust that spreads everywhere within the property, even if the cutting is done outside, construction dirt always manages to find its way in. Sanding or woodwork projects such as installation of new cabinets, moldings, baseboards, trim, wood floors, engineered wood flooring, laminate, or tile-work could leave dust and debris behind thus making cleanup may necessary.

If your property has experienced water damage due to a water leak that was ongoing and perhaps went undetected for a time, such as leaks coming from the air-conditioning unit or a roof leak, could allow for HVAC vents to acquire a build-up of contaminants and possibly even mold. We strongly recommend Duct Cleaning after a Mold Remediation project. Part of our restoration process during a fire or smoke cleaning might include a thorough Air Duct Cleaning since soot particles could have easily scattered inside the building's ductwork. We also highly recommend Duct Cleaning after addressing an infestation issue. A pest invasion in an attic, within the dwelling or in a crawlspace could be problematic as dust particles aerosolize. Beware of health dangers related to vermin, insects, rodents, or their droppings being present indoors.

Air Duct Cleaning can be a proactive approach to healthy indoor air quality issues. For offices where desks are directly under a building vent and sickness or allergies are an ongoing problem, schedule an inspection to determine if an issue can be discovered. Addressing any discovered issue and scheduling regular air-system cleaning as regular maintenance could aid in the improvement air quality.

Regularly change air filters

Frequently replacing air filters is a good way to keep dust, most allergens, and particles at bay. Most filters should be replaced every few months depending on how dusty your area is.

The EPA recommends air duct cleaning when the following issues are discovered:

  • Visible mold growth or painted area inside, where a previous tenant or maintenance person might have been trying to cover up an issue
  • Infestation of rodents, vermin or insects
  • Considerable deposits of clogging debris

Could Mold be an issue?

If you have an old leak, suspect possible mold growth, smell continuous musty odors, or are seeing visible signs such as spots or patches of mold or mildew, contact us today.

COVID -19 Accommodations

If someone passing through your establishment was confirmed or suspected to have the coronavirus, as a preventative measure, call for our disinfecting services. You can trust SERVPRO of West Covina as all of our technicians wear proper PPE for both their protection and yours. Ask to include our HVAC cleaning services as part of your property cleaning.

For HVAC cleaning at your business or home, count how many vent-registers are in the unit and call to get the cleaning scheduled.

Due to COVID-19, we are now offering virtual inspections so call to schedule yours today.

Natural Disasters to Be Prepared for in Southern California

4/24/2020 (Permalink)

Clipboard with an emergency supply checklist and supplies spread out as items are being checked off COVID-19 caught most of us off-guard as we scrambled for supplies. Prepare now in the event other types of natural disasters hit our area in 2020

As we continue to hear devastating news reports of tornadoes ripping apart towns back east and earthquakes above a six point magnitude in different areas we need to ask: What Kind of natural disasters can we expect in our SOCAL Community? CA.gov goes into detail about what we may expect and how to protect ourselves. It is important for each of us to be well informed of the potential dangers so that we can PREPARE Now

Pandemics (we are figuring this out as we go learning more about COVID-19 each day)

Earthquakes (unpredictable but even aftershocks can cause major structural damages)

Wildfires (great dangers could arise with no notice)

Landslides & Mudslides (regular occurrences in our state due to either earthquakes or rain fall)

Tsunami (USC research warns that a 7.6 magnitude earthquake under the seafloor near Catalina Island could cause one to hit our coastline)

Floods (can be particularly dangerous if caught in the middle of one)

Power Outages (common in our area due to high dense population, dangerous for hospitals utilizing life-saving equipment)

Extreme Heat (dangerous for when it gets hot outside, higher risks for elderly, mentally and physically sick so focus on prevention by drinking additional fluids, omit caffeine, alcoholic, and sugary beverages)

Emergency Supplies:

3 days water supply, per person

3 days food supply, per person

Medical documents, medications and first aid

Emergency go bags stored in a good location, add personal items like shoes and changes of clothes, toiletries etc. to it as needs change

A generator

At SERVPRO of West Covina Safety Always Comes First

4/23/2020 (Permalink)

A business owner and a SERVPRO tech come together to keep the business clean and open No need to stress over calling for help, we are here to lend a hand (gloved) all the while keeping health and safety at the forefront.

Over the past several weeks, it has become clear the world is facing an unprecedented storm called COVID-19. We understand our world has changed and like you, we are deeply concerned. We will continue to do what we can to help keep our community, customers, and team members safe & healthy.

Our hearts go out to all who have been and continue to be affected by this current pandemic situation. We greatly appreciate the countless healthcare workers who got into their line of work because they wished to help people. They are incredible and face day to day scenarios that really, no human should ever have to encounter. THANK YOU for your dedication, perseverance, and extremely hard work.

While we are not medical first responders, we are property first responders. We are here to serve our SOCAL community and quickly address emergency needs after the devastation of a fire, storm, flood, trauma, or coronavirus contamination. Amongst our list of restoration services are specialty cleaning, sanitization, disinfecting, deodorization, and biohazard disposal. While performing our daily duties we are committed to doing our part in minimizing the spread of SARS-CoV-2, and its resulting disease, coronavirus (COVID-19), and any other widely spread illnesses including influenza and the common cold.

Practices we continue:

  • Rigorous methodical deep cleaning & disinfecting procedures including frequent and routine disinfecting of our equipment, vehicles, touchpoints in and around bathrooms, door handles, and common areas at our warehouse facility.
  • Strictly enforcing our employee illness policy. Team members with any signs of cold, flu, fever, head or body aches, or respiratory illness are prohibited from working.  They must be free of any symptoms for 14 days before returning to work.
  • On-going team meetings and training on health and safety. Reminders of the importance of preventative measures such as breaking the habit of touching your face and frequent hand washing before, during, and after each task.
  • Wearing their face masks and gloves at all times, properly removing and disposing of them and using fresh gloves for each new task, and of course, utilizing additional proper PPE based on the job they are working on.
  • Proper disposal of materials and PPE

This is a taxing time for us all so we remain deeply committed to the safety of everyone. Our customers are the core of our company; we thank you, value you, appreciate you and look forward to providing the necessary services to you when the need arises at your home or business.

The High Standards -- Our Commercial Customers Can Expect

4/22/2020 (Permalink)

A professional restoration team is in an industrial plant working to extract flooded water and is setting up drying machines You are the best. So only hire the very best. We are so proud of our amazing team who has faithfully served our SOCAL Community for well over a decade

Our team can help you quickly resolve your emergency property damage problems!

Property damages come up unexpectedly so it’s a good idea to keep the contact info for our team set on your cell phone for the quickest possible access. The first 24 hours following a major loss are the most important in preventing secondary damages. By setting us in your list of contacts as follows, we will remain at the top of your contact list:

(first name) All Emergency Cleaning

(last name) SERVPRO of West Covina

(company) available 24/7 – servicing Socal

(+add phone) 626-960-9145

(+ texting phone) 626-807-9286

(+add email) SERVPRO9671@gmail.com

(+ url homepage) https://www.SERVPROwestcovina.com/

(+ url home) https://www.yelp.com/biz/SERVPRO-of-west-covina-west-covina-2

(notes) Specialty Cleaning & Disinfecting for: Water Damage. Fire. Smoke & Soot. Mold. Trauma. Crime Scene. Vandalism. Biohazard. Coronavirus.

Disasters can be devastating but to our SERVPRO team, it’s what we do each day. This is our specialty. We provide state-of-the-art service to business owners and property managers that are in need of immediate repairs by restoration experts. By calling our SERVPRO Team as soon as possible, we can communicate the scope of damages and start the mitigation process.

Here is what you can expect when SERVPRO of West Covina arrives at your business.


Immediately after receiving the loss notification, our SERVPRO of West Covina restoration professionals will be on-site to help ensure property damages are handled in accordance with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Standards. Our team will inspect the affected areas to determine the scope and extent of damages. We will communicate and review our findings and recommended protocol with you, answering any questions before beginning the restoration process.


By hiring our IICRC Certified team, be assured that we will take the necessary steps to help protect your business or that of your commercial tenant, as well as personal property and other contents from further damage by acting quickly. Once the area is prepared for services, our technicians will begin the cleanup based on the need. We can assist with filing an insurance claim, should you decide to file a claim based on the circumstance. SERVPRO is a preferred service provider for most major insurance companies such as State Farm, Mercury, Farmers, AAA, Allstate, Nationwide, and many more. In addition, we have multiple National Commercial Accounts so we strive to develop and maintain business to business relationships. We are here to support your business’ growth by being a reliable and trustworthy vendor. Our goal is to always keep a fantastic working relationship with our local Insurance Adjusters, Claims Agents, Property managers and Business Owners because we understand that our reputation will always speak for itself.


If water damage is the issue that we get called in for, to help ensure the structure and contents of your business is dried to the appropriate IICRC Standards. Our water technician will monitor and document the drying process. Continuous monitoring allows for the specialty drying equipment to be adjusted or reduced as needed to dry the area efficiently and cost effectively. The length of drying depends on how much water flooded throughout, how saturated, and type of materials that were affected. The daily documentation and updates of temperature & moisture readings will be communicated with your Insurance Company so that they are kept in the loop.


Our team has the ability to make structural repairs, replace building materials and reinstall cabinets & flooring. A final walk through of the property will be conducted with you to ensure your unit was returned to its preloss condition. Hiring SERVPRO of West Covina for your property damage needs leaves you in good hands as we have only your very best interest at heart.

What to expect following a Fire or Smoke Damage Claim

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

A room full of smoke damage is being cleaned using a dry method. As the two techs are use their sponges, results are clear You can trust SERVPRO of West Covina will be the best choice for all your specialty cleaning needs.

When our team gets called in, we will contain damaged areas to stop the spread of health-hazardous soot, smoke, and toxins from being tracked throughout the property. Important to note is that even a minor fire, quickly extinguished can bring significant smoke and soot damage throughout your property. Smoke and soot particles are incredibly tiny and can get deep inside building materials, furniture, and other porous items. HEPA filters help our industrial-strength air scrubbers and vacuums capture soot, purify the air and neutralize odors. We can assist in communicating our findings and plan of action to your insurance adjuster so that there are no surprises later.

Water Damage Remediation

Firemen use a lot of water and or chemical to extinguish the flames which can be destructive to structural components and contents if not handled properly by professionals. Our professionals will take the steps needed to minimize damages of your home or business by prioritizing water extraction.

Packing Services, Contents Cleaning

Part of the fire damage restoration process includes furnishings and personal effects being examined for salvage-ability and proficiently cleaned. Our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) creates documentation through photographs and inventory all contents affected by smoke and soot at the property. Items are either cleaned on-site or packed up and cleaned at our warehouse depending on the structural damages. Once the items are cleaned, they will be packed in fresh clean boxes ready for the return. Post-construction our favorite part of our services is returning all the newly cleaned furniture and belongings to their rightful place in your home or office. A great amount of care goes into this process regarding the replacement of every last item.

Structural Cleaning

Structural cleaning procedures will begin immediately as quick action will minimize damages. It is important to competently remove soot before it begins etching or discoloring furniture, woodwork, carpeting, fabrics, drywall, plastics, metals, and glass. A thorough cleaning of the structure could include the inside of the attic, HVAC system, ceilings, walls, floors and permanent fixtures. Our team appreciates “we have never seen it this clean even when it was new” compliments from such methodical cleanings.

Structural repairs & Construction

Post-fire damage cleanup or for after any property damages, we offer reconstruction and rebuilding services so that scheduling is smoother than if you hired several different companies. Not every restoration company has a State-issued General Contractors License, but we do and our customers continue to express their appreciation. If you have chosen a reputable company, they will take great care of you all through the process and help turn things around to a positive outcome in the end. Our company motto is “Like it never even happened.” To that end, we bend over backward to live up to our promise because we truly care.

A Note To Our Commercial Customers

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

A woman extends both hands holding an apple in each. One is a red apple, the other a slightly larger green apple Always compare apples to apples. Read the details & fine print to understand exactly what specific services you are choosing from.

With great optimism, we trust you are staying safe during this pandemic. We realize the huge toll COVID-19 is taking on everyone’s lives and businesses. Our business is handling all sorts of property damage cleanup & restoration. We offer services for trauma cleaning and biohazard removal, which has a similar protocol set out by the Center of Disease Control’s for virus cleaning. As a professional cleaning company, we are in an exceptional situation to assist those in need of commercial disinfecting for the coronavirus. 

At this time many business owners and property managers are preparing by scheduling professional deep cleanings of areas where a fresh start is needed, or perhaps a potentially sick person briefly was in. Offices, call centers, warehouses, retail and service centers are requesting services now so that when the lock-down restrictions are lifted, businesses can safely reopen with the confidence that preventative measures have been taken.

