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SERVPRO of West Covina inspects a Moldy Crawlspace

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

This wet & damp area under this SOCAL home has visible signs of mold growth. Removal is a must to prevent further damages.Trust SERVPRO to help.

Our technicians were scheduled to inspect the crawlspace underneath a West Covina home today.  A leak was discovered, hence with all the extra moisture, mold growth was present throughout the underside of the home.

Crawlspaces under homes in our SOCAL area typically are only a few feet high leaving not much room to maneuver while doing an inspection or a cleanup. Our techs get suited up in protective gear to go exploring under these homes and over the years, our technicians have brought back plenty of interesting & sometimes funny stories regarding their trek under our local community’s homes. Everything from needing to pump out raw sewage to literally bumping into a family of skunks residing under a home (AND, the human residents knew all about it and were fine with it all, hahaha), to one of our technicians actually getting stuck for twenty minutes while trying to wiggle from one side to the other. It’s an interesting job for certain, not for those with fears of cramped spaces and we never know what will be discovered…