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Time is Money

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Time is Money Save time & money. Hire SERVPRO of West Covina for all your Commercial Cleaning needs. Ready to rescue 24/7!

Businesses whether retail, office, school or industrial companies alike, all know that time equals money. So when a commercial property suddenly is faced with fire or water damage, taking action to resolve the problem both the proper way and quickly is crucial. Every moment the day to day operations are down is costly. As a professional restoration team who works closely with national insurances, local businesses and property management companies, we know they all have the goal of keeping costs to a minimum. So, we work extremely hard to be efficient at what we do from the beginning to end of each and every loss.

If flooding has occurred, safety is always first. Beware of slips, falls and potential risks of electrical shock. Will you need water extraction or pump out, help with protecting and salvaging items and equipment around the affected areas and professional structural drying to avoid potential mold issues?  If a fire occurred, is everyone safe? To keep from injury and to prevent further damages, keep the burned and smoky areas clear of foot traffic and from being touched. Do you need help with inventorying items lost in the blaze, removal of soot and smoke odor? Will construction services be needed? Has water damages occurred from extinguishing the flames? SERVPRO can help with all of the above.

By responding immediately and with the appropriately sized team for the cleanup situation, we help to meet the goal of saving time and money. Many times our teams work around the clock in shifts to proceed with the commercial restoration process in a suitable manner. We understand each day the business doors stay closed, money is not being generated as it should. We know that if the facility is a restaurant, grocery store or food manufacturer, not until the damaged space is returned to a safe and sterile environment, will the California Department of Public Health and Safety will be able to give their clearance to reopen. This will ensure the safety of the business’s environment. Our recommendation? Only use a professional restoration company that has well trained IICRC Certified team members along with a fine reputation for doing quality work in the community. One that has a General Contractor’s license and is familiar with California state guidelines, building codes and reducing costs ultimately saving you both time and money.

Now is the Time to Think of Fire Prevention

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Now is the Time to Think of Fire Prevention Cooking even in the MICROWAVE can be the source of damages. A simple potato cooked way too long caused an awful odor throughout the entire home!

Sadly, several years of drought had a part in last year’s worst fire season with over 1.8 billion acres burned in California. Families were devastated as more than one hundred lives were lost, homes and structures were charred and entire neighborhoods leveled.

Unfortunately, older homes are at high risk of catching fire quicker. If you have an older home, switching to fire-resistant materials when inspecting for damages, replacing or remodeling will help with improvements. Re-roofing? Perhaps consider bringing projects up to code as it will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Do your part to keep the community safe as wildfires are primarily started by people. Trim down dried trees, weeds and grass. Lawnmowers and other power tools used outdoors can spark a fire so during the hottest and driest months, proceed with extreme caution. Remove rocks in your path and mow in the early morning hours on non-windy days as they can spark when hit by a metal blade.

Is your building of newer construction with an automatic fire sprinkler system? This is important because it can act as your first line of defense against a potential fire. When properly maintained, they can truly make a difference by reducing heat, smoke, and flames. National Fire Association gives several fire causes such as cooking, candles, heating, smoking etc. and ways of prevention of each. They even state the odds of surviving a home fire increases eighty percent when a sprinkler system has been installed. Lives are invaluable so certainly well worth the approximately $1.35 per square foot cost of a sprinkler system home upgrade. And never underestimate the value of installing and annually testing both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms throughout each property and on every level of the home. Important to note as well is to ensure all halls and doorways are clear of tripping hazards and electrical outlets are never overloaded. We have seen fires start this way and it is always sad when with a little extra safety and precaution, a fire could have been avoided.

Cooking even in the MICROWAVE can be the source of damages. A simple potato cooked way too long caused an awful odor throughout the entire home!

Meet our Unique Office Cat that keeps our SERVPRO Team a Happy One

4/18/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Meet our Unique Office Cat that keeps our SERVPRO Team a Happy One Mention our office cat's name: JEDDA and receive a free gift with any Southern California water or fire damage inspection. 626.960.9145 #bambino

For a happy work environment that motivates both creativity and productivity consider bringing a family pet to work every day.

Studies have shown workplace stress can begin to cause a negative vibe eventually leading to irritability and ultimately unhappy team members. Having in our instance an office cat around on a daily basis prevents employee burnout because it reduces stress and anxiety which actually improves work productivity. The USC Psychology Department researched the topic and lists several benefits to bringing pets to work. Improving work-life balance by providing comic relief and giving short respites to heavy tasks and projects many of which can zap energy or take quite an emotional toll, depending. Having them by our side lowers blood pressure, makes us happy, relaxes, reduces stress, lessens trips to the doctor, improves teamwork and employee satisfaction. Employers benefit as much as boosting employee morale does and gives our pets much more attention and time. From our personal experience, our opinion is that cats, dogs, birds or fish should be a part of every workplace. Our hairless dwarf cat’s name is Jedda. Check out another adorable portrait and her brief bio under our About Us, Our Employees section. She is listed as one of our own as Jedda is a fun part of our team!