By hiring SERVPRO for specialty cleaning your employees will feel more secure about returning to work because our service options for coronavirus cleaning goes beyond the average janitorial duties. Service options will range depending on your specific needs, various scopes and of course budget. From years of experience, our best advice is that you compare apples to apples. If company A provides pricing for well-trained technicians wearing full PPE to thermal fog an entire facility, floor to ceiling and everything in between with an EPA approved product vs. company B is pricing for a hand cleaning using their concoction for a (read the fine print) twelve foot section of doorknobs and desks only, you cannot compare the two estimates. It is important to convey your needs and main concerns to your contractor so that your requirements are understood and properly addressed. Know exactly what is included in your price estimate so that you can discern precisely what cleaning services you are receiving.

By making the best possible choice in your vendor selection, will make your business standout and shine.  SERVPRO of West Covina is the perfect choice if you are in the SOCAL vicinity and rest assured that we are here to help with any emergency around the clock. – 626.960.9145

Be Proactive in Dealing with Stress

4/17/2020 (Permalink)

A clear blue sky with the silhouette of  the back of a woman in a coat. Perhaps she is pondering or appreciating her view Take a deep breath, don't allow stress to overtake you. And if it's property damages you are dealing with, call now because we can help.

Storms come in various forms. This week as rain and tornadoes have damaged many areas of the country, our entire globe is facing the ‘coronavirus storm’. With unusual circumstances bringing traumatic events such as the multitude of families dealing with great losses & grief, to the countless millions who have lost their jobs, the extra pressures put on families who are feeling trapped at home, schools & businesses suffering, hospitals completely overwhelmed and hungry families waiting in lines for hours to get just enough food to survive. Understandably, these day to day occurrences is causing loads of stress and anxiety. Sad news reports of how some are responding to the extra pressures are absolutely heartbreaking. As our world continues to alter and we are adapting to the changes, some days may be more difficult to endure than others. What can we do now to be proactive in dealing with stress?

Relieving stress & anxiety can start by forming new habits

  • Learn to breathe better & practice deep breathing
  • Improve diet, keep it balanced and eat greens
  • Exercise regularly, endorphins will help
  • Get better sleep
  • Set priorities
  • Live one day at a time, don’t worry about what ‘might’ or ‘could’ happen tomorrow
  • Create a good daily schedule & stick to it
  • Treat everyone kindly, especially being cooped up together
  • Schedule brief respites during the day to relax
  • Limit caffeine & alcohol
  • Use Facetime or Zoom to enjoy friends & family
  • Learn something new
  • Do something you enjoy, this will help with contentment

Lastly, GET SUPPORT. Talk and confide in someone you trust. If you choose a good friend or family member, try and divulge your feelings to someone that you know has the ability to cheer you up. This might aid in lifting the burden you are under so that you can feel better. Look for ways to improve the current situation. Please see your Dr. if your stress becomes too much to handle, many appointments can be made by phone, same day. And never underestimate the power of prayer.

At SERVPRO, our business is helping individuals going through the stress of home or property damages due to unexpected fires, storms & flooding, water leaks, fire-sprinkler malfunctions, dreaded mold, vandalism, trauma and now, we offer the service of coronavirus disinfecting. We work hard to relieve the anxiety they may initially feel and truly enjoy helping others. Our professional team members are here to help around the clock. For any inquiries, call now – 626.960.9145

Four Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Health

4/16/2020 (Permalink)

A close-up view of a sink water faucet pouring freshwater over a pair of soapy sudsed up hands Washing hands thoroughly is the one activity that we all need to aim to do MOST in a day to avoid disease during this trying time of COVID-19.

None of us ever wants to be sick. Feeling bad, missing work and expensive co-pays, prescriptions and Dr. visits that may or may not help can be miserable. Some illnesses cannot be avoided but for others, prevention is truly the best method.

Four ways to improve your health

1. Improve and Practice Good Hygiene – The Mayo clinic has a video to watch on how to properly wash your hands since our goal is to prevent spreading disease. Also, they have a Hand-washing Do’s and don’t’s since hand-washing is a simple way to stay healthy. Their recommendation of forming good hand-washing habits can play a key role in protecting your health. The other component is understanding after which daily tasks this is required. Living through this pandemic, we must be alert to hand-washing constantly throughout the day.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep – For our bodies to repair and replenish our cells, we must get adequate rest regularly. Here are six helpful tips for better sleep

3.Make The Best Food Choices – Good nutrition is required for good health so eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and small lean portions of protein will help optimize your body. Possibly minimize your intake of sugar, salt and fats to avoid health risks. Include the drinking of lots of water to stay hydrated. Also, watch portions and eat only until full. Only cook in a clean environment with clean utensils and surfaces to avoid cross-contamination and beware of eating foods not properly washed, past their prime or under-cooked to avoid running the risk of food poisoning.

4. Get Regular Physical Activity – Choose a fun activity and stick with it. Several diseases are linked to immobility such as stroke, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. The many benefits such as better sleep, stronger bones & muscles and lowering your risk of depression, by staying physically active make all the effort well worth it.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have all been concerned with our health and safety and one of our favorite quotes from the bible pertaining to what we are experiencing now is “the shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself’. – Proverbs 22.3

Try putting these guidelines into practice to improve your health. SERVPRO of West Covina remains open to help out with all specialty cleaning needs, including disinfecting for areas infected with the coronavirus. Contact us today for details!

Is your home at High Risk for a fire?

4/15/2020 (Permalink)

Wildfire flames on hillside brush headed towards homes in Orange County Canyon fire Prepare your property each season by clearing gutters and trimming nearby brush or debris.

With all the recent rain California has seen this year; your home could be at high risk for a fire

Our attention currently may be elsewhere since we are in the middle of a pandemic, however it is important to know if your home is considered high risk and this, of course, depends on the area surrounding your home.  In recent years California has seen seasons with multiple wildfires mainly due to dry brush grown during the rainy season. Property owners are admonished to take action by walking their grounds and clearing any debris or brush before it’s too late. This is the perfect opportunity to take care of property maintenance since many of us are finding extra time on our hands.

SERVPRO of West Covina responds quickly to any fire that we get called out to because we are always ready to help! Each year there are almost 400,000 home fires that occur in America, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The main goal of first responders is to get everyone safely out of and away from the structure. You may not know who all the people are circling the sidelines while the fire department is at work. Just a heads up regarding ‘ambulance chasers’ because following a fire they may soon be at your doorstep asking for business. From many years of experience, and seeing families choose poorly and get stuck without repairs getting finished due to lack of money from settling too soon or promises made that will not be kept, our thought is… you have trusted your insurance company that you are insured with. Continue to put faith in them that they will make things right. Give them a chance to do their job and come through on your behalf during your time of need. You will have a few recourses later if things get ugly however most national insurance companies work hard on your behalf to keep out of pocket expenditures to a minimum. They trust a proven company such as SERVPRO to handle the Restoration following Fire and Smoke Damage.

Mitigation & Restoration Services

Only hire a company you trust, a company that is licensed and properly insured to take on such a project. Ask for verification, references and search for online reviews. A ‘fly by night company’ will not care about their reputation in the community the same way a legitimate business who has a reputable standing will.  Call SERVPRO of West Covina—Faster to any disaster. 626-960-9145

How to be successful while working from home

4/13/2020 (Permalink)

A laptop, cell phone, mug of coffee, 2 notebooks and pen are sitting on a place mat on a table. A to-do list is written Start each morning off in a grateful mindset. Organize your workload tackling the hardest tasks first. The rest of the day will go smoother...

With the stay at home orders being extended and as many companies continue to work remotely due to the coronavirus, we continue to adjust each week to working from home. Living in Southern California where our typical commutes to work have gone from averaging an hour to now, simply walking into another room of the house and it has been a definite perk.

Productivity can vary from day today but by intentionally starting each morning off with positivity and maintaining good structure through the day, we can set ourselves up for success. We recently came across information about the five a.m. club where the goal is to increase productivity that ultimately leads to success. The premise of waking early including weekends may not be the best fit for everyone but others may exceedingly thrive as an early riser. Part of maintaining a healthy immune system to ward off illness is to get plenty of sleep. So if you are an early rise, be sure to go to bed early enough so that you are not lacking in vital cell rejuvenation that occurs with adequate rest. Also it is important to make good eating choices for nourishment. Plan to eat healthy fruits, vegetables, and protein so that you don’t end up binging on sugary snacks each day.

Productivity tips:

Office set up – Gather essentials: plenty of water, gum, snacks, lip balm, a cozy sweater or throw

Keep a routine – Get moving: walk or exercise, deep breathing, daily disinfecting surfaces including electronics

Be presentable – Feel better: shower & dress even if you don’t have a Zoom meeting scheduled

Take breaks – Set a timer: get up & stretch your legs and learn to relax

Focus on the positive – Limit COVID-19 stories: beware of digital distractions including the news, DO activities you love or start new hobbies

Communicate – Daily: text, email, call or utilize Facetime or Zoom for chatting with colleagues and after work hours with friends & family

With so very many company layoffs, those who continue to have a position are incredibly grateful! When we accomplish tasks, meet deadlines, quotas or gain recognition, it can be very rewarding as well. Our day will fly by faster if we take pleasure in our work, so enjoy your job by staying motivated and put into practice the most excellent work ethic you possibly can.

What to do when the water heater is leaking?

4/10/2020 (Permalink)

At the base of a home water heater, a firm hand is ensuring the valve is tight and secure If you are experiencing any sort of water leak or rupture on your premises, be proactive and call today for an inspection. Serving all SOCAL cities!

Homeownership is a blessing until maintenance issues arise, but they always do. About every seven to twelve years large and small appliances start to act up. Most appliance issues can be fixed with a minor repair, while others may have run its life span and need replacing. Water heaters are no exceptions and just like with any plumbing in the house, leaks do not fix themselves and will only get worse over time. Do not wait to take action because untreated leaks could lead to costly mold issues developing at your property.

The top reasons water heaters might be leaking:

  1. A leak coming from inside the tank – How old is your water heater? Is it time to replace the unit? Wipe the unit and surroundings dry and try to observe the leak source.
  2. A water supply line leak – Inspect plumbing pipes and the heater from above for a pool of water
  3. An overflow pipe leak – Inspect the base of the water heater and the drain valve. Is it failing to close after flushing or draining? Is there too much pressure building up inside the tank?
  4. A connector leak – Check for loose or corroded fittings.
  5. A pressure relief valve – Is water seeping out of this valve?

Once you have identified the source of the leak and make the needed repair, be mindful of the surrounding materials that may have become saturated. The base and walls could be compromised if the leak has been ongoing. From our experience, hot water leaks can cause mold to spread even faster due to mold thriving in warm temperatures. If you think the water leak extended into parts of the home or you discover a flooded area, before calling a plumber, give us a call so that we can properly address the issue. Or if you smell anything musty or are seeing mold, give our team a call for an air and surface mold test. Protect both your family and your home by taking immediate action by calling out the professionals.

SERVPRO of West Covina is always OPEN to Service SOCAL Cities

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

Looking under a microscope at the coronavirus specimen. It appears to be a colored sphere with nodules all around each We are here to help with cleaning or any sort of property damages and remain OPEN during this pandemic. Our top priority is your health and safety.

Our business remains OPEN since help with unexpected property damage is always needed. Unfortunately, water damages don’t stop occurring while we are in a pandemic. Some may find that the timing of this continuous rain that we are experiencing in SoCal to be challenging if they are experiencing roof leaks or discovering mold or water intrusion elsewhere in the home.

So you may ask… in California, who is responsible when water damage occurs?

The answer: It depends on your dwelling type. If you are in a condo or multi-family unit it will depend on a few variables… Do you belong to an HOA? Where did the water source stem from? What does your insurance adjuster determine? If you are in a single-family dwelling it will be the homeowner’s responsibility. Regardless of if you are the policyholder or the tenant, it is very important to understand that you must be proactive in reporting and doing your due diligence to mitigate or stop the damages from spreading or getting worse. Be familiar with California water damage laws in the event a leak is discovered. The CA Civil Code section 1941 states that the landlord is responsible.

However, the landlord will need to be alerted immediately to make necessary repairs to prevent mold growth from beginning, so never wait. By calling us out even before a plumber, right at the first sign of an issue, you can rest assured that the cleanup will be professionally handled. The health and safety of your family and the rest of our community is our top priority. Trust the water damage and cleaning experts at SERVPRO!

