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Flyer reminding everyone to take proactive cleaning precautions

Here to Help

SERVPRO of West Covina is remaining open and here to help during this time of need. We are cleaning experts including for the Coronavirus. Our professionally trained team is prepared to clean and disinfect on a large commercial or smaller residential scale for the COVID-19 pandemic. Call to inquire further.

Please be safe. And, make good choices, especially if you are hiring someone to treat the Coronavirus. Some companies or handy-men may have the right equipment but are they they using a product designed for and labeled to disinfect the Coronavirus?

You can trust that SERVPRO of West Covina will use the proper protocol every time.

A roof leak from rain soaked the ceiling materials. The heaviness and pressure caused the ceiling drywall to cave in

For ceiling cave ins, call the experts

Water leaks and flooding many times will catch us off guard. Our lives are so busy so the challenge comes in finding someone reliable and trust worthy to help. We post these pictures of some of our ‘daily jobs’ to emphasize the importance of handling water damage troubles immediately so that damages are stopped in their tracks. If you encounter this sort of issue, you can feel confident that we have the experience to help your family out. Also, it is wise to understand that if an issue like this is put off or ignored, costs of repairs could end up higher but even more importantly, eventual health risks can be associated if this sort of cleanup is not handled with an IICRC protocol.

Flood water with dirt and debris covers tile floor. Half the baseboard is removed reveling mold behind it on the wall.

Yes, flooding from rain occurs even in 'Sunny California'

As an experienced restoration company we see similar water damage situations occur. One of our best pieces of advice to a vacationer is to turn their water main off until they return.  If a leak or pipe rupture occurs they will not have to return to a soaked home.

Not the case here, as this homeowner was on vacation for a few weeks when a passing rain storm caused flooding in their backyard which forced its way in and covered the downstairs of her home. This is just a close-up of one area where once the baseboard was removed, mold could be visibly seen. Our team got right to work cleaning and repairing. We can’t control every scenario, but we can take some precautions. And if caught off guard, call us anytime around the clock to help out in an emergency flooding situation.

Looking down the hallway of a building, baseboards were removed and commercial fans dry-out the water damage

Commercial building services

By being available around the clock for emergency property damages, we give piece of mind to both property owners and managers. Merely a phone call away after any sort of unexpected incident, be it from a storm damage, pipe rupture or toilet overflow and our team will assess the damages and proceed with an IICRC standards protocol to safely and thoroughly restore the business right away.

A room with wet floors and walls have professional drying machines placed all around to the edges to effectively dry it all

Saving hardwood floors Saves money

By saving hardwood floors from having to be replaced, it in turn saves money for both the homeowner and the insurance companies. With both the expertise and the right equipment we quickly dry them immediately after discovering a water pipe rupture. Note the blue tape marking off how high the water wicked up, it gives us a starting point for how far the water traveled and to how many walls and floors are affected. The special attention to detail makes all the difference. Plus we truly care about keeping costs to a minimum which makes for a happy homeowner.

A machine that looks like a large square fan glowing blue in the center is used to professionally remove odors

One of our specialties is odor removal, this is one of several tools that we use...

This is one of our Hydroxyl Machines. While it looks like an average large fan with a glowing blue light in the center, it is used to professionally remove odors through the use of naturally occurring hydroxyls that sanitizes the air.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with vapors in our atmosphere and outdoor environment uses hydroxyl molecules to cleanse and decontaminate particles around us. Since hydroxyls do not naturally occur indoors, we greatly value this super useful tool that imitates the effectiveness of nature.

A hand is holding a specialty sponge used in cleaning smoke and soot from walls. Part of the sponge is soiled grey.

One of our specialties is smoke and soot cleanup, this is a tool we use...

After a fire where the smoke smell is not going away, typically our inspector will pull out one of these specialty ‘dry’ cleaning sponges seen here. It’s texture is reminiscent of a soft almost gummy eraser and works quite similarly. Depending on the circumstances, this enables us to test a small area to see if smoke particles are present. Then we can get right to the root of the cause by removing all of the particulates  regardless of how small they are. In addition to our ‘fire cleaning sponge’, part of the process may include some HEPA-filtered air scrubbers, HEPA-vacuuming, Hydroxyl machines, Ozone machines and deodorization to complete the cleaning process. It’s quite a process but we get PROFESSIONAL fire cleaning results that last!