April has Lots Going on Weather Wise

4/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage April has Lots Going on Weather Wise April showers... and lots more damages predicted. SERVPRO is here to help for any and all storm-related damages.

Each part of the country is being affected differently from the various types of recent storms. While severe weather threatens the South with ridiculously large sized hail and residents are warned to brace for flooding this upcoming weekend in April, four tornadoes have been reported in Texas and damaging winds in Oklahoma. Severe thunderstorms with a huge risk of damaging wind gusts are threatening to hit Florida, Virginia, Washington DC and the Carolinas. New York is on a flash flood watch.

Here in California while the Northern part of the state is experiencing dirt devils, our Southern section is forecasting sunny days ahead with temperatures into the high 80’s. Perfect timing for the exceptionally large crowds of travelers continuing to heading in for Coachella.

To keep updated and see the current weather, The Weather Chanel has a map of the entire country.


4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage WildFLOWERS to WildFIRES This Spring has brought tons of color and joy. As the seasons' change, so do our views and concerns. #wildflowers2019 #wildfiresprevention2019

Just a few weeks ago Southern California residents were enjoying bright Kelly green grass blanketing hills and roadsides thanks to the unusually high amount of rainfall we’ve experienced compared to the last few years. All across the southland the incredible ‘super bloom’ of wildflowers including bright orange poppies drew crowds of spectators and became a huge topic on Instagram and Facebook. Our team members passing through the Lake Elsinore fields even posted a weekday picture of the view while in route to San Diego. Many of us will agree, the wildflowers in bloom this Spring was the best we’ve probably seen yet. So colorful in fact, these colorful fields captured the attention of both tourists and residents simply due to the sheer beauty. The Washington Post’s headline included its vibrancy could even be seen from space!

Now weeks later and we’ve had merely a few days of heat and the temporarily green fields rapidly have turned yellow and brown, drying out. Rumors of windy days to come seem to be a topic of discussion for some. If you’ve lived in Southern California long, you are all too familiar with the Santa Ana warm gusty winds. In some cities and areas, those winds seem to never really die down and while most dangerous in the dry fall months, our summers can become harsh and quickly vulnerable to wildfires. Fire season is much longer due to climate change. The past several years of California’s recent wildfires have totaled BILLIONS of dollars in damages. In efforts to keep in business insurance companies have had to restructure and evaluated high-risk areas and policyholders. So what can we do as home policyholders?

Help preserve California’s beauty by preparing ahead of time. Prepare your home for a potential wildfire now. Remember safety is always first, so have evacuation plans and exits. Important also to note is strive to never miss an insurance premium payment to prevent coverage from lapsing. To be caught without insurance for your home or business property could be devastating. Next, take the time to do a thorough inspection and clear a safety zone all around your structure. Ensure all dried out and dead vegetation is removed along with any rubble or debris and flammable propane tanks or gasoline. Use extreme caution when cooking outdoors and keep firewood piles at a good distance away. If a pop-up fire nears your neighborhood, shut off the gas and extinguish pilot lights. Be fire wise and ready to evacuate prior to the danger of a fire even getting too close. We each can do our part in preventing unintentional fires from forming so that generations to come will continue to take in the picturesque scenery that surrounds us year after year. 

Toilet Overflow? Do Not Delay, Call the Water Damage Experts

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Toilet Overflow? Do Not Delay, Call the Water Damage Experts Toilet mishaps occur even in the middle of the night or on national holidays so we are always ready to help for flooding and overflow emergencies.

How do you know if the toilet that just overflowed will lead to a bigger problem? Only by professionally handling your specific situation based on the circumstances that it occurred will you know for certain. Was it a clean water overflow from the tank? Was it an overflow immediately after use and upon flushing it overflowed? If so, when the toilet was last used was fecal waste present? Because no amount of cleaning with bleach to disinfect the area afterwards will help. If bacteria was present in the water back up it will only be in the matter of hours that the bacteria will multiply and cause an awful odor of sewage throughout the inside of your home..

Was the overflow from an upstairs bathroom? Did water seep through the floors and is now inside the walls, ceiling and cabinets of the kitchen below? Are your belongings inside the cabinets now contaminated with sewage water?

Have several days passed since the initial leak occurred and now mold issues may be putting your family at risk? Is there a musty smell?