Make Your own No-Sew Face-mask

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

A clothing line is strung across a sunny spot in the yard. Washable face masks hang drying in the fresh air Please be kind and wear your facemask but do not forget to regularly wash and disinfect them. Placing them out in the sun is a great idea!

Since over this past month our lives and everything around us has changed so much, we must be willing to make necessary adjustments. We are experiencing difficult times and the CDC has asked for everyone to continue to stay home at all times unless we require medication and/or food supplies. With government officials continuing to warn of extreme dangers, each of us must exercise caution. State & county letters have been issued informing us if we must go out to pick up necessary provisions that everyone should be wearing face masks to protect yourself and others around you.

Since we are a restoration company, our team members are accustomed to utilizing proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with any type of health risk involved task or job. We use full protection daily depending on the assignments and work we are involved in each day. For the rest of us, we understand that protective equipment may be limited in some areas, in stores, and are back-ordered online. So making our own mask may be an option. If you have the sewing skills and materials needed, you likely have already looked up patterns, researched the best fabric layers to use, and taken measures to sew your own. Some of us though, have no sewing skills or may not have access to elastic or filter type materials. Some are going to the crafting community of Etsy.com and placing orders there. The orders filled there are shipped quickly if from within the country but of course, will take a whole lot longer than usual if ordering from other countries.

Simply take two elastic bands and some cloth. The cloth can be a bandanna, scarf or fabric cut from a t-shirt.

  • Cut an 18”x18” square out of the fabric that you decide to use.
  • Fold the top and bottom of the cloth towards each other so that both edges meet in the middle. Then flip over.
  • Fold the top and bottom to the center again. Then flip over.
  • Thread the ends of the fabric through the hair ties, one on each side.
  • Fold the two ends in and flip over to see your pleated mask. Be sure to wash it after each use so that you always are ready and have a clean mask.

** If you cannot find elastic ties, you can cut a couple of thin rings from off the top of the elastic part of a sock or a pair of hosiery.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: PLEASE, still practice social distancing with any mask.


We love you berry much

4/1/2020 (Permalink)

A close-up of a small glass bowl on a table filled with homemade berry jam and fresh raspberries cupped next to the bowl Berries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants so eating them daily can help continue to keep our immune systems boosted amidst virus season.

Since most of us are at home and cooking the majority of our meals who can’t use a fun recipe idea? One of our standard Costco shopping staples is their bags of frozen berries. They are ideal for adding to smoothies with a banana and a handful of spinach or for dessert, we thaw a bowl of berries to top or mix in ice cream, pound-cake or waffles. But another option is to use these frozen berries to create a homemade jam.

Here is a super simple recipe and the ideas for jam uses are seemingly endless…

Easy Berry Jam


2 cups frozen or fresh berries (any kind)

¼ cup of sugar

½ lemon, squeezed juice (remove seeds)


Combine all ingredients into a large glass mixing bowl. Microwave on high for intervals of five minutes with a total of about ten to fifteen minutes depending on rate of cooking, since temperatures of microwaves vary. The jam should be a shiny thickened mixture but it will continue to thicken as it cools. Cool and transfer to an airtight glass container. Refrigerate for up to a month to a month and a half.

As a jam, the berries can, of course, be topped as mentioned above but also in plain Greek yogurt with a handful of nuts for a healthy breakfast or as filling inside crepes, on top of oatmeal, biscuits, pancakes, English muffins or stuffed French toast. As an appetizer use homemade berry jam as a topping for baked brie or add to a charcuterie board, inside a grilled cheese or a Monte Christo sandwich. Shake into hot tea. a cocktail with whiskey, vodka or gin or stir into soda to flavor or a milkshake. Additional uses can be to add jam to a salad dressing vinaigrette, a pan sauce for chicken, ham, ribs or pork. Swirl in or top creamy desserts, baked goods, cheesecakes, shortcakes & trifles.

Normally, we may not take the time to make something from scratch but since we have the extra time now, why not? It is sooooo good, and really, who needs all the extra ingredients found in shelf versions? With summer just ahead, why not make it fresh regularly, playing with different fruit varieties?

We are here to help during this Pandemic

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

A wall electrical outlet has an adapter converter for multiple plugs. Everyone of the eight have a plugged in cord. DANGER! Do Not EVER take this risk. Sadly too many fires that we come across could have been avoided. Please use extra precautions and be alert to all DANGERS

We are here to help during this Pandemic

The world does not stop, even for the coronavirus. While we have put off the non-essential outings like dining out, bars, gyms, hair and nail salons, other illnesses and accidents still happen daily. Our business is here for accidental property damages that do occur and need immediate attention.

Our emergency response team is, of course, getting calls in for coronavirus disinfecting, but also for the typical unexpected property damages that arise. Specifically, water leaks or flood cleanup or smoke & soot cleaning after a fire. Our qualified team is able and willing to help with whatever the need is.


What preventative measures can be taken though, if any? Faulty gas and electrical lines could spark a fire but what type of incident could be avoided? Since the majority of us are working from home and waiting out the quarantine, our homes are getting extra use. Here are a few fire safety tips to review and put into use immediately.

  1. Stay safe in the Kitchen

Cooking is the leading cause of residential fires according to the National Fire Protection Association

The US fire departments respond to an average of almost 500 home cooking fires DAILY.

  • Never leave the stove unattended while in use
  • Be sure to unplug appliances like the coffee maker, toaster, air-fryer & counter-top mixer when not in use
  1. Use caution while candles are lit

On average the fire departments respond to approximately 8,000 structure fires annually started by candles so it is recommended to avoid candle use altogether. If it is not realistic, please consider the following:

  • Battery operated flameless are much safer
  • Keep candles twelve inches away from anything flammable
  • Avoid using a candle if you are tired and could fall asleep
  • If you leave the room, even for a moment, extinguish the candle
  1. Avoid electrical mishaps

Do not take electricity or its power for granted.

  • Check and do not use if electrical cords have visible damage
  • Never EVER overload an outlet
  • Use proper wattage light bulbs for fixtures
  • Use caution when extension cords are in use
  • Be watchful of charging phones, tablets & laptops
  1. Stay safe

Fifty-three percent of individuals injured in a home fire was related to them attempting to fight the fire themselves. By properly preparing, you can keep safety at the forefront.

  • Test each smoke alarm of each room and level of the house
  • Create & practice a family escape route with a designated meeting area
  • If a fire starts in your home, get out, stay out and call for help

What to do when property damages occur while in COVID-19 lockdown?

3/26/2020 (Permalink)

A mom sitting at home in front of laptop with two toddlers is on a call. Maybe asking for help due to water damages... The health and safety of our families is always a priority. Do not risk trying to handle a water leak on your own, call us immediately for assistance.

Our SOCAL community has everyone at home during the coronavirus outbreak in hopes of slowing down the spread of the disease. While some have been laid off, depending on our line of work, others are working remotely from home. Typically, by the time we add our long commutes due to the infamous L.A. traffic to the workday, the actual amount of time spent inside our homes is usually minimal and narrowed way down to evenings and weekends. With this pandemic, our lives have changed and the whole family is home, all day.

Our homes are getting way more use than normal. Just think about the number of trips made into our kitchens and bathrooms per day. Our plumbing is getting utilized a whole lot more than on average. With extra use, it is a possibility that we could experience plumbing issues of some sort. If you begin to notice a leak occurring, do not delay in calling out a reputable restoration company. Delaying in making the repair and drying out the structure properly could cause mold spores to feed and multiply. Many of us think if we blot up the water that is good enough but…

  • How far did the water travel?
  • Is water trapped inside the wall cavity?
  • Are baseboards and cabinets moist or saturated on the backside?

If you are unsure about how to handle a water leak, message us or call us to inquire further. And, if a sudden rupture occurs from a freshwater supply line or a pipe inside the wall and you find your place flooded, we are on standby around the clock to help. SERVPRO of West Covina will respond immediately, extract the water and work quickly to dry out the wet materials. This saves money that would otherwise add up if wet materials were torn out and later replaced during a reconstruction phase.

Wishing everyone the best! But have the confidence of knowing that if the unexpected occurs, you have a company that cares and is ready to help with whatever the need is that arises.

Thank you to ALL

3/25/2020 (Permalink)

An empty classroom with chairs stacked on desks and the center heading says to take cleaning precautions Here for any and all your specialty cleaning needs during this pandemic. It’s important to be proactive to remain safe. We can assist!

During this COVID-19 pandemic, our wholehearted thanks go out to many in our SOCAL community. Our restoration business centers around helping families and businesses in their time of need and so our doors remain open.

Our Services

Bio-hazard cleaning, including for Coronavirus

Water damage extraction and dry-out

Smoke, soot & fire damage cleanup

Mold test, mold inspections & mold removal

Hoarding assistance

General Contracting CA Lic. No 968875

This work is rewarding but we certainly see a lot in our day to day emergency calls. While the majority of our incoming calls center around flooding and water damages, lots of our YELP private messages are for mold tests and mold removal inspections. Then several times out of the year we are called in to help after a fire has occurred. Most of the time, if the fire is extinguished quickly, much of the structure can be restored. This is ideal because it saves the insurance companies money and those savings are passed along to the policyholders. With this goal in mind, our team works from ceiling to floor and every surface in between to remove every tiny particle of soot, smoke, and odor. Once this process is complete, any repairs and reconstruction portions can be completed and this returns things to their preloss condition.

As Property Damage First Responders, we understand the hard work that goes into the service industry... so to all the professionals helping us through the Coronavirus quarantine, please know that WE APPRECIATE YOU!

  • First Responders
  • Medical Professionals
  • Restaurant Workers
  • Grocery Store Clerks
  • Home Service Professionals
  • Mail Carriers
  • Sanitation Workers
  • And so many more!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Deep Cleaning Services for Commercial Properties

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

A newspaper with the headline saying: COVID-19 Only hire professionals who hold the highest reputation in our SOCAL community. Our YELP page proves we are a fantastic choice!

Now is the best time to consider hiring a Professional Restoration Company for all specialty cleaning needs. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, try as we may, none of us can say that we are fully one hundred percent confident that we clean often enough, long enough or thoroughly enough. When considering who to hire, please, please, please be cautious because sad to say some people are here to cash in on the misfortune of others. Some overcharge, some are not using the right products designed to combat the virus, but worse yet some do not know what they are doing, and you might end up right back where you started. Make your time and money count.

Take Proactive cleaning precautions

  • Schools & Day-cares
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Retailers
  • Small Office Buildings
  • Commercial Offices
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Residential Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, Motels & Airbnb’s
  • Public & Common Areas
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Plants

With over ten years of experience, multiple industry-standard certifications and as a General Contractor, you can trust SERVPRO of West Covina during this challenging L.A. quarantine. Please take a moment to learn why people love Ryan and our whole team on YELP or call now to inquire further.

We remain Open during the COVID-19 pandemic

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

A five-star customer review for water damages during COVID-19 and SERVPRO of West Covina is highly recommended Learn why our team is trusted enough to be hired again and again by property managers and homeowners as the need arises.

Our SERVPRO of West Covina Team services properties that unexpectedly encounter damages. We offer round the clock emergency response for Water Damages due to sudden flooding and Fire Cleanup services to remove smoke, soot, and char. So as the needs remain, so do we.

We love getting feedback from our customers and the five-star review that we got in this week makes us very proud and satisfied to be in the restoration industry helping families through even the hardest times. So we must share this with anyone uncertain with who they can trust to hire.

Matt P. writes a 5 Star Customer Review:

"On the day that L.A. basically shut down because of the Coronavirus, our bedroom ceiling started leaking really bad because of the rain. Water came down on our bed, our hardwood floors, and all over the room. My wife and I were sure that no-one would be able to fix it quickly because of everything going on in the city and the world.

But literally within a few hours, Ryan and his team came over and immediately figured out the problem with the leak, and started drying out the room. Before we knew it, roofers came and fixed the roof, and our bedroom was dry again. In the best of times, house issues are stressful. In the worst of times, they can out you over the edge. But Ryan calmed our nerves and really helped us out when we needed it. If I could give them 10 Stars, I would!"

Q: A passing storm floods the room – Is it Clean or Dirty Water? Does it Matter?

3/20/2020 (Permalink)

A picture of two water droplets. One is clear and clean, the other is dark and full of bacteria Bacteria can multiply rapidly under 'favorable' conditions, forming colonies of millions of organisms within a space as small as a drop of rainwater.

A: It depends because different categories of water can not only affect your health but also how aWater Damage Professional will proceed with the protocol of the actual cleanup. Either way, using an expert is highly advised because ultimately the protection of your health is a high priority and saving money is ALWAYS desired as long as no further risk is incurred.