Bright green drying machines operating at the very bottom of this wet elevator shaft that had flooded on an upper level

Drying multiple floors of a West Covina Commercial Building

We are so proud when in their time of need, local businesses trust our team to quickly respond and help get everything cleaned up. Always ready for whatever property damages may unexpectedly occur... as soon as we got this call asking for help, we rushed on over with all our specialty equipment to provide assistance with their flooded elevators. After all the areas were stabilized and secure, our drying machinery was set up on each level including where gravity pulled the remainder of the leak, all the way down to the basement level.

A thick black soot layer covers this room including the wall, shelves and chair. Our uniformed technician is at work.

How soon after a fire does SERVPRO begin the cleanup? Immediately, we can get started.

We have seen all kinds of homes and buildings needing cleanup after a fire. Sometimes the smell is awful and yet the soot may be barely visible until our white cleaning towels reveal a sooty build up. In this room though, an extra thick black layer of soot is present. To minimize black powder from being tracked around any further, our team get's immediately right to work to restore everything to a fresh clean state. Safety always comes first though, so anyone entering the premises needs a full face respirator to keep from breathing in any potentially harmful particulates. And, we absolutely love helping families out in their time of need. It makes our job very rewarding.  

A room full of mold from ceiling, which is caved partially in, to all the walls speckled in a grayish green

Serious mold issues? We can help!

Our completely overwhelmed homeowner called asking for help early part of this month in October because back on the fourth of July weekend she experienced a water pipe rupture. Fearing for her own safety, she headed to a Motel until she could contact the right people to help. Our teams then, got right to work at her property to cleanup and remove all wet and moldy items. Lots of work but that is exactly what we are here for... No job is too large or too small. If you are wondering if you may be dealing with a mold problem, call today for a free, no obligation inspection. 

Our bright lime green drying equipment is placed in wet hallway and rooms of a local business that called for help.

SERVPRO of West Covina specializes in water damage cleanup for Commercial & Residential properties

Ready to rescue around the clock, our team was called to help on a water damage at a local business needing cleanup. Our goal for each loss is to quickly dry and restore materials to minimize any business interruption. The drying equipment machines can be hot and noisy just like a hair dryer when drying your own hair. But the end results for both are well worth the process!

Water pipe ruptured upstairs and fell through ceiling. We placed specialty drying equipment to fully restore the materials.

Specialty Drying Equipment Used to Dry this Ceiling Efficiently

The water pipe ruptured upstairs and fell through the ceiling of this homeowner's dining room. Because the water came from a clean source we were able to dry in place by using this interesting to look at specialty drying equipment. Hot forced air piped through this flexible straw-like looking hoses which aided in being able to quickly and fully restore the ceiling, walls, and building materials. This ultimately saved money for the homeowner by not having to remove everything the water affected nor leaving them with the need for reconstruction in the end. 

Reconstruction After SOCAL Home is Damaged by Fire

SERVPRO of West Covina Begins the cleanup of this home after a fire damages several rooms. The rest of the home got a hefty layer of smoke, soot and char throughout.  After removal of burned effects, debris and of the tiny particles that cause the burnt smell, the reconstruction portion could begin. As a California General Contractor we are able to complete any rebuild projects that are required. CA LIC. NO. 968875

Rain Storm floods West Covina Home and Damages Laminate Flooring

Living in an area that is mostly sunny and dry, we are often caught much off guard when a quick storm travels past our home and floods our place a few inches deep with water.  This West Covina home got saturated when water levels rose and flooded in from their sliding glass door. The laminate planks completely swelled and turned to mush essentially as clearly seen in the picture. We sent a crew out to remove the wet materials and get the rest of the structure properly dried. New fresh floors were installed and this family’s interruption was thankfully minimal. Here to help for any property damages, call and inquire as to the details of our free inspections. 626.960.9145

California Rain Brings Attention to Roof Repairs that are Desperately Needed

We don’t get much rain in SOCAL but when we do, much needed roof maintenance repairs may come to our attention if the storm brings unexpected water leaks. Here fresh staining after a downpour got the attention of this homeowner who called us out to help. Roof repairs were made, the stained ceiling areas addressed and the unseen wet areas behind wall cavities dried completely to avoid potential mold growth. Your family’s health and safety comes first, trust us to professionally cleanup any unexpected disaster, storm related or otherwise.