By calling out our SERVPRO of West Covina team you are relying on well trained and experienced technicians to mitigate the issue based on IICRC industry standards. This aids in avoiding secondary issues and assists in getting your home back to a safe and healthy environment. If mold is already present we can safely remove it in a professional mulit-step process where the remainder of the house can maintain fresh, breathable air due to our specialty equipment. Please don’t hesitate to call and find out exactly how we may help the situation you find yourself in, we are here to help with exactly that.

Know What To Do If Your Toilet Acts Up

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Know What To Do If Your Toilet Acts Up Some water damages are easier seen than others. This is an instance where you can see the path the contaminated toilet overflow took. #cat3water

Toilets in business and homes work throughout the day for the sanitary removal of waste. Getting so much use they are bound to be problematic on occasion and for a variety of reasons. When an overflow or back up occurs it typically is unexpected and catches the user off guard. Be prepared ahead of time and instruct coworkers and/or family members to always turn the water off as soon as possible either at the toilet or main water shut off valve. Knowing where and how to do this can make a difference in how large the loss may end up.

In one instance a local San Dimas homeowner called our SERVPRO of West Covina Team to help after a toilet overflow caused visible damage in their hallway ceilings. The staining on the ceilings and walls are quite brown as seen in the picture and removal of all affected materials was necessary because of being highly contaminated with bacteria.

If and when something similar catches you off guard, be careful of slips and falls and never walk barefoot on contaminated floors to avoid infection. Once you are in a safe dry place call our experienced team to help so that we may respond quickly. Please know that even if the water appears clear, bacteria could be present depending. We can assist in making that determination and proactively move forward with the proper protocol of cleanup. This will ultimately save you money and protect the health of you and those around you.

Mold Discovered in Chino Hills Condo

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Discovered in Chino Hills Condo Got mold? One way to find out is to call our office for a complementary visual inspection. Call and we can get you scheduled right away. 626.960.9145

Water kept slowly leaking through and over time this Chino Hills homeowner began to notice an issue. Needing help he googled to find a good water cleanup company, and after reading several reviews he decided on one and gave SERVPRO of West Covina a call. Sometimes water pipes rupture full force and other times it is more of a trickle or continuous drops, the latter of which makes it sometimes impossible to even know about it until damages spread.

Plus this condominium owner didn’t realize the source of the leak was actually coming from the neighbor’s unit until the wall was opened up and insulation was removed. Looking closely at the picture it is easy to see that some of the damage is visible. What did the other side of the wall look like? The neighbor was brought up to date on the findings so that his structure and drywall could be remediated as well.

In many Socal cities with townhomes or condos, the exterior walls are covered and taken care by the HOA that collects the pricey dues each month. But the money is usually well spent to maintain the value of the real estate by regular gardening, pool and clubhouse maintenance or remodel and tot lot or exercise upkeep. But what about inside your dwelling space? Is your condo properly insured with a specific mold coverage policy? It is worthwhile to find out and to know the details and what the limits are. While examining your condo policy find out what the cap outs may be if any. For example, if your entire kitchen floods from a leaking toilet upstairs, will the coverage extended be more than enough to hire a general contractor and rebuild it? There should be enough coverage to replace the flooring, walls, backsplash, countertops, cabinets, and cover a mitigation company to pack out the items in the cabinets from the clean and unaffected areas, store them offsite so that your family has space to move around in. Will your insurance cover for the same company to later unpack and return the items once construction is complete? Or will you get stuck with the overwhelming task? Ask because all these questions are important to confirm before the unexpected occurs.

Go Green

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Go Green Being ecologically aware in our sunshine state.

Once you have spotted one of our bright green SERVPRO trucks, you start noticing them on the road more and more. Driving into work we average seeing them on a weekly basis out and about in various Southern California Cities. Honestly, it is hard to miss the almost neon lime green color, and then with the orange house logo…  it’s super recognizable. Our customers comment regularly: ”You guys are all over, I just saw one of your trucks!”

Besides green being one of our corporate colors, we also offer green services. For families with young children, the elderly, someone prone to allergies or compromised immune systems many of our products are green. This is also important for water or mold damage cleanup in a commercial setting. Businesses such as Schools, Dental and Dr’s. Offices that are concerned about the health of their patients and Retail stores and Offices who get a lot of foot traffic from customers all desire the indoor air quality to be optimal. A few years back we were called out to remove smoke and soot from inside a pet store that had caught fire in the middle of the night. Most pets were safely relocated off-site but all the fish tanks stayed put so we used specialized equipment to safely remove the smoky odor and tiny particles in the air. SERVPRO can help with all of the above health and safety concerns which allow our property owners to have peace of mind that safe professional products are being used to mitigate their damages.