To explain further... When dealing with Category 1 Water (Fresh, Clean), time and temperatures are urgent matters to consider. Mitigation or stopping the water invasion may proceed by utilizing professional specialized industrial equipment. This may aid in preserving money and minimizing costly replacements of flooring, cabinets and other materials, etc.

Category 1 Example: sudden pipe burst rupture or appliance supply line water leak.

If Category 2 Water (Grey with some degree of contaminants) is present, as with Type 1 time and temperatures are also main concerns because it could become progressively more contaminated, causing further damages.

Category 2 Example: water coming from inside of a dishwasher or clothes washing machine.

Category 3 Water (Black, Highly Contaminated) Some professionals carry test tube kits to make a quick assessment because dirty water could be dangerous and worst case scenario cause death or serious illness if consumed by humans. In which case the IICRC Recommendation is to cut and remove all surfaces affected.

Category 3 Example: SEWAGE DAMAGES: sewage leak, sewage back up, sewage spill, toilet tank water overflow, toilet backup overflow. STORM DAMAGES: rainwater or flood waters entering through a damaged roof, windows, walls or doors, or even exterior groundwater containing silt and soil. ‘CLEAN’ OR ‘GREY’ WATER  UNNOTICED OR ALLOWED TO SIT: permitting contaminants to multiply over the matter of days or sometimes mere hours.

SERVPRO of West Covina cleans up All types of water damage, so call us out so that you can relax by leaving the cleanup to the professionals. We will determine the best plan of action, tailored for your unique situation.  This will save valuable time, money and minimize any disruption from your home or business. Regardless of the water source type, it is IMPORTANT to act quickly. Call today!

Cleaning Experts including for the Coronavirus

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

Font image of SERVPRO is here to help & background has microscope slide of covid-19 virus Our Coronavirus Response Team is on standby and ready to assist!

SERVPRO of West Covina is Here to Help during this time of need

Never before have any of us experienced a global pandemic with COVID-19. It has been a bit alarming and even frustrating to experience what is happening at the grocery stores.  Witnessing empty and bare grocery shelves makes it challenging to find basics for our families, like food, water, bleach, gloves and toilet paper. Then having to spend hours in lines to get into a store and hours more in the register lines has been trying. Most people remain calm but a few arguments and fights have erupted which is crazy to witness and so unnecessary. We all have the common goal and that is to remain safe and healthy. To help reassure our SOCAL community that help is here when needed, our highly dedicated team is on standby and ready to assist with the highest standards of cleaning and sanitation needs.

Specialized Training

We are prepared to clean and disinfect on a large scale such as for airports, schools, nursing homes / hospitals and malls etc. And, of course that means we can handle smaller areas quite thoroughly such as your home or business. Our cleaning and sanitizing methods are set according to protocols provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have many years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff or maid services might perform on a daily basis.

For our own protection, we wash our hands constantly and work very hard to avoid toughing our face, others and commonly used surfaces. This has not been easy because habits are hard to break but we must continue putting forth the effort. The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen/Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Stair Handrails
  • Shelving/Racks
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Schools/Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Sales Counters
  • Elevators
  • Playground Equipment
  • Gyms & Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the Coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the Coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities.

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of Coronavirus, this is a reminder to our neighbors, past and future customers that we are specialists in cleaning services. We adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards and have an incredible willing team, ready to respond 24/7. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to help our country and citizens in this time of great need!

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of West Covina 626-960-9145

Is it Clutter or Hoarding?

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

A room with a whole wall of built ins have loads of belongings including wood, boxes, plastic, bags, lamp shades and more In over your head? We can help.

Who of us at school didn’t get a kick out of Shel Silberstein’s poem about “Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout? It is still a favorite!

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout - Poem by Shel Silverstein

Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out! She'd scour the pots and scrape the pans, candy the yams and spice the hams, and though her daddy would scream and shout, she simply would not take the garbage out. And so it piled up to the ceilings: coffee grounds, potato peelings, brown bananas, rotten peas, chunks of sour cottage cheese. It filled the can, it covered the floor, it cracked the window and blocked the door with bacon rinds and chicken bones, drippy ends of ice cream cones, prune pits, peach pits, orange peel, gloopy glumps of cold oatmeal, pizza crusts withered greens, soggy beans, and tangerines, crusts of black burned buttered toast, gristly bits of beefy roasts...The garbage rolled on down the hall, it raised the roof, it broke the wall greasy napkins, cookie crumbs, globs of gooey bubble gum, cellophane from green baloney, rubbery blubbery macaroni, peanut butter, caked and dry, curdled milk and crusts of pie, moldy melons, dried-up mustard, eggshells mixed with lemon custard, cold French fries and rancid meat, yellow lumps of Cream of Wheat. At last, the garbage reached so high that finally, it touched the sky. And all the neighbors moved away, and none of her friends would come to play.
And finally Sarah Cynthia Stout said, "OK, I'll take the garbage out!" But then, of course, it was too late
the garbage reached across the state, from New York to the Golden Gate. And there, in the garbage she did hate, poor Sarah met an awful fate that I cannot right now relate because the hour is much too late. But children, remember Sarah Stout and always take the garbage out!

We cannot help but chuckle at this humorous story that seems so exaggerated? It makes such a descriptive impact and memorable impression that it is easy to imagine all the various foods and debris piled up.  

You may wonder if what you are witnessing is a hoarding issue or simply clutter. Our possessions may bring fond memories and we may find it challenging to part to with them, this is typical. Over the years, belongings can accumulate. Drawers and cabinets that once were roomy can end up stuffed to capacity. Some people have large collections or just collect a lot of things. Keep in mind that most homes, even disorderly ones, still enable a person to freely move around and does not stem from hoarding. WebMd has some helpful fixes to assist with nipping away at clutter before you are in over your head.

To help determine your specific circumstance; you can ask yourself the following few questions with an attempt to answer as honestly as possible.  

  • How large of a collection is too much?
  • Is there sentimental or monetary value in the collection or are the items piles upon piles of empty food containers?
  • Are these items overly consuming your living space?
  • Are one or more bedrooms overtaken and out of commission?
  • Is the kitchen or bathrooms no longer functioning as intended?
  • It may be a hard question to ask, but is your accumulation negatively affecting the quality of your life?
  • Are your surroundings safe, are doors and walkways clear of debris in the event of a fire?

Per the Mayo Clinic, a person with a hoarding disorder may experience anxiety with even the mere thought of needing to dispose of items. Hoarding disorders can range in severity. People who suffer from this disorder may find it difficult to discard any possession whether it has monetary value or not. As time passes the issue could become worse with continued accumulation of items classified by most as recyclables or trash. It may start to develop into a problem when the items take up the vast majority of the home. Living conditions can become unsanitary perhaps even bring in vermin. Once furniture and walkways are covered and no longer functional, deciding to seek professional help may be the best option.

Over the years our team has assisted multiple families to sort, clean, and fully disinfect their homes with bio-remediation. Rooms once filled waste high with everything from spoiled food, bottles, boxes, clothes, papers, diapers, infestation, feces, etc. are repaired, organized and given a fresh start. If this description sounds all too familiar, please know that with proper assistance, things can get better. Psychology today informs us that 1 in 50 struggle with hoarding. We recognize that it is not your fault and understand that deciding to discard any of your belongings can be extremely challenging. Nevertheless, anxiety tends to get worse when belongings push you out of house and home. As the poem above wisely advised us, take time to take the garbage out.

If you find yourself, or someone you love, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, call SERVPRO of West Covina because we can help. We work hard to listen to your concerns, maintain your trust, and proceed at a pace comfortable for you. Have the confidence of knowing that your situation will be handled discreetly. Do not put it off any longer, call today to inquire further.

Fire sprinkler leak? Call the experienced professionals at SERVPRO of West Covina

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

A long commercial hallway of a building where the ceiling is studded with lights and fire sprinkler heads. The safety of fire sprinklers when a fire erupts is priceless. Sometimes though water leaks or flooding can occur. We are here to help!

Since 2011 the state of California has required all newly constructed residential dwellings to have automatic fire sprinkler system installed. Fortunately the statistics show that having this safety feature reduces the risk of death in a fire by approximately eighty percent! Clearly, fire sprinklers are worth the expense and maintenance. This life saving preventative measure, while reducing property damage if a fire erupts, can at the same time hold the minuscule risk of causing water damage just like any other plumbing.

Over the years we have witnessed a few sprinkler leaks and flooding situations both in residential and commercial facilities. One of our small water leak cleanups due to a fire sprinkler system was in a one year old tri-level condo. This one occurred because the pressurized water lines created a stress on a weakened area of the sprinkler line and a pin-hole leak manifest on the pipe inside the wall in a third floor bedroom.

Just this month a medium sized commercial loss occurs at a retail store that was doing some construction and a piece of machinery accidentally hit a fire sprinkler. This caused a rupture that got our team out of bed at five A.M. to help out and begin an extraction of the flooded areas. Another leak occurred in a SOCAL home where a sprinkler line randomly dispersed water in a living room and poured out the front door into their yard.

A different homeowner was forced to learn a hard lesson, but hopefully all of us can learn from it. He hired a handyman to install a ceiling fan in his upstairs bedroom. The day of installation the handyman was up the ladder and pulled the cap off from what he thought was electrical wiring but turned out to be a fire sprinkler head. Water gushed at a high force raining onto all of the contents in the room. The handyman turned and said: “I am not licensed, nor insured. Do not call me again” and exited the premises never to be seen again. The devastated homeowner made every attempt to stop the water as it continued to flow down his laminate staircase and through his first floor. Unsuccessful, he called for help. The water continued to rush through his home until the fire department turned the street main valve off. Our SERVPRO of West Covina team helped this family get all the wet materials cleaned up and dried but what a stressful ordeal to go through. Down side is once any sort of laminate furniture or laminate floors get wet, they swell and need to be discarded, which costs.

Accidents are going to happen but as homeowners we can do our best to stay on well informed and educated so that when the unexpected occurs, we know exactly who to trust and rely on.

What is Aspergillus Mold?

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

This Aspergillus fungus is amplified through use of a microscope. The almost glowing green long stem flowers out in a colony Rain storms can lead to water leaks, leaks that go unnoticed can lead to mold. Act quickly by calling a professional to inspect and stop the issue.

Many are wondering about the dangers of Aspergillus mold after the sad news of several pediatric deadly infection cases linked to the operating rooms in the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Newsweek reported the hospital closing ten of it’s operating rooms after realizing between 2001 and 2018 fourteen patients developed Aspergillus infections, six of which turned into tragic fatalities. Piecing the puzzle together, what they initially thought were isolated incidents, turned out to all be related due to problems in the air system.

The operating rooms now closed for repairs and improvements plan to install new HEPA filtration systems which stands for high-efficiency particulate air. These filters are designed to force the air through a mesh that traps harmful particles. Typically this protects against pollen, dust mites, smoke particles, dander and other allergens… such as mold spores or to get even more specific, any air particulate above .02 microns in size. Just to give a perspective of size an average hair is measured to be 50 microns and anything smaller than 40 microns can not be seen by the human eye.

If you do a google search on Aspergillus you will find an explanation of how it is a fungus or a common mold that lives both in and outdoors. Please note: fungus itself is not poisonous or necessarily toxic, unless over time it has developed into a certain strain of mold such as stachybotrys commonly known as ‘black mold’ which produces toxic mycotoxins. And what you want to avoid is an over-saturation of mold spores indoors which could be harmful because it is an allergen for some, which could be dangerous. It can adversely affect the sensitive, young, old or anyone with a weakened immune system.  For those, while still uncommon, if lung disease develops and travels into the bloodstream, it can kill after ten to fourteen days which is crazy fast and extremely serious.

Stachybotrys or ‘black mold’ can be dangerous depending on the levels present and can cause common allergy symptoms, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and with continued long term exposure, memory loss and respiratory damage.

How to prevent mold indoors?

Since California is right in the middle of it’s rainy season, we need to be concerned with staying on top of any and all property damages to prevent potential health risk dangers.


  • Pay attention to act quickly regarding any sort of water leaking from anywhere
  • Daily air out your home by opening up doors, windows and allowing a bit of sun to stream in
  • Clean, dust, sweep and vacuum on a regular basis
  • If a room or area in your home remains moist and has condensation, use a fan daily or use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels at a minimum


  • Don’t procrastinate on plumbing repairs or water leaks
  • Don’t delay in making regular home maintenance needs around water fixtures such as loose tiles or worn calking
  • Don’t skip seasonally clearing debris from rain gutters and inspecting for possible blockages

Thinking you might have mold issues? We are here to help. We can test for mold and if spores are found, we can certainly assist with the mold removal. Call today! 626.960.9145

Happy Fall Y’all!