How far did the water damage travel in this West Covina home?

Our water technicians’ very first step when arriving at each water damage weather Commercial or Residential is to scope and map out the damages to find out exactly how far the water traveled. This determines the extent of the water damages, allowing us to create a sketch of the affected areas so that we can create a plan of action to restore. We mark the saturated boundaries with blue tape so that clear identification can be determined. Depending on the source of the leak and if bacteria levels are present, a water category protocol will be assigned to your loss. Call for our free inspection.

Keep Away Rain Storm Intrusion by Temporarily Tarping the Roof

This roof was given a temporary tarp after heavy rains had been reported coming through the family’s ceiling. This preventative measure kept the remaining storm from causing further damages in between making roof repairs. Usually we don’t even realize repairs are necessary until rainfall, which we rarely even get in SOCAL these days. Fortunately we are just a call away to help keep the natural elements out whenever unexpected damages occur to your property.

Fire Damage Specialsts Servicing our SOCAL Community

Whenever we receive a call regarding a local fire, our first question always is “How are you doing now that the fire is out, did everyone make it out safely?” Sadly at one of our fire inspections the homeowners had lost their precious dog in the fire.

Understandably, after experiencing a fire stress levels are high and nerves are rattled so we help lessen the worry by relieving any of the cleanup process from you. This home in West Covina received a full dousing of water from our courageous Fire Department while extinguishing the blaze. Soot & smoke removal services were provided, a cleaning of all the belongings followed by the reconstruction of the burned areas. You can count on us to help as we are always ready to rescue.

Shower Leaking Continuously in West Covina, CA

Home maintenance seemingly never ends but is truly necessary to protect your investment.  The shower next to this water damaged wall & trim had water seeping past the tile on an ongoing basis.  Initially it had gone unnoticed. Eventually when the paint on the wall began to bubble and the wet and swollen baseboard began peeling paint off, our team was called out to help. We are always happy to respond quickly when dealing with water leaks. This prevents further damage from occurring and keeps repair costs to a minimum.

Flood Cleanup in Walnut, CA

This homeowner returned from vacation to discover water damages at their home. It had rained the week before and the flood levels had raised high enough to pour into their home through the sliding glass door. The water traveled across the kitchen up to the edges of the walls and cabinets. Upon discovery, our team was called out to help remove soggy materials and cleanup all the affected areas. Our standard advice when heading out of town is to turn off the main water valve to prevent any mishaps while gone. In this instance, the good advice would have been irrelevant since this was caused by exterior flood waters. As homeowners, we tend to do the best we can in terms of prevention, but some things when it comes to nature, like storm related damages are just out of our control.

Is mold lurking your West Covina home? Call SERVPRO

This West Covina home experienced a hot water heater malfunction and leaked steamy water throughout the house floors. Our water technicians scoped out and marked how far the water traveled and how far up the walls the water wicked. During the inspection of the crawlspace this bright and colorful mold pattern was discovered. These floor joists look like they are covered in a decorative floral or polka-dot design. Yet, even cleaning up mold in tight quarters such as a crawlspace is always challenging because there is no standing room and quarters are super tight. Our technicians literally crawl below the home or building of raised foundation structures and in this case used dry ice blasting to remove all the visible mold. It is hard work but worth it for this family’s safety. Mold is an allergen so it is wise to use a professional company to safely handle any mold issues. Call SERVPRO for a complimentary inspection if you discover any water leaks. 