The norm now is that we carry our own reusable grocery bags when shopping and ask for straws only if needed, at restaurants while dining. In our home, we have become accustomed to vigilantly preserve water and we have extra bins allocated for recycling glass, plastic, and cans. Also, we ensure that we properly dispose of electronics and old cell phones. Being careful about our daily habits and opting for conservational choices is important. Each of us can have a share in reusing, recycling and using environmentally friendly products. Here at SERVPRO of West Covina, we make this a priority.

Helping our Community - One Damage at a Time

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Helping our Community - One Damage at a Time Always ready to help 24/7

In 2018 we celebrated our ten year anniversary of being in business for our SERVPRO of West Covina franchise. Over the years with many different kinds of losses ranging from water, fire, mold and biohazard cleanup behind us we certainly have learned a lot. 

Switching industries from owning a restaurant to owning a restoration company had a bit of a learning curve initially. While building maintenance, repairs and construction was a strong background for our team we initially thought: how sad that we are waiting for a call asking for help after a disaster... We immediately shifted our mindset by discussing how fortunate our community really was. By opening our doors for business our neighboring cities were now able to call us, our specific West Covina team who were eager to help, genuinely honest and reliable vs. randomly making a selection of a company in the yellow pages or yelping a search for the best restoration company around. 

A decade of years have passed and our team continues to grow stronger each day. Our warehouse and offices have now tippled in size due to the volume of calls we are flooded with; no pun intended. And most importantly we have helped thousands of families and businesses during their time of need. It is hard work, not always pleasant particularly if its a sewage back up or a crawl space sewage/waste removal, but extremely rewarding. We have tons of ‘fair warnings’ of things to avoid such as NEVER charge your laptop on your bed, it could catch fire... NEVER leave the water valve turned to the ‘on’ setting while on vacation, your place could flood and you wouldn't know until you return... and NEVER ignore a small water leak as mold can grow in the matter of hours.

We love California and appreciate the opportunity to assist in maintaining property values as specialty repairs  are professionally completed. Each day we strive for excellence in customer service and are grateful to each property owner that trusts our SERVPRO of West Covina team enough to hire us and our repeat customers that call to hire us yet again.

Fire in West Covina leaves behind a thick blanket of soot

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire in West Covina leaves behind a thick blanket of soot A lot of work went in to restoring this home after a thick blanket of soot covered absolutely everything in it. #gratefultohelp

This sweet little lady’s home caught fire in the family room. Thankfully the West Covina Fire Department quickly extinguished the flames and saved her home from burning to the ground. Since smoke and soot filled every room our SERVPRO Team we was invited to inspect the extent of the damages. Structurally the house was determined to be sound so our job was to removed the particles of soot and the burnt smell. Our work began by cleaning every item and surface top to bottom. A lot of hard work and a detailed cleaning of every piece of furniture, and precious belonging restored the home. The rich reward and satisfaction of helping one of our community members in their time of need, means the world to us! We love our job!!

SOCAL Rain Leaks requires Mold Remediation

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SOCAL Rain Leaks requires Mold Remediation Lots of water staining from a passing storm occurred throughout this Baldwin Park office building. We got it all cleaned up fast!

Here in our sunny SOCAL neighborhood, it rains only once in a while… But it did rain once last week and even if the storm hits only in passing, property damage issues can arise unexpectedly. This local business office experienced ceiling staining on multiple areas from a leaky roof. They called our SERVPRO office in to inspect the damages. Wet materials along with the development of mold was discovered behind the spots seen here in the picture. From experience, removal of mold is the best protection against potential allergens. Their office staff was relieved to have everything professionally remediated and repaired.

For an updated photo, please check out our SERVPRO of West Covina website’s Before and After Photo Gallery to view the mold removal from the framing studs of this particular structure.

West Covina Commercial Water Damage

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial West Covina Commercial Water Damage Call our SERVPRO of West Covina Team 24/7. 626.960.9145

We have our teams on stand-by around the clock… so when the water leak or flood calls pour in, we respond with excitement to help by responding quickly.  Any business having to deal with down time is losing money so our goal is to get you back, up and running as soon as possible. Sometimes it means working long hours or through the night but we are dedicated and always happy to do so.

Responding to a toilet overflow (from the tank resevore - clean water), we are never quite sure as to the extent of the damage until we walk the building site. In this instance, the water from the toilet ran all night long and poured out amongst all the offices. So, in the morning, when the first office worker opened the front door, she was surprised to find objects floating all around in several inches of water.  It was decided to call the closest SERVPRO. Fortunately that was us at SERVPRO of West Covina, so ten minutes later, the very first thing our water technician did was turn the water main off, then got right to work by extracting  the standing water and placing drying equipment to dry out  the multiple offices.