9/27/2019 (Permalink)

Warm, flaky, buttery pastry wrapped around a cinnamon sugar baked apples creating an apple dumpling The stormy Fall Season brings all our comforting and favorite baked goodies to mind. This Baked Apple Dumplings Recipe is a must-try!

While hot days and summer activities are a huge part of SOCAL living, the extremely hot temperatures we have been experiencing can easily zap us of our energy. As Monday, September 23rd officially kicked off our first day of fall, we didn’t actually get to see the fall weather begin until two days later… Now that temperatures have dropped and our projected weather forecast shows exciting numbers ranging from daily highs from 70 degrees to a high of 87 degrees, we are super happy and relishing the days to come! Of course, this change in the weather has already brought in both water damage and mold inspection calls and we remain ready for a whole lot more as we move deeper into the season. Seems like for a couple of weeks now the humidity has been so high and our cars continue to get sprinkled on as we wait for storms to roll in or past us.

Besides the change of colors in the scenery, this preferred season of many brings the start of traditional family outings such as to our local apple orchard towns and villages. One of our family’s favorites is found at the base of our San Bernardino Mountain’s at the Oak Glen Apple Growers Association.

Oak Glen has been a favorite destination for as far back as we can remember because of it’s charm and is the ideal place for memories to be made. With ‘apple everything’ to be had there, from rustic-looking mile-high apple pies, to apple cake, apple danishes, apple empanadas, apple cookies, apple muffins, caramel apples, apple candies, made to order apple donuts (lines are long but so worth the wait), apple cider floats, apple variety sampling, all of which are delicious. In fact, Pink Pearl is an apple with pretty pink flesh on the inside. It can be pricy but tastes as good as it looks. Other faves are Pink Lady and Johnagold varieties.

There is a quaint little museum and fun activities are available at each orchard such as apple tree picking, raspberry picking but only if you arrive early enough in the season, fishing, panning for gold, and cold pressing your own apple cider! Depending on how sweet… you add more red apples or how tart you desire the cider, you add more green apples to the ratio of your bucket. The process is neat but the end result is even better. For those who haven’t yet tried it, freshly made cider essentially tastes like natural apple candy, YUM. Even if we don’t have the time to make our own cider, we always buy a glass gallon jug or two to enjoy because there is nothing else like it in any stores. Plus something to look forward to is the Apple Butter Festival 2019.

With all this talk of fall apples, here is a fast and easy apple dumpling recipe ideal for busy families. Cooking and baking shortcuts are always welcome in our kitchen. Simple enough to include the kids in on preparation, yet scrumptious enough for entertaining! Serve this warm with some French vanilla ice cream or homemade whipped cream and you’ll have quite a comfy treat.

A Taste of Home Baked Apple Dumplings

2 medium Granny Smith apples

2 tubes (8 ounces each) refrigerated crescent rolls

2/3 cup sugar

1 cup butter, melted

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

3/4 cup 7-UP or Mountain Dew soda

 ____ Directions____

Preheat oven to 350°. Peel, core and cut each apple into eight wedges. Unroll both tubes of crescent dough; separate each into eight triangles. Wrap a triangle around each wedge. Place in a greased 13x9-in. baking dish.

In a bowl pour melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon until blended; pour on top of crescent rolls. Slowly pour soda around the sides of rolls (do not stir).

Bake, uncovered, until golden brown and apples are tender, 35-40 minutes. Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream and Enjoy!

** Easily switch it up by swapping apples for peaches, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries

Fire Safety in Socal

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

Make it your aim each Spring to ensure your safety along with your loved ones’ by regularly reviewing a few key reminders on fire safety.

Once a fire starts, you may have only minutes to escape. So in addition to tackling our spring cleaning chores, another good habit to get into is reviewing a fire safety checklist for both your home and office. One of the most important yet so simple steps is the testing and maintenance of detectors. The monthly testing, periodic cleaning, annual replacing of batteries, (unless you have the ten-year lasting kind) and full replacement every ten years of each smoke detector could save your lives. Another great recommendation is to install carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers on each floor. 

Bring family members up to date on evacuation and meeting locations. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children and remember to discuss repeatedly with children about the dangers of playing with them. Never ever leave candles unattended indoors, even religious candles as we have seen the extensive damages caused by them. Be sure to clean the lint trap on your clothes dryer after each use and teach all family members to do the same. Always remain in the kitchen when any sort of cooking or heating is being done because if you forget, fall asleep or leave the home while doing so may lead to the highest of regrets… be fire safe.

Businesses experience property damages too...

5/3/2019 (Permalink)

This is a snapshot of inside the ceiling after the discovery of a leaking sprinkler head. Cleaning this up quick is a wise choice. #commercialcleanup

Being business owners ourselves, we are all too familiar of the day to day expenditures and how quickly they add up each month. The larger your business grows, the larger the monthly break-even point climbs. Between the insurances necessary, building lease, training, payroll and product expenses, the dollar amounts are constantly climbing. Even though we wisely plan for the unexpected, when property damages do occur not only is the disruption a challenge in the day to day function but also the related costs can get ridiculously high.

Sometimes old plumbing is to blame for leaks or sudden pipe bursts, other times the hot water heater has run its life course and other times human error is to blame and toilets may overflow. Fire sprinklers can spring pinhole leaks or suddenly burst as well. In the past, we have even seen a handyman mistaken a sprinkler for an electrical connector thinking it was the hookups for installing a ceiling fan. This line under pressure water poured out until the water turn off could be reached.

Costs for repairs can continue to rise when water is involved because if unnoticed or left untreated the bacteria levels in the water will multiply and within a short time cause mold to grow. The mold will thrive in the darkened damp area of a ceiling or wall cavity and spread to however far the water and organic materials like paper or wood keep it fed. Once we have experienced the whole water damage process we then understand the issues at hand and know better for next time, if a next time were to occur. As a business owner or property manager, part of being prepared for the next damage that may occur whether from rain or another water intrusion, is by finding a Restoration Company that you feel comfortable with, LIKE and can wholeheartedly trust.

Find out why so many of our customers are repeat customers. Meet our SERVPRO of West Covina team, they are the best! The picture posted here on this blog is just one damage that this local business has had occur. In total, they have called our SERVPRO of West Covina team out to their various properties over six different times. We are grateful for their consideration and repeat business for all of their home and business property cleanup needs.

Doing a bit of Spring cleaning?

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Water stained ceiling or walls in need of cleaning or repair? Call us to help. #springcleaning #gotmold? #asbestostestneeded

We all do our best to tackle spring cleaning checklists during this time of year… some time we may have set aside for a good desk or office cleaning at work or an even larger cleaning task may be scheduled for at home where floors, garages or extra rooms may need some TLC. Spring time is the best way to prioritize for a more thorough cleaning.

Completing a home cleaning inspection will help aid you in the right direction as to where to start. Is your home needing deodorization services or a good HVAC cleaning? Have the recent or even past rain left its mark? Sometimes we have good intentions to take care of an issue but we get busy with work, family and other projects. If you find yourself feeling in over your head due to larger cleaning tasks from odor, moisture or even mold issues, it may be time to call in the professionals. Our specialty cleaning crew at SERVPRO of West Covina knows exactly what to do to help.

Your safety always comes first so one of our initial questions will be: what year was your home built? Based on the answer, our technicians can determine if an asbestos or lead test will be need before any demolition work can be performed. Prior to what years will testing be necessary? Any structure erected prior to 1985 we will want to test for asbestos and any structure erected prior to 1978 we will want to test for lead. The results of these tests will get you a proper protocol for handling whatever damage situations arise. Important to note: Keep the results of the tests for future reference in the event the test will be needed at a later time.

You are not alone in a Storm, call SERVPRO

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Whenever it rains, be proactive by keeping an eye out for any new water leaks so that mold does NOT become an issue.

One of the best things about belonging to the SERVPRO family is that we are a part of a national Storm Response Program. Stationed throughout the country we have four geographically located teams ready and able to manage any catastrophic event. By responding quickly with a properly staffed and adequately equipped to handle the largest disaster, it makes SERVPRO of West Covina the one to call first and even add to your speed dial.

Each of our team members receives extensive training and are prepared to tackle any sized emergency with well-stocked vehicles for optimal efficiency. While much of the country currently is worried about freezing pipes, hail or damaging winds, California has plenty of potential storm-related hazards as well. A primary storm hazard would be flood or rainwater intrusion, which would be classified as grey water. Grey water refers to a risk of potential bacteria content or slight contaminants in the water from either the ground or roof. Knowing that a good chance of bird or animal droppings could be present in the water, having professional care for such restoration needs will likely save you money. Our aim is to keep your surrounding environment safe by preventing secondary damages like mold growth. 

If you are concerned that your property may have an issue, call for details about our complimentary visual inspections so that our professional team may help out with a plan of action and follow through.

After a Fire – What To Do

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Here to help with any disaster any time day or night. The BEST at Fire Damage Cleanup, Board Ups, Smoke and Soot Cleaning or Charred Odor Removal.

A home or business fire can be absolutely devastating. SERVPRO of West Covina is here any time of day or night to help. No doubt with many mixed emotions you will have to make some important decisions, some sooner than later. Here are the very first few things you will want to know and prioritize after everyone is safely evacuated and the fire is extinguished.

  1. Get to a safe zone and call 911

Safety of you and your family is of prime concern. Get everyone to a safe area away from the fire before calling 911. If you do not have a cell phone consider going to a neighbor to make the call.  Remaining outside of fire damaged areas until the authorities give clearance for re-entry is important in preventing injury.

  1. Call your insurance agent ASAP

Notify your insurance agent of the damage as soon as possible. Your insurance agent has your best interest in mind. He values your patronage and will work hard to assist during this difficult time.

  1. Ask about reputable restoration companies

SERVPRO of West Covina works with all major insurance companies and has built solid relationships within the community to be of help when disasters arise. We care about each customer and work hard to earn your trust. SERVPRO will help to secure and stabilize the premises by boarding up doors and windows to keep the elements including possible looters out. SERVPRO will next start the cleanup process by removing the smoke, soot and the charred smell. No need to tackle this loss alone, let the professionals help, that’s exactly what we are here for.

FEMA has an after fire checklist pdf that has useful information such as reminding you to start saving all receipts for all money spent related to the fire.

Water Damage While in the Middle of Construction

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Ryan Tellez our SERVPRO General Contractor. CA Lic 968875. Trustworthy and honest. Call today.

Repairs on our homes seem to be never-ending. No matter the age of the home, to do lists only grow in time. Depending on your generation, it is possible you knew of a time long ago when our appliances and furniture lasted for decades. Today that is not the norm, and within only six to eight years even in a newly constructed home, issues can arise. Everything from needing plumbing repairs, to cabinets and drawers going off track and before you know it the workload of repairs, can become overwhelming. 

Then we can get to the point where updating is desperately needed and we may begin a remodel. Living there while the construction is ongoing can really test everyone’s patience because the noise, clutter, debris, and dust that covers the entire home is a lot to deal with. Plus if it is the kitchen being worked on, being forced to eat out for every meal can get old real fast. We all have high expectations for the end results and would like to see progress continue at a steady pace despite back-orders or other hiccups that commonly occur along the way. A day or two of no activity in between vendors can seem like an eternity and when the work pushes past our expected deadline and days turn into weeks or months causing our frustration levels to soar.

What if now, smack in the middle of all the construction chaos rainwater soaks through or even worse… a water line ruptures and floods all the brand-newly installed materials? What a mess! At that point, we may be at our wit's end. The key here is to remain calm, find a reputable restoration company such as SERVPRO of West Covina who specializes in water damage cleanup and understands the time-sensitive issue at hand.

Then, relax and trust their expertise to take care of the problem ASAP. The good news will be if the water source was a clean one then the SERVPRO team in with their professional equipment can use in place drying save time and money by restoring it all to preloss conditions. We had a recent customer that had his beautiful new hardwood floors flood only days after installation but we acted quickly and now, it is "Like it never even happened.”

Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover Water Damage caused by Flooding?

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Water techs are standing by, serving our Socal commercial and residential properties for any flood, rain or other unexpected water damages. Call now!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a storm as a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning. While Southern California rarely experiences severe storm activity, it does occur from time to time. Being prepared for a swift change in temperatures and the seasonal Santa Ana Winds is always going to be advantages. Are you and your family California STORM READY? CA.GOV 

helps us prepare individually by first knowing whether or not our property is at risk of flooding. When we purchased our home just over a decade ago, our loan docs included the disclosure of our area being considered a flood zone area. Insurance companies as well have FEMA Risk mapping indicating cities and neighborhoods at high risk for any sort of natural disaster be it earthquakes, wind storms, wildfire and of course flooding. Are you properly insured with flood insurance or earthquake insurance? Since Homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage, it is finding out and act now because water damage repairs can be costly. to Water damages due to flooding water can potentially carry contaminants in the soil such as animal droppings, pesticides, etc., IICRC standards states removal of all materials affected by the exterior waters and recommends they be removed and replaced. If you find yourself dealing with unexpected soaking wet walls or googling: how to get rid of mold after a storm, you will be eternally grateful when your insurance helps to take away the sting of the loss.