West Covina Fire Damage, Smoke & Soot Removal

The damage that comes from after a fire is awful because the tiny soot particles go absolutely everywhere. The good news is, at SERVPRO of West Covina fire cleaning is our specialty so we do a fantastic job of removing soot from each and every nook and cranny. Regardless of discovering a home with high content, like this one, we clean it all including all other surfaces. Our team methodically works from the ceilings, down the walls, to furniture, belongings and then the floors. Once all the tiny particles are removed, we tackle removing the smoke smell completely. #smokesmellremoval

SERVPRO Removes Hidden Mold

Sometimes we walk on a propety for a mold inspection and the mold is visible or the familiar musty smell is present. But other times, mold is growing in a hidden wall cavity or behind baseboards, cabinets or appliances. A close up of the side of these recently removed flooring planks shows the destructive path water takes when it is initially undetected or even ignored. Removal helps protect your family from the allergen. By hiring a professional company like SERVPRO of West Covina, you gain peace of mind. Which when your family is concerned, is priceless.

Commercial Emergency Services Rendered in West Covina, CA

Got called out to this commercial property to inspect how far the water flooding had traveled throughout the premises. Extraction & drying quickly followed. Our goal is to act quickly to avoid secondary damages of mold or mildew being allowed to take root. This ultimately keeps costs to a minimum, especially if the water source is determined 'clean'. (See our blog page for more info on CLEAN or DIRTY water intrusion, does it matter?)

SERVPRO West Covina working in our Socal Community

Once you have noticed one, our bright green trucks are easy to spot! You begin to notice them all the time out & about in our SOCAL community traveling from property to property to help out as needed. We have spotted 4 different ones in a single day while out on the freeways! Have you seen any of our SERVPRO trucks in your neighborhood yet?

Not a new wallpaper pattern... Why SERVPRO can help

Water leaking under the sink sometimes can go undiscovered for quite a while. Notice the mold growth that began to form all over the wall inside this cabinet. It became so pronounced it looks like a faux finish sponging technique or like a wallpaper pattern, but no, its mold. SERVPRO offers free visual inspections and can safely remove the affected areas the correct way the first time. Call for more details - 626.960.9145

#gotmold #whycallSERVPRO

Got Mold? Call SERVPRO

Our SERVPRO of West Covina technicians are in full protective gear inside containment they built to safely remove the mold from this Walnut, CA home after rain damage. The containment kept under negative air pressure prevents the microscopic mold spores from traveling throughout the rest of the home, especially once the walls are opened up. Safety ALWAYS comes first for all involved, both for the property residents/tenants and our remediation team. For any sort of property damages you can trust SERVPRO to help with the cleanup.

Commercial Specialty Cleaning

This Medical facility had a small fire where soot and smoke traveled everywhere... Our team made sure every section of every surface was properly cleaned to rid the smoke smell and allow this business to reopen and get back to servicing our community.

Drying equipment that can save your expensive hardwood floors

These inject-a-dry mats are spread throughout this kitchen to dry out these hard wood floors after a water damage so that they do not need to be replaced. This saves a lot of time and money. 

Cleanup needed after a home fire in Hacienda Heights, CA

Fires are scary but when they start at home in the middle of the night, it’s the worst. Thankfully, everyone made it out safely. Then we were called out the next morning to begin the cleanup and remove significant smoke and soot damage throughout the home. The homeowner was super relieved to have an experienced team she could trust. She said "we were an answer to her prayers".  #loveourjob #firedamagecleaning

SERVPRO of West Covina team headed to a commercial site

Received a call requesting cleanup for a small fire at a local Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Baldwin Park CA. We sent in our core team to clean up the affected area of smoke, soot & debris and got it all cleaned up in ONE DAY! They were thrilled to have only minimal down time...

Headed out to rescue...

Just finished loading one of our trucks full of equipment for a local water damage in the local city of Azusa. Water from a ruptured pipe spread all over and our help is needed... Happy to respond quickly!

Our specialty equipment showing us what's invisible to the naked eye

The Infrared camera detecting definite moisture along the baseboards of a local dentist's office with a water leak in West Covina. The lit up blue areas indicate cooler temperatures, hence the existence of water being present. This also aids in quickly mapping out how far a water leak has traveled. This camera is one of our favorite pieces of equipment for detecting moisture. A definate must have for many of our complimentary inspections.