Despite the temporary interruption, the business owner was super appreciative to our entire team and pledged that we have a customer for life. We love helping to support our local community businesses!

How to Prevent Fire in your SOCAL Home

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Prevent Fire in your SOCAL Home Damage happens so quickly! Flames from the oven began to melt this microwave, spreading the awful smell of burnt plastic throughout the home.

Each year fires occurring during the fall and winter seasons injure more than 2500 people and cause more than $390 million in damages.  Please keep your family safe by reviewing with them a few of the ways that we have seen home fires begin:

  • Do not overload electrical outlets, this is SUPER DANGEROUS!
  • Do not leave empty plastic home fragrance plug in cartridges in outlets
  • Avoid burning candles, but if used, keep under close watch
  • Keep candles and lights away from combustible materials like paper and fabric
  • Before leaving for the day, going to bed at night or leaving a room, turn off and unplug all lamps, chargers and electrical appliances
  • Do not charge phones, tablets or laptops on soft surfaces like carpet, beds or sofas, etc.
  • When operating a microwave nevert use paper goods, fabric or metal inside it
  • If cooking food on the stove top or in the oven, do not leave unattended

 Through utilizing Fire & Safety Tips aim to prevent a fire from ever starting in your home. However, accidents do at times occur so please take the time to test your smoke alarms and remember to test annually and replace them every 10 years. If smoke damage does affect your property, please call out the professionals with the expertise & experience to provide complete fire restoration services and odor removal.

Basics of what SERVPRO wants Everyone to Know about Mold

4/19/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Basics of what SERVPRO wants Everyone to Know about Mold You just never know what could be growing behind your cabinets or walls when a water leak goes unnoticed. Call us out if you suspect a possible issue.

SERVPRO is the #1 Industry Standard Leader in quickly taking care of unexpected property damages stemming from a variety of factors and elements. Our office calls for mold inspections always greatly increase after a day or two of any kind of rain fall in our SOCAL Community. To provide you with a run down of the basics regarding mold, please continue reading...

Fact: Mold is naturally always in our environment. Mold spores are microscopic in size and complex in design and behavior. They float in the air; just like when you blow on a dandelion and watch the seeds drift away. The difference in speed though is remarkable because studies have been done where these invisible to the naked eye spores have been known to travel up a ten story building in the matter of only seconds.

Problems for your property can begin when mold spores anchor themselves on a wet surface indoors and begin to multiply quickly. Typically 72 hours when comfortably warm indoor temperatures and a ‘food source’ are both present.  According to a mold expert, from an Industrial Hygienist - some strains have been known to materialize under the microscope within 8 hours.) A damp dark place such as behind the wall after a hot water heater leak is a common spot for mold spores to be nourished and multiplied.  The spores grow by eating away at wet organic materials such as the paper backing of drywall or wood.

The EPA informs us on their website of the Important Fact: The key to mold control is moisture control.  Condensation, water leaks and poor ventilation are all contributing factors.

To prevent mold growth indoors, allow sunlight to filter into your home each day as spores love darkness & dampness. It’s a good idea to make it a daily morning habit to open windows & doors to allow a cross breeze into your home to ventilate it properly. Many of our mold inspections render no real problem other than poor ventilation... 

Be prepared ahead of time so that if ever coming across an unexpected water leak or sudden bust or flood of water, act quickly by calling out our well trained SERVPRO of West Covina professionals to dry up not only what is visible to the eye, but also to what is beyond the baseboards and walls.

Toilet overflow wets almost entire home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA TWICE

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Toilet overflow wets almost entire home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA TWICE WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised due to graphic nature. Not suitable for all audiences as one toilet was definitely harmed in the picture above.

Having plumbing problems can be the worst! Experiencing a sewage back up or a toilet overflow when fecal matter is present essentially paves a pathway of disaster to a property because everything the bacteria laden water touches must be removed for obvious sanitary reasons.

In this particular instance, unfortunately, not only did this tenant know the toilet was having back up problems but this whole scenario was the second occurrence in the matter of only months. Flooring everywhere the backup traveled required prompt removal, along with a foot or two of drywall, baseboards and lower cabinets. Definitely a lot of work.

We certainly understand that accidents happen… We are here around the clock to respond regardless of how difficult the job that we encounter may be. A QUICK Tip: If a toilet at your home or business is continuously running, repeatedly clogged or seeming problematic, turn off the water at the toilet supply line located at the base of the toilet by turning the knob till you hear the water shut off and call a local plumber. If it’s too late and the water “hath runneth over”, call SERVPRO of West Covina right away to prevent further damages or illness. We service our entire SOCAL Community with free visual inspections.