As the rest of the nation continues to storm watch severe weather, while we are enjoying sunny days we can do our part now, by preparing a checklist and ensuring that we are ready just in case…

Mold found at a Commercial property in Rancho

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Look at what this Rancho property's maintenance person found behind paint and building supplies. Some mold needing to be safely removed...

Being a preferred vendor for most national insurance and local property management companies we tend to be a first responder for water leaks or damages. Usually, the first call made once an issue is discovered is to either an agent or property manager then they call us for our free inspection and estimate. Even when one of our out of state investment properties flooded full of water, our very first call was to our property manager instructing them to please call the local SERVPRO because we wanted the cleanup and reconstruction handled properly.

A recent call that we got in regarding water leaking was from a commercial property manager in Rancho Cucamonga. The water leaks were affecting multiple businesses but all in one center. One was a pizza restaurant that was dealing with a mushy ceiling from what was thought at the time to be due to recent rains and the water damage it left behind. Another was a different eatery sharing a wall that was dealing with reoccurring water intrusion that resulted in mold. It is no fun dealing with mold whether it is in a residential or business setting because potential allergy and health concerns for everyone is the main concern. Sometimes the mold may not be visible but a damp musty smell is present. Other times such as in this circumstance the mold discovered was found upon opening the room as spots were speckled across the white drywall. The source of the leak was the first to be determined so as to make the needed plumbing repairs, then the removal of mold could proceed. If you are ever wondering about a moldy, odd or weird smell, give us a call. Mold removal is one of our specialties and our mold inspections are complimentary. Call anytime!

Water Damage at a Local Place of Worship in West Covina

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Our infrared camera quickly pics up on water-saturated areas in this commercial building by reading & illuminating the colder temps in blue & purple.

Whenever a special event is coming up, much preparation, cleaning and hard work go into getting the facility ready. This past weekend in preparing for a very special event, a local place of worship accidentally left the water running in a planter in hopes of maximizing the landscape. Unfortunately, the water ran all night and the next day flooding had occurred on the inside of the building since the water soaked into the building materials.

One of our specialty pieces of equipment to detect temperature variances and how far the water has traveled is an infrared camera. Note the images posted as they show the high heat radiating from inside the building. The heat is amped up by specialty equipment to dry the structure completely and as fast as possible to get the building back into working order as soon as it is feasible. Because this was a commercial building, time was of the essence. We love this camera because it can show hot and cold temperatures inside a wall. In most cases, this aids our water technicians being able to thoroughly map out the path the water took and develop the most effective water damage cleanup plan of action for drying out the structure.

March Winds & April Showers Bring May Flowers…

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Storm events bring different dangers, become familiar with the weather in your area and plan accordingly. #spring2019

We are all familiar with the 1920’s poem and song about the typical rainy season expected in the Spring. Such, storms also make for slick roads and more than usual dangerous driving conditions.

Extra caution and speed reduction should be exercised when behind the wheel when the roads are wet and slippery because nearly half of weather-related automobile accidents each year are from the rain. This extra caution applies to both new and experienced drivers. When rain follows hot and drier days, engine oil builds up on the roads and can contribute to many more accidents. Increase your following distance to improve visibility and give yourself enough time to fully brake. Avoid using cruise control in the rain to properly control speed when hitting patches of water and to prevent hydroplaning. If you begin to drift, do not turn your wheel or brake hard because your vehicle could skid or spin. We have all seen a driver flying through bad weather, not slowing at all or taking account of the road conditions only to collide right off the road, minutes later.  Practice being a defensive and patient driver.

Nowadays, dangers of driving have grown to include a much larger list than just rainy weather. Because of so many potential distractions; iPhones have a “do not disturb setting” while driving that detect motion and if receiving a call or text during that time will automatically send a quick text notifying the caller of such. This aids in the practice of not looking at our phones at all while driving.

Local law enforcement, hospitals, schools and businesses team up year after year for the EVERY 15 Minutes Program that instructs our young ones before they become licensed drivers to understand the many dangers on the road because life’s lessons are best learned through experience. This powerful program leaves a lasting and emotional impression through the use of a visual reenactment of a deadly accident stemmed from driving while impaired or distracted. Students are challenged to meditate on the weighty responsibility of getting behind the wheel and the grim realities that can be caused by making foolish choices. The program teaches the importance of taking responsibility by making mature decisions and how outcomes can greatly impact everyone around them.

As May approaches, the California weather will begin to warm up and the chance of rain drops to a day to two at the most, if any. While California is a year-round destination for travelers, May through the summer months brings the highest number of visitors to the beaches and local attractions. Wherever your California destination plans lie this Spring and Summer, have fun but be safe!

Time is Money

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Save time & money. Hire SERVPRO of West Covina for all your Commercial Cleaning needs. Ready to rescue 24/7!

Businesses whether retail, office, school or industrial companies alike, all know that time equals money. So when a commercial property suddenly is faced with fire or water damage, taking action to resolve the problem both the proper way and quickly is crucial. Every moment the day to day operations are down is costly. As a professional restoration team who works closely with national insurances, local businesses and property management companies, we know they all have the goal of keeping costs to a minimum. So, we work extremely hard to be efficient at what we do from the beginning to end of each and every loss.

If flooding has occurred, safety is always first. Beware of slips, falls and potential risks of electrical shock. Will you need water extraction or pump out, help with protecting and salvaging items and equipment around the affected areas and professional structural drying to avoid potential mold issues?  If a fire occurred, is everyone safe? To keep from injury and to prevent further damages, keep the burned and smoky areas clear of foot traffic and from being touched. Do you need help with inventorying items lost in the blaze, removal of soot and smoke odor? Will construction services be needed? Has water damages occurred from extinguishing the flames? SERVPRO can help with all of the above.

By responding immediately and with the appropriately sized team for the cleanup situation, we help to meet the goal of saving time and money. Many times our teams work around the clock in shifts to proceed with the commercial restoration process in a suitable manner. We understand each day the business doors stay closed, money is not being generated as it should. We know that if the facility is a restaurant, grocery store or food manufacturer, not until the damaged space is returned to a safe and sterile environment, will the California Department of Public Health and Safety will be able to give their clearance to reopen. This will ensure the safety of the business’s environment. Our recommendation? Only use a professional restoration company that has well trained IICRC Certified team members along with a fine reputation for doing quality work in the community. One that has a General Contractor’s license and is familiar with California state guidelines, building codes and reducing costs ultimately saving you both time and money.

Now is the Time to Think of Fire Prevention

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Cooking even in the MICROWAVE can be the source of damages. A simple potato cooked way too long caused an awful odor throughout the entire home!

Sadly, several years of drought had a part in last year’s worst fire season with over 1.8 billion acres burned in California. Families were devastated as more than one hundred lives were lost, homes and structures were charred and entire neighborhoods leveled.

Unfortunately, older homes are at high risk of catching fire quicker. If you have an older home, switching to fire-resistant materials when inspecting for damages, replacing or remodeling will help with improvements. Re-roofing? Perhaps consider bringing projects up to code as it will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Do your part to keep the community safe as wildfires are primarily started by people. Trim down dried trees, weeds and grass. Lawnmowers and other power tools used outdoors can spark a fire so during the hottest and driest months, proceed with extreme caution. Remove rocks in your path and mow in the early morning hours on non-windy days as they can spark when hit by a metal blade.

Is your building of newer construction with an automatic fire sprinkler system? This is important because it can act as your first line of defense against a potential fire. When properly maintained, they can truly make a difference by reducing heat, smoke, and flames. National Fire Association gives several fire causes such as cooking, candles, heating, smoking etc. and ways of prevention of each. They even state the odds of surviving a home fire increases eighty percent when a sprinkler system has been installed. Lives are invaluable so certainly well worth the approximately $1.35 per square foot cost of a sprinkler system home upgrade. And never underestimate the value of installing and annually testing both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms throughout each property and on every level of the home. Important to note as well is to ensure all halls and doorways are clear of tripping hazards and electrical outlets are never overloaded. We have seen fires start this way and it is always sad when with a little extra safety and precaution, a fire could have been avoided.

Cooking even in the MICROWAVE can be the source of damages. A simple potato cooked way too long caused an awful odor throughout the entire home!

Meet our Unique Office Cat that keeps our SERVPRO Team a Happy One

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Mention our office cat's name: JEDDA and receive a free gift with any Southern California water or fire damage inspection. 626.960.9145 #bambino

For a happy work environment that motivates both creativity and productivity consider bringing a family pet to work every day.

Studies have shown workplace stress can begin to cause a negative vibe eventually leading to irritability and ultimately unhappy team members. Having in our instance an office cat around on a daily basis prevents employee burnout because it reduces stress and anxiety which actually improves work productivity. The USC Psychology Department researched the topic and lists several benefits to bringing pets to work. Improving work-life balance by providing comic relief and giving short respites to heavy tasks and projects many of which can zap energy or take quite an emotional toll, depending. Having them by our side lowers blood pressure, makes us happy, relaxes, reduces stress, lessens trips to the doctor, improves teamwork and employee satisfaction. Employers benefit as much as boosting employee morale does and gives our pets much more attention and time. From our personal experience, our opinion is that cats, dogs, birds or fish should be a part of every workplace. Our hairless dwarf cat’s name is Jedda. Check out another adorable portrait and her brief bio under our About Us, Our Employees section. She is listed as one of our own as Jedda is a fun part of our team!

April has Lots Going on Weather Wise

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April showers... and lots more damages predicted. SERVPRO is here to help for any and all storm-related damages.

Each part of the country is being affected differently from the various types of recent storms. While severe weather threatens the South with ridiculously large sized hail and residents are warned to brace for flooding this upcoming weekend in April, four tornadoes have been reported in Texas and damaging winds in Oklahoma. Severe thunderstorms with a huge risk of damaging wind gusts are threatening to hit Florida, Virginia, Washington DC and the Carolinas. New York is on a flash flood watch.

Here in California while the Northern part of the state is experiencing dirt devils, our Southern section is forecasting sunny days ahead with temperatures into the high 80’s. Perfect timing for the exceptionally large crowds of travelers continuing to heading in for Coachella.

To keep updated and see the current weather, The Weather Chanel has a map of the entire country.


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This Spring has brought tons of color and joy. As the seasons' change, so do our views and concerns. #wildflowers2019 #wildfiresprevention2019

Just a few weeks ago Southern California residents were enjoying bright Kelly green grass blanketing hills and roadsides thanks to the unusually high amount of rainfall we’ve experienced compared to the last few years. All across the southland the incredible ‘super bloom’ of wildflowers including bright orange poppies drew crowds of spectators and became a huge topic on Instagram and Facebook. Our team members passing through the Lake Elsinore fields even posted a weekday picture of the view while in route to San Diego. Many of us will agree, the wildflowers in bloom this Spring was the best we’ve probably seen yet. So colorful in fact, these colorful fields captured the attention of both tourists and residents simply due to the sheer beauty. The Washington Post’s headline included its vibrancy could even be seen from space!

Now weeks later and we’ve had merely a few days of heat and the temporarily green fields rapidly have turned yellow and brown, drying out. Rumors of windy days to come seem to be a topic of discussion for some. If you’ve lived in Southern California long, you are all too familiar with the Santa Ana warm gusty winds. In some cities and areas, those winds seem to never really die down and while most dangerous in the dry fall months, our summers can become harsh and quickly vulnerable to wildfires. Fire season is much longer due to climate change. The past several years of California’s recent wildfires have totaled BILLIONS of dollars in damages. In efforts to keep in business insurance companies have had to restructure and evaluated high-risk areas and policyholders. So what can we do as home policyholders?

Help preserve California’s beauty by preparing ahead of time. Prepare your home for a potential wildfire now. Remember safety is always first, so have evacuation plans and exits. Important also to note is strive to never miss an insurance premium payment to prevent coverage from lapsing. To be caught without insurance for your home or business property could be devastating. Next, take the time to do a thorough inspection and clear a safety zone all around your structure. Ensure all dried out and dead vegetation is removed along with any rubble or debris and flammable propane tanks or gasoline. Use extreme caution when cooking outdoors and keep firewood piles at a good distance away. If a pop-up fire nears your neighborhood, shut off the gas and extinguish pilot lights. Be fire wise and ready to evacuate prior to the danger of a fire even getting too close. We each can do our part in preventing unintentional fires from forming so that generations to come will continue to take in the picturesque scenery that surrounds us year after year. 