SERVPRO of West Covina inspects a Moldy Crawlspace

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Building Services SERVPRO of West Covina inspects a Moldy Crawlspace This wet & damp area under this SOCAL home has visible signs of mold growth. Removal is a must to prevent further damages.Trust SERVPRO to help.

Our technicians were scheduled to inspect the crawlspace underneath a West Covina home today.  A leak was discovered, hence with all the extra moisture, mold growth was present throughout the underside of the home.

Crawlspaces under homes in our SOCAL area typically are only a few feet high leaving not much room to maneuver while doing an inspection or a cleanup. Our techs get suited up in protective gear to go exploring under these homes and over the years, our technicians have brought back plenty of interesting & sometimes funny stories regarding their trek under our local community’s homes. Everything from needing to pump out raw sewage to literally bumping into a family of skunks residing under a home (AND, the human residents knew all about it and were fine with it all, hahaha), to one of our technicians actually getting stuck for twenty minutes while trying to wiggle from one side to the other. It’s an interesting job for certain, not for those with fears of cramped spaces and we never know what will be discovered…

Chino Hills Pot / Marijuana House Cleaning

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Chino Hills Pot / Marijuana House Cleaning Local landlord discovers renters were using their rental home for growing marijuana. Lots of damage resulted.

First thing this morning, we sent one of our inspection crews out to Chino Hills for a ‘pot house cleaning’ and mold issue. From time to time, our team receives such calls to inspect houses or even commercial buildings that have been discovered to have been taken over by a secret marijuana grower. We have been called out for large single dwelling homes, multiple jumbo homes in a single block and commercial warehouses and buildings, all of which were completely covered with mold. Our inspections discover boarded up windows, growing stations, potted plants and typically mold everywhere on all walls and ceilings from the moist damp conditions. Truly a property owner’s nightmare, but they are always appreciative that we are there to help return the property back to livable and rentable conditions ASAP.

Our specialty cleaning & mold removal professionals are very detailed and thorough. Any standard visual inspection is complimentary. Call our office for any specialty cleaning needs, even unusual ones like uncovering a marijuana-filled room or building…

Prepare now for SOCAL’s summer heat…

4/11/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepare now for SOCAL’s summer heat… Regardless of the type of storm that strikes your property in West Covina or any of SOCAL's surrounding cities, call us to help because we care.

We love because Southern California in part because it's weather is certainly unique. Overall it is one of the most desirable states to live in. As seasons change, we adjust ever so slightly if at all...

We sometimes experience the effects of Santa Ana storm winds where rooftop or property damages pop up due to them. It hardly rains here, but when it does and it comes down hard, certain areas prone to flooding quickly suffer from the storm. Fortunately SERVPRO of West Covina is here to help with any and all of those issues.

Sunny California is a beautiful place to live so investing in a home or business is most definitely worthwhile. Staying on top of maintenance may be the very best way to help to protect your investment and prevent costly replacement costs from occurring later.

As we head towards summer our current high temperatures are an indicator as to what our upcoming summer may be like. It may turn out to be a real scorcher. Depending on the city you live in and primarily how far inland your home is, summer heat may lead to unusually high cooling costs.

If despite covering all the basics IE: regularly servicing the A.C., installing ceiling fans, layering thermal quality window treatments and tinting windows, excessive heat is still getting trapped each day, consider taking steps to help cut costly energy bills.

One way to assist with cooling issues may be by insulating your garage door with a reflective covering. Last year, our family discovered that the super high temperatures in our garage damaged all the food cans tucked into our ‘emergency go bags’.  Multiple cans exploded all over clothes, blankets and supplies. We learned our lesson and found a cooler spot for their storage but that gave us a real good idea as to just how HOT the garage can get…

Step by step instructions can be found by visiting houselogic.com. It might be well worth it in the long run. Preparing to the best of our abilities is wise. For all the rest of the unexpected damages that occur, we are here to help around the clock.

Water Leaks & Plumbing Issues… is it simply enough to get them repaired?

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Leaks & Plumbing Issues… is it simply enough to get them repaired? Water extraction needed in this Covina Office, then the dry out of the structure, office furniture and supplies could begin…

We place great value in the money invested in our Commercial and Residential properties. When it comes to maintenance, we work hard to stay on top of the problems so they do not quickly multiply. It is wise to fix water leaks from dripping faucets right away to preserve our water supply. Such leaks from plumbing fixtures/fittings or pipes sometimes are apparent and visible but unfortunately many are hidden and may go undetected causing rot and costly damages.

Many at first think that mopping up visible water is all that is needed, but some may fail to realize that a lot of times, water quickly travels into the carpet or floor padding, past baseboards, to walls and beyond.

The detection of water behind these areas requires professional equipment. This should be taken seriously because left ignored the damaged surfaces can develop mold which thrives in moist dark areas such as behind walls, cabinets or under flooring, all in the matter of days or even hours.

To avoid missing crucial cleaning steps, utilize a water damage professional with proper IICRC training.

In the SOCAL area? Local property management companies love us for our immediate response. Call to ask about our complimentary inspections  1.877.469.7776

Q:A passing storm floods the room – Is it Clean or Dirty Water? Does it Matter?

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Q:A passing storm floods the room – Is it Clean or Dirty Water?  Does it Matter? Bacteria can multiply rapidly under 'favorable' conditions, forming colonies of millions of organisms within a space as small as a drop of rainwater.

A: It depends because different categories of water can not only affect your health but also how a Water Damage Professional will proceed with the protocol of the actual cleanup. Either way, using an expert is highly advised because ultimately the protection of your health is a high priority and saving money is ALWAYS desired as long as no further risk is incurred.

To explain further... When dealing with Category 1 Water (Fresh, Clean), time and temperatures are urgent matters to consider. Mitigation or stopping the water invasion may proceed by utilizing professional specialized industrial equipment. This may aid in preserving money and minimizing costly replacements of flooring, cabinets and other materials, etc.

Category 1 Example: sudden pipe burst rupture or appliance supply line water leak.

If Category 2 Water (Grey with some degree of contaminants) is present, as with Type 1 time and temperatures are also main concerns because it could become progressively more contaminated, causing further damages.

Category 2 Example: water coming from inside of a dishwasher or clothes washing machine.

Category 3 Water (Black, Highly Contaminated) Some professionals carry test tube kits to make a quick assessment because dirty water could be dangerous and worst case scenario cause death or serious illness if consumed by humans. In which case the IICRC Recommendation is to cut and remove all surfaces affected.

Category 3 Example: SEWAGE DAMAGES: sewage leak, sewage back up, sewage spill, toilet tank water overflow, toilet backup overflow. STORM DAMAGES: rainwater or flood waters entering through a damaged roof, windows, walls or doors, or even exterior groundwater containing silt and soil. ‘CLEAN’ OR ‘GREY’ WATER  UNNOTICED OR ALLOWED TO SIT: permitting contaminants to multiply over the matter of days or sometimes mere hours.

SERVPRO of West Covina cleans up All types of water damages so call us out so that you may relax & leave it to the professionals to determine the best plan of action tailored for your unique situation.  This will save valuable time, money and minimize any disruption from your home or business. Regardless of the water type, it is IMPORTANT to act quickly. Call today!

Water Damage Emergency Tips:

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Water Damage Water Damage Emergency Tips: This West Covina home flooded with water throughout several rooms. Our team was called out to extract the water and quickly begin cleanup.

Sometimes unexpected flooding comes from a contaminated source and its best to stay clear of the area, but if a water leak comes from a clean source such as a water pipe in the wall, here are a few helpful tips...

For Clean Water situations only


  • Safety-first: if you see water near any electrical outlet or device, clear the area of family members and pets. Extra care should be taken to avoid slips and falls
  • Shut off water source if possible
  • Quickly contact SERVPRO of West Covina
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under furniture legs


  • DO NOT use a regular vacuum to remove water
  • DO NOT leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet floors
  • DO NOT turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet
  • DO NOT use TV’s or other electronic appliances while standing on wet floors 

Mold… DIY project or Call SERVPRO?

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Why SERVPRO Mold… DIY project or Call SERVPRO? Professional mold removal in Pomona, CA... Once the kitchen cabinetry was removed, visible mold was revealed for proper cleanup to begin.

In seeking a DIY Mold Removal plan on the internet you will discover a variety of ways proposing how to personally rid your home of mold. A common misconception is to spray it with a bleach solution to kill the mold, but it is just not that simple.

The EPA offers a link of helpful mold facts along with a section of ‘Frequently asked questions about mold’. It addresses how using a chemical or biocide is NOT recommended because while the solution may kill the spore, even dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some. Mold MUST be removed. In many situations the mold may not be visible until the wall or surface is opened/removed as typically mold grows inside wall cavities as opposed to the painted surface of drywall or begins on the back of a wood piece.

One thing to be cautious about with DIY projects where mold is concerned is proper protection for yourself. There are some things, such as mold removal, that are best left to the experts.