Toilet Overflow? Do Not Delay, Call the Water Damage Experts

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Toilet mishaps occur even in the middle of the night or on national holidays so we are always ready to help for flooding and overflow emergencies.

How do you know if the toilet that just overflowed will lead to a bigger problem? Only by professionally handling your specific situation based on the circumstances that it occurred will you know for certain. Was it a clean water overflow from the tank? Was it an overflow immediately after use and upon flushing it overflowed? If so, when the toilet was last used was fecal waste present? Because no amount of cleaning with bleach to disinfect the area afterwards will help. If bacteria was present in the water back up it will only be in the matter of hours that the bacteria will multiply and cause an awful odor of sewage throughout the inside of your home..

Was the overflow from an upstairs bathroom? Did water seep through the floors and is now inside the walls, ceiling and cabinets of the kitchen below? Are your belongings inside the cabinets now contaminated with sewage water?

Have several days passed since the initial leak occurred and now mold issues may be putting your family at risk? Is there a musty smell?

By calling out our SERVPRO of West Covina team you are relying on well trained and experienced technicians to mitigate the issue based on IICRC industry standards. This aids in avoiding secondary issues and assists in getting your home back to a safe and healthy environment. If mold is already present we can safely remove it in a professional mulit-step process where the remainder of the house can maintain fresh, breathable air due to our specialty equipment. Please don’t hesitate to call and find out exactly how we may help the situation you find yourself in, we are here to help with exactly that.

Know What To Do If Your Toilet Acts Up

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Some water damages are easier seen than others. This is an instance where you can see the path the contaminated toilet overflow took. #cat3water

Toilets in business and homes work throughout the day for the sanitary removal of waste. Getting so much use they are bound to be problematic on occasion and for a variety of reasons. When an overflow or back up occurs it typically is unexpected and catches the user off guard. Be prepared ahead of time and instruct coworkers and/or family members to always turn the water off as soon as possible either at the toilet or main water shut off valve. Knowing where and how to do this can make a difference in how large the loss may end up.

In one instance a local San Dimas homeowner called our SERVPRO of West Covina Team to help after a toilet overflow caused visible damage in their hallway ceilings. The staining on the ceilings and walls are quite brown as seen in the picture and removal of all affected materials was necessary because of being highly contaminated with bacteria.

If and when something similar catches you off guard, be careful of slips and falls and never walk barefoot on contaminated floors to avoid infection. Once you are in a safe dry place call our experienced team to help so that we may respond quickly. Please know that even if the water appears clear, bacteria could be present depending. We can assist in making that determination and proactively move forward with the proper protocol of cleanup. This will ultimately save you money and protect the health of you and those around you.

Mold Discovered in Chino Hills Condo

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Got mold? One way to find out is to call our office for a complementary visual inspection. Call and we can get you scheduled right away. 626.960.9145

Water kept slowly leaking through and over time this Chino Hills homeowner began to notice an issue. Needing help he googled to find a good water cleanup company, and after reading several reviews he decided on one and gave SERVPRO of West Covina a call. Sometimes water pipes rupture full force and other times it is more of a trickle or continuous drops, the latter of which makes it sometimes impossible to even know about it until damages spread.

Plus this condominium owner didn’t realize the source of the leak was actually coming from the neighbor’s unit until the wall was opened up and insulation was removed. Looking closely at the picture it is easy to see that some of the damage is visible. What did the other side of the wall look like? The neighbor was brought up to date on the findings so that his structure and drywall could be remediated as well.

In many Socal cities with townhomes or condos, the exterior walls are covered and taken care by the HOA that collects the pricey dues each month. But the money is usually well spent to maintain the value of the real estate by regular gardening, pool and clubhouse maintenance or remodel and tot lot or exercise upkeep. But what about inside your dwelling space? Is your condo properly insured with a specific mold coverage policy? It is worthwhile to find out and to know the details and what the limits are. While examining your condo policy find out what the cap outs may be if any. For example, if your entire kitchen floods from a leaking toilet upstairs, will the coverage extended be more than enough to hire a general contractor and rebuild it? There should be enough coverage to replace the flooring, walls, backsplash, countertops, cabinets, and cover a mitigation company to pack out the items in the cabinets from the clean and unaffected areas, store them offsite so that your family has space to move around in. Will your insurance cover for the same company to later unpack and return the items once construction is complete? Or will you get stuck with the overwhelming task? Ask because all these questions are important to confirm before the unexpected occurs.

Go Green

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Being ecologically aware in our sunshine state.

Once you have spotted one of our bright green SERVPRO trucks, you start noticing them on the road more and more. Driving into work we average seeing them on a weekly basis out and about in various Southern California Cities. Honestly, it is hard to miss the almost neon lime green color, and then with the orange house logo…  it’s super recognizable. Our customers comment regularly: ”You guys are all over, I just saw one of your trucks!”

Besides green being one of our corporate colors, we also offer green services. For families with young children, the elderly, someone prone to allergies or compromised immune systems many of our products are green. This is also important for water or mold damage cleanup in a commercial setting. Businesses such as Schools, Dental and Dr’s. Offices that are concerned about the health of their patients and Retail stores and Offices who get a lot of foot traffic from customers all desire the indoor air quality to be optimal. A few years back we were called out to remove smoke and soot from inside a pet store that had caught fire in the middle of the night. Most pets were safely relocated off-site but all the fish tanks stayed put so we used specialized equipment to safely remove the smoky odor and tiny particles in the air. SERVPRO can help with all of the above health and safety concerns which allow our property owners to have peace of mind that safe professional products are being used to mitigate their damages.

The norm now is that we carry our own reusable grocery bags when shopping and ask for straws only if needed, at restaurants while dining. In our home, we have become accustomed to vigilantly preserve water and we have extra bins allocated for recycling glass, plastic, and cans. Also, we ensure that we properly dispose of electronics and old cell phones. Being careful about our daily habits and opting for conservational choices is important. Each of us can have a share in reusing, recycling and using environmentally friendly products. Here at SERVPRO of West Covina, we make this a priority.

Helping our Community - One Damage at a Time

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Always ready to help 24/7

In 2018 we celebrated our ten year anniversary of being in business for our SERVPRO of West Covina franchise. Over the years with many different kinds of losses ranging from water, fire, mold and biohazard cleanup behind us we certainly have learned a lot. 

Switching industries from owning a restaurant to owning a restoration company had a bit of a learning curve initially. While building maintenance, repairs and construction was a strong background for our team we initially thought: how sad that we are waiting for a call asking for help after a disaster... We immediately shifted our mindset by discussing how fortunate our community really was. By opening our doors for business our neighboring cities were now able to call us, our specific West Covina team who were eager to help, genuinely honest and reliable vs. randomly making a selection of a company in the yellow pages or yelping a search for the best restoration company around. 

A decade of years have passed and our team continues to grow stronger each day. Our warehouse and offices have now tippled in size due to the volume of calls we are flooded with; no pun intended. And most importantly we have helped thousands of families and businesses during their time of need. It is hard work, not always pleasant particularly if its a sewage back up or a crawl space sewage/waste removal, but extremely rewarding. We have tons of ‘fair warnings’ of things to avoid such as NEVER charge your laptop on your bed, it could catch fire... NEVER leave the water valve turned to the ‘on’ setting while on vacation, your place could flood and you wouldn't know until you return... and NEVER ignore a small water leak as mold can grow in the matter of hours.

We love California and appreciate the opportunity to assist in maintaining property values as specialty repairs  are professionally completed. Each day we strive for excellence in customer service and are grateful to each property owner that trusts our SERVPRO of West Covina team enough to hire us and our repeat customers that call to hire us yet again.

Fire in West Covina leaves behind a thick blanket of soot

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

A lot of work went in to restoring this home after a thick blanket of soot covered absolutely everything in it. #gratefultohelp

This sweet little lady’s home caught fire in the family room. Thankfully the West Covina Fire Department quickly extinguished the flames and saved her home from burning to the ground. Since smoke and soot filled every room our SERVPRO Team we was invited to inspect the extent of the damages. Structurally the house was determined to be sound so our job was to removed the particles of soot and the burnt smell. Our work began by cleaning every item and surface top to bottom. A lot of hard work and a detailed cleaning of every piece of furniture, and precious belonging restored the home. The rich reward and satisfaction of helping one of our community members in their time of need, means the world to us! We love our job!!

SOCAL Rain Leaks requires Mold Remediation

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Lots of water staining from a passing storm occurred throughout this Baldwin Park office building. We got it all cleaned up fast!

Here in our sunny SOCAL neighborhood, it rains only once in a while… But it did rain once last week and even if the storm hits only in passing, property damage issues can arise unexpectedly. This local business office experienced ceiling staining on multiple areas from a leaky roof. They called our SERVPRO office in to inspect the damages. Wet materials along with the development of mold was discovered behind the spots seen here in the picture. From experience, removal of mold is the best protection against potential allergens. Their office staff was relieved to have everything professionally remediated and repaired.

For an updated photo, please check out our SERVPRO of West Covina website’s Before and After Photo Gallery to view the mold removal from the framing studs of this particular structure.

West Covina Commercial Water Damage

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Call our SERVPRO of West Covina Team 24/7. 626.960.9145

We have our teams on stand-by around the clock… so when the water leak or flood calls pour in, we respond with excitement to help by responding quickly.  Any business having to deal with down time is losing money so our goal is to get you back, up and running as soon as possible. Sometimes it means working long hours or through the night but we are dedicated and always happy to do so.

Responding to a toilet overflow (from the tank resevore - clean water), we are never quite sure as to the extent of the damage until we walk the building site. In this instance, the water from the toilet ran all night long and poured out amongst all the offices. So, in the morning, when the first office worker opened the front door, she was surprised to find objects floating all around in several inches of water.  It was decided to call the closest SERVPRO. Fortunately that was us at SERVPRO of West Covina, so ten minutes later, the very first thing our water technician did was turn the water main off, then got right to work by extracting  the standing water and placing drying equipment to dry out  the multiple offices.

Despite the temporary interruption, the business owner was super appreciative to our entire team and pledged that we have a customer for life. We love helping to support our local community businesses!

How to Prevent Fire in your SOCAL Home

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

Damage happens so quickly! Flames from the oven began to melt this microwave, spreading the awful smell of burnt plastic throughout the home.

Each year fires occurring during the fall and winter seasons injure more than 2500 people and cause more than $390 million in damages.  Please keep your family safe by reviewing with them a few of the ways that we have seen home fires begin:

  • Do not overload electrical outlets, this is SUPER DANGEROUS!
  • Do not leave empty plastic home fragrance plug in cartridges in outlets
  • Avoid burning candles, but if used, keep under close watch
  • Keep candles and lights away from combustible materials like paper and fabric
  • Before leaving for the day, going to bed at night or leaving a room, turn off and unplug all lamps, chargers and electrical appliances
  • Do not charge phones, tablets or laptops on soft surfaces like carpet, beds or sofas, etc.
  • When operating a microwave nevert use paper goods, fabric or metal inside it
  • If cooking food on the stove top or in the oven, do not leave unattended

 Through utilizing Fire & Safety Tips aim to prevent a fire from ever starting in your home. However, accidents do at times occur so please take the time to test your smoke alarms and remember to test annually and replace them every 10 years. If smoke damage does affect your property, please call out the professionals with the expertise & experience to provide complete fire restoration services and odor removal.

Basics of what SERVPRO wants Everyone to Know about Mold

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

You just never know what could be growing behind your cabinets or walls when a water leak goes unnoticed. Call us out if you suspect a possible issue.

SERVPRO is the #1 Industry Standard Leader in quickly taking care of unexpected property damages stemming from a variety of factors and elements. Our office calls for mold inspections always greatly increase after a day or two of any kind of rain fall in our SOCAL Community. To provide you with a run down of the basics regarding mold, please continue reading...

Fact: Mold is naturally always in our environment. Mold spores are microscopic in size and complex in design and behavior. They float in the air; just like when you blow on a dandelion and watch the seeds drift away. The difference in speed though is remarkable because studies have been done where these invisible to the naked eye spores have been known to travel up a ten story building in the matter of only seconds.

Problems for your property can begin when mold spores anchor themselves on a wet surface indoors and begin to multiply quickly. Typically 72 hours when comfortably warm indoor temperatures and a ‘food source’ are both present.  According to a mold expert, from an Industrial Hygienist - some strains have been known to materialize under the microscope within 8 hours.) A damp dark place such as behind the wall after a hot water heater leak is a common spot for mold spores to be nourished and multiplied.  The spores grow by eating away at wet organic materials such as the paper backing of drywall or wood.