SERVPRO of West Covina are the mold removal experts. Our certified mold technicians are concerned about your safety and take steps to protect themselves. We use respiratory engineering controls which means a full face mask with HEPA filter cartridges for each technician. This properly protects the respiratory system as well as the eyes which can be adversely affected by mold spores.

The next item of concern which SERVPRO can aid in is protection of the environment where the mold is found. Simply opening up a wall can disperse millions of microscopic mold spores throughout the living environment. Especially if any ventilation is being provided through air conditioning or by merely walking through the contaminated areas. Proper abatement procedures involve setting up protection barriers so that mold spores will not spread throughout the rest of the house. Negative air pressure through the use of a HEPA rated negative air device (shown in image above) is the only way to properly protect your home from spores being released outside of a legitimate or air-tight containment.

An over saturation of mold in your home can definitely pose a health risk. Handling it yourself is not recommended. Mold removal should be performed by someone who is both properly trained and genuinely respects your home and health. Review the EPA & IICRC guidelines and contact us for an inspection. Allow SERVPRO to create a plan of action so there are no regrets to deal with later.

Ready to Rescue... 626.960.9145

Saving hardwood floors in our Socal community, plank by plank…

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Saving hardwood floors in our Socal community, plank by plank… Utilizing our Injectidry System to repair the water damage to these hardwood kithcen floors in West Covina. The homeowner was super relieved!

Hardwood floors add a beautiful warmth to your home that no other flooring seems to do in quite the same way. Part of the commitment to this worthwhile investment is to keep them dry and away from drips and spills. However, when water damage occurs, moisture seeps into the grain of the wood causing swelling, warping, or buckling. The floors may seem ruined.

The good news is that hardwood floors can be saved!

  • If the water leak is discovered right away and
  • If you call our SERVPRO team out immediately and
  • If the water that leaked came from a clean source like a broken water pipe

As a professional restoration company, SERVPRO utilizes specialty equipment to properly dry the hardwood floors. As the wood dries, the planks settle into their pre-swelling condition and lay back down ‘as if it never even happened’.

At SERVPRO of West Covina we are well stocked and prepared for any sort of property damage you may encounter. Plus the expertise of how to utilize them to restore instead of being forced to replace costly surface materials. No job is too small or too large, call today!  626.960.9145

The Most Effective Way to Get Peace of Mind as a Landlord, Tenant, or Renter

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Commercial The Most Effective Way to Get Peace of Mind as a Landlord, Tenant, or Renter Commercial bathroom with a shower enclosure is covered in soot after a fire in West Covina. Just imagine how bad the charred smell is...

As a protection, most commercial property landlords will require tenants to carry business liability insurance. In addition to a homeowner’s policy, many landlords are now requiring their tenants to carry renter’s insurance because it protects both parties if disaster strikes.  If a tenant who holds such a policy causes damages to a suite or unit, their insurance may cover repair costs.  It may also aid in reducing disputes between landlords and tenants as their insurance helps to identify where coverage applies.

Some policies may be a small monthly expense but well worth the investment in the event of fire, water or mold damages occurring at your property.

 “Our team witnessed a property fire claim loss this year in Baldwin Park, CA where a landlord renting to her own daughter missed the mark in this regard. Sadly the fire (started by a burning candle) destroyed large sections of her property along with the vast majority of her daughter’s furniture and belongings. Making matters worse, her daughter/tenant failed to seek out her own insurance policy as a tenant. If she had, it would have provided a degree of protection. Can you imagine having to replace all of your day to day items used in your home or business all at once? Overwhelming to say the least but even more so without any financial restitution…”

Be Well Informed and Prepared

Most important is to be well prepared by knowing what your specific insurance policy covers and doesn’t cover. Signing up with your auto insurer, a multi-policy discount may result in surprisingly low premiums along the lines of $10-$15 a month, depending. What your renter’s or tenant’s business owners policy may cover could be contents which helps to cover the cost of replacing your effects if they are ruined due to water damage, smoke & fire or theft. Additional endorsements or umbrella policies may help to better tailor to your commercial or residential needs. Included in most policies is liability. This helps protect you if someone gets injured inside your home or business and loss of use provides a place to stay temporarily and covers extra food expenditures if forced to relocate while repairs are being made.

What it doesn’t cover is the full value of some items. Some insurance companies place a cap on pay outs and are limited on damage or theft claims. Living in Southern California, something to consider is potentially purchasing separate flood or earthquake insurance if you own expensive items that could be destroyed by a natural disaster. Ask lots of questions of your insurance agent and understand the extent of your policies so that you are adequately covered for any unforeseen event.


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