The EPA informs us on their website of the Important Fact: The key to mold control is moisture control.  Condensation, water leaks and poor ventilation are all contributing factors.

To prevent mold growth indoors, allow sunlight to filter into your home each day as spores love darkness & dampness. It’s a good idea to make it a daily morning habit to open windows & doors to allow a cross breeze into your home to ventilate it properly. Many of our mold inspections render no real problem other than poor ventilation... 

Be prepared ahead of time so that if ever coming across an unexpected water leak or sudden bust or flood of water, act quickly by calling out our well trained SERVPRO of West Covina professionals to dry up not only what is visible to the eye, but also to what is beyond the baseboards and walls.

Toilet overflow wets almost entire home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA TWICE

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised due to graphic nature. Not suitable for all audiences as one toilet was definitely harmed in the picture above.

Having plumbing problems can be the worst! Experiencing a sewage back up or a toilet overflow when fecal matter is present essentially paves a pathway of disaster to a property because everything the bacteria laden water touches must be removed for obvious sanitary reasons.

In this particular instance, unfortunately, not only did this tenant know the toilet was having back up problems but this whole scenario was the second occurrence in the matter of only months. Flooring everywhere the backup traveled required prompt removal, along with a foot or two of drywall, baseboards and lower cabinets. Definitely a lot of work.

We certainly understand that accidents happen… We are here around the clock to respond regardless of how difficult the job that we encounter may be. A QUICK Tip: If a toilet at your home or business is continuously running, repeatedly clogged or seeming problematic, turn off the water at the toilet supply line located at the base of the toilet by turning the knob till you hear the water shut off and call a local plumber. If it’s too late and the water “hath runneth over”, call SERVPRO of West Covina right away to prevent further damages or illness. We service our entire SOCAL Community with free visual inspections.

SERVPRO of West Covina inspects a Moldy Crawlspace

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

This wet & damp area under this SOCAL home has visible signs of mold growth. Removal is a must to prevent further damages.Trust SERVPRO to help.

Our technicians were scheduled to inspect the crawlspace underneath a West Covina home today.  A leak was discovered, hence with all the extra moisture, mold growth was present throughout the underside of the home.

Crawlspaces under homes in our SOCAL area typically are only a few feet high leaving not much room to maneuver while doing an inspection or a cleanup. Our techs get suited up in protective gear to go exploring under these homes and over the years, our technicians have brought back plenty of interesting & sometimes funny stories regarding their trek under our local community’s homes. Everything from needing to pump out raw sewage to literally bumping into a family of skunks residing under a home (AND, the human residents knew all about it and were fine with it all, hahaha), to one of our technicians actually getting stuck for twenty minutes while trying to wiggle from one side to the other. It’s an interesting job for certain, not for those with fears of cramped spaces and we never know what will be discovered…

Chino Hills Pot / Marijuana House Cleaning

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

Local landlord discovers renters were using their rental home for growing marijuana. Lots of damage resulted.

First thing this morning, we sent one of our inspection crews out to Chino Hills for a ‘pot house cleaning’ and mold issue. From time to time, our team receives such calls to inspect houses or even commercial buildings that have been discovered to have been taken over by a secret marijuana grower. We have been called out for large single dwelling homes, multiple jumbo homes in a single block and commercial warehouses and buildings, all of which were completely covered with mold. Our inspections discover boarded up windows, growing stations, potted plants and typically mold everywhere on all walls and ceilings from the moist damp conditions. Truly a property owner’s nightmare, but they are always appreciative that we are there to help return the property back to livable and rentable conditions ASAP.

Our specialty cleaning & mold removal professionals are very detailed and thorough. Any standard visual inspection is complimentary. Call our office for any specialty cleaning needs, even unusual ones like uncovering a marijuana-filled room or building…

Prepare now for SOCAL’s summer heat…

4/11/2018 (Permalink)

Regardless of the type of storm that strikes your property in West Covina or any of SOCAL's surrounding cities, call us to help because we care.

We love because Southern California in part because it's weather is certainly unique. Overall it is one of the most desirable states to live in. As seasons change, we adjust ever so slightly if at all...

We sometimes experience the effects of Santa Ana storm winds where rooftop or property damages pop up due to them. It hardly rains here, but when it does and it comes down hard, certain areas prone to flooding quickly suffer from the storm. Fortunately SERVPRO of West Covina is here to help with any and all of those issues.

Sunny California is a beautiful place to live so investing in a home or business is most definitely worthwhile. Staying on top of maintenance may be the very best way to help to protect your investment and prevent costly replacement costs from occurring later.

As we head towards summer our current high temperatures are an indicator as to what our upcoming summer may be like. It may turn out to be a real scorcher. Depending on the city you live in and primarily how far inland your home is, summer heat may lead to unusually high cooling costs.

If despite covering all the basics IE: regularly servicing the A.C., installing ceiling fans, layering thermal quality window treatments and tinting windows, excessive heat is still getting trapped each day, consider taking steps to help cut costly energy bills.

One way to assist with cooling issues may be by insulating your garage door with a reflective covering. Last year, our family discovered that the super high temperatures in our garage damaged all the food cans tucked into our ‘emergency go bags’.  Multiple cans exploded all over clothes, blankets and supplies. We learned our lesson and found a cooler spot for their storage but that gave us a real good idea as to just how HOT the garage can get…

Step by step instructions can be found by visiting houselogic.com. It might be well worth it in the long run. Preparing to the best of our abilities is wise. For all the rest of the unexpected damages that occur, we are here to help around the clock.

Water Leaks & Plumbing Issues… is it simply enough to get them repaired?

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water extraction needed in this Covina Office, then the dry out of the structure, office furniture and supplies could begin…

We place great value in the money invested in our Commercial and Residential properties. When it comes to maintenance, we work hard to stay on top of the problems so they do not quickly multiply. It is wise to fix water leaks from dripping faucets right away to preserve our water supply. Such leaks from plumbing fixtures/fittings or pipes sometimes are apparent and visible but unfortunately many are hidden and may go undetected causing rot and costly damages.

Many at first think that mopping up visible water is all that is needed, but some may fail to realize that a lot of times, water quickly travels into the carpet or floor padding, past baseboards, to walls and beyond.

The detection of water behind these areas requires professional equipment. This should be taken seriously because left ignored the damaged surfaces can develop mold which thrives in moist dark areas such as behind walls, cabinets or under flooring, all in the matter of days or even hours.

To avoid missing crucial cleaning steps, utilize a water damage professional with proper IICRC training.

In the SOCAL area? Local property management companies love us for our immediate response. Call to ask about our complimentary inspections  1.877.469.7776

Water Damage Emergency Tips:

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

This West Covina home flooded with water throughout several rooms. Our team was called out to extract the water and quickly begin cleanup.

Sometimes unexpected flooding comes from a contaminated source and its best to stay clear of the area, but if a water leak comes from a clean source such as a water pipe in the wall, here are a few helpful tips...

For Clean Water situations only


  • Safety-first: if you see water near any electrical outlet or device, clear the area of family members and pets. Extra care should be taken to avoid slips and falls
  • Shut off water source if possible
  • Quickly contact SERVPRO of West Covina
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under furniture legs


  • DO NOT use a regular vacuum to remove water
  • DO NOT leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet floors
  • DO NOT turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet
  • DO NOT use TV’s or other electronic appliances while standing on wet floors 

Mold… DIY project or Call SERVPRO?

12/29/2017 (Permalink)

Professional mold removal in Pomona, CA... Once the kitchen cabinetry was removed, visible mold was revealed for proper cleanup to begin.

In seeking a DIY Mold Removal plan on the internet you will discover a variety of ways proposing how to personally rid your home of mold. A common misconception is to spray it with a bleach solution to kill the mold, but it is just not that simple.

The EPA offers a link of helpful mold facts along with a section of ‘Frequently asked questions about mold’. It addresses how using a chemical or biocide is NOT recommended because while the solution may kill the spore, even dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some. Mold MUST be removed. In many situations the mold may not be visible until the wall or surface is opened/removed as typically mold grows inside wall cavities as opposed to the painted surface of drywall or begins on the back of a wood piece.

One thing to be cautious about with DIY projects where mold is concerned is proper protection for yourself. There are some things, such as mold removal, that are best left to the experts.

SERVPRO of West Covina are the mold removal experts. Our certified mold technicians are concerned about your safety and take steps to protect themselves. We use respiratory engineering controls which means a full face mask with HEPA filter cartridges for each technician. This properly protects the respiratory system as well as the eyes which can be adversely affected by mold spores.

The next item of concern which SERVPRO can aid in is protection of the environment where the mold is found. Simply opening up a wall can disperse millions of microscopic mold spores throughout the living environment. Especially if any ventilation is being provided through air conditioning or by merely walking through the contaminated areas. Proper abatement procedures involve setting up protection barriers so that mold spores will not spread throughout the rest of the house. Negative air pressure through the use of a HEPA rated negative air device (shown in image above) is the only way to properly protect your home from spores being released outside of a legitimate or air-tight containment.

An over saturation of mold in your home can definitely pose a health risk. Handling it yourself is not recommended. Mold removal should be performed by someone who is both properly trained and genuinely respects your home and health. Review the EPA & IICRC guidelines and contact us for an inspection. Allow SERVPRO to create a plan of action so there are no regrets to deal with later.

Ready to Rescue... 626.960.9145

Saving hardwood floors in our Socal community, plank by plank…

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Utilizing our Injectidry System to repair the water damage to these hardwood kithcen floors in West Covina. The homeowner was super relieved!

Hardwood floors add a beautiful warmth to your home that no other flooring seems to do in quite the same way. Part of the commitment to this worthwhile investment is to keep them dry and away from drips and spills. However, when water damage occurs, moisture seeps into the grain of the wood causing swelling, warping, or buckling. The floors may seem ruined.

The good news is that hardwood floors can be saved!

  • If the water leak is discovered right away and
  • If you call our SERVPRO team out immediately and
  • If the water that leaked came from a clean source like a broken water pipe

As a professional restoration company, SERVPRO utilizes specialty equipment to properly dry the hardwood floors. As the wood dries, the planks settle into their pre-swelling condition and lay back down ‘as if it never even happened’.

At SERVPRO of West Covina we are well stocked and prepared for any sort of property damage you may encounter. Plus the expertise of how to utilize them to restore instead of being forced to replace costly surface materials. No job is too small or too large, call today!  626.960.9145

The Most Effective Way to Get Peace of Mind as a Landlord, Tenant, or Renter

7/11/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial bathroom with a shower enclosure is covered in soot after a fire in West Covina. Just imagine how bad the charred smell is...

As a protection, most commercial property landlords will require tenants to carry business liability insurance. In addition to a homeowner’s policy, many landlords are now requiring their tenants to carry renter’s insurance because it protects both parties if disaster strikes.  If a tenant who holds such a policy causes damages to a suite or unit, their insurance may cover repair costs.  It may also aid in reducing disputes between landlords and tenants as their insurance helps to identify where coverage applies.

Some policies may be a small monthly expense but well worth the investment in the event of fire, water or mold damages occurring at your property.

 “Our team witnessed a property fire claim loss this year in Baldwin Park, CA where a landlord renting to her own daughter missed the mark in this regard. Sadly the fire (started by a burning candle) destroyed large sections of her property along with the vast majority of her daughter’s furniture and belongings. Making matters worse, her daughter/tenant failed to seek out her own insurance policy as a tenant. If she had, it would have provided a degree of protection. Can you imagine having to replace all of your day to day items used in your home or business all at once? Overwhelming to say the least but even more so without any financial restitution…”

Be Well Informed and Prepared

Most important is to be well prepared by knowing what your specific insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover. Signing up with your auto insurer, a multi-policy discount may result in surprisingly low premiums along the lines of $10-$15 a month, depending. What your renter’s or tenant’s business owners policy may cover could be contents which helps to cover the cost of replacing your effects if they are ruined due to water damage, smoke & fire or theft. Additional endorsements or umbrella policies may help to better tailor to your commercial or residential needs. Included in most policies is liability. This helps protect you if someone gets injured inside your home or business and loss of use provides a place to stay temporarily and covers extra food expenditures if forced to relocate while repairs are being made.

What it doesn’t cover is the full value of some items. Some insurance companies place a cap on pay outs and are limited on damage or theft claims. Living in Southern California, something to consider is potentially purchasing separate flood or earthquake insurance if you own expensive items that could be destroyed by a natural disaster. Ask lots of questions of your insurance agent and understand the extent of your policies so that you are adequately covered for any unforeseen event.


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