What our Customers say...


So grateful to Ryan and his team, he saw us through our project until the very end because he is a contractor. We absolutely love our brand new eight-inch crown molding and gorgeous distressed wood floors! They are amazing and make our home look incredible. So worth the process and household disruption that comes from a remodel.

This group over at SERVPRO of West Covina does outstanding work! We were initially feeling overwhelmed after a fire at our property but from day one, they knew exactly what needed to be done, how to do it and had the manpower to succeed. Thank you for all your long days and great communications with my insurance, it made going through this disaster a whole lot easier.

SERVPRO of West Covina responded to my Yelp inquiry, answered lots of questions and began helping me before I even decided to put in an insurance claim. I discovered some restoration companies will not come out until a claim is started. I wanted to do my research so that I could make an educated decision, Ryan and his people helped me do so. They proved to be the best choice and I am grateful for their professionalism, expertise and most important a job well done.

Three floors of the medical facility that I manage flooded from a pipe rupture. SERVPRO came within only twenty minutes and got right to work. They are a wonderful group!

Rainwater had stained our ceilings before but this time the ceiling, walls and window area was clearly wet. SERVPRO of West Covina came out right away even though it was a Saturday and got us taken care of. Thank you!!

Ryan is great because he is so honest. We have called him more than once when we have experienced damages at our home. Both times were for a water leak. We will use his company again in a heartbeat! 

My rental property caught fire in the middle of the night. Fortunately, everyone got out safely but the damages were extensive. Ryan and his ENTIRE crew put us right at ease because it was evident that they cared very much. They truly helped us from beginning to all the way at the very end. SERVPRO of West Covina is really the best around.

Our large facility flooded. Despite the stress of it interfering with day to day production, we were happy to have such a well-qualified team of people. They made the whole loss so much easier because we trusted their expertise and appreciated their diligence and long hours they put in.

Very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. Extremely satisfied with service.

So grateful to have had Ryan and his team helping us out with everything. I am sure that going through the experience of a fire is never pleasant but they got us through it all and our family felt a huge relief at the end. Thank you so much.

Our offices flooded overnight from a running toilet. We called SERVPRO out because of their high online reviews. They brought their large crew to get right to work. We highly recommend Ryan Tellez! He answered all our questions and helped us all the way from beginning to end.

It rained briefly but hard enough to leak into our family room and soak half of it. Ryan and his techs helped calm us down when they got right to work in cleaning up the damage. They were very knowledgeable & we would definitely call them again if needed.

Our neighbor accross the street had an accident and their car in their driveway caught fire. The burnt smell lingered for weeks before we finally called for help. Ryan and his team cleaned the smoke and got rid of the smell. Thank you so much.

Those Santa Anas! We never know when they will kick up but when they do they can rip through anything in its path. Before we could make the repairs, we had SERVPRO tarp the giant hole on our roof right in time as that night a rainstorm came through.

Didn't realize we had a leak under our kitchen sink until the smell got bad. We called SERVPRO of West Covina because of their great Yelp reviews. So glad we did. They inspected free of charge, came up with a cleanup plan that we approved and got right to work removing the mold. Happy to not have to worry about our health now that the mold was removed. Super grateful for that.

As a small business owner, I am so happy to have SERVPRO helping us when damages occur. They came out only an hour after my call and got us taken care of right away. Thank you, you guys are the best!

Strong Santa Ana Winds blew our fence over and ripped shingles right off our roof. The following week the rain came right in and leaked through into our bedroom. Ryan came out and his crew helped to get all the repairs made. So grateful for their help!

We had a leaking window in our bonus room. SERVPRO West Covina was sent by our insurance. They explained & executed a plan of action to rectify the whole problem. Would definitely call their professional team for help again.

Thank you to your whole SERVPRO team for helping to get our home back in order. The attention to detail is just superb. We love the fresh new paint, stunning crown molding/baseboard and especially our new wood flooring. We will enjoy & appreciate it for years to come!

It was a pleasure working with your company.

Extremely Courteous & Polite Workers over at SERVPRO of West Covina!!

Thank you SERVPRO of West Covina, your whole team is fantastic!!

Called out SERVPRO of West Covina because we found mold under the sink of our kitchen. There was no charge for their inspection but they definitely found a problem. Kind of rough with no kitchen while they went to work on removing the mold but we got through it. All their workers were professional and we were very happy that we no longer had to worry about potential allergens affecting the family later on. The peace of mind is worth the whole process.

Our fire sprinklers ruptured pouring water for ten minutes straight till we could shut off the main. SERVPRO West Covina showed up shortly after my call and got right to work. We were happy that they responded quickly but more importantly that they took great care of us.

The fire that occurred at our home put me under so much stress until my insurance company sent out Ryan. He was knowledgeable and experienced putting me at ease at once. I trusted his team to begin the cleanup process and they were very thorough. I highly recommend SERVPRO of West Covina.

After finding a leak in my kitchen, my insurance sent out SERVPRO of West Covina. Ryan, Jake and Jerry worked hard to clean and dry out everything. They were professional, courteous and I really liked them. I highly recommend you give them a call if the need arises.

Our kitchen flooded while we were out of town.  SERVPRO responded immediately and helped us out through the whole process.  They helped communicate with our insurance who approved new cabinets due to the water damage.  My husband and I decided to upgrade our appliances to compliment our new cabinets and counter tops.  It was hard to have no kitchen for a time but well worth it to end up with a whole new gourmet kitchen.  We love SERVPRO and would call them again!

My local business needed specialty cleaning with a team trained to catch even small details.  SERVPRO was perfect!  Lori was the supervisor ensuring a job well done.  We are forever grateful!!  

They were '10+' in responding super fast to our water damage in our kitchen. Would call them in again in a heartbeat! Thank you for a job well done!!

We were in a panic because we needed a smoke and soot cleaning right away. Everything was covered! They worked quickly to get our home back to normal, thank you SERVPRO of West Covina!!

Water damage in my kitchen from leak under my refrigerator stressed me out because the water went everywhere and flooded everything. They helped calm my nerves and their team is very hard working, courteous and kind. I highly recommend this franchise!

Outstanding job on cleaning my home of the flooded water. Water traveled everywhere, room after room, all the floors, baseboards and walls were soaked. Their entire team was terrific and we are very grateful they responded quickly to clean it all up.

We are outstandingly pleased with Ryan and everything he has done, he is very professional and his whole team goes out of their way to be of service. Thank you for extracting the flooded water and cleaning up my property. I cannot say enough good things about our experience!

Thank you for the great service rendered for drying out my home after the water pipe broke! They saved my floors and cabinets by drying it all professionally. Would recommend to all!!

Found mold under my kitchen sink that had spread throughout the walls behind the cabinets. Very happy that our insurance covered the cleaning and that SERVPRO helped us with communicating to them through the whole process. Ryan and his whole team are fantastic!

'A+' They did an outstanding job when one of our properties needed specialty cleaning. They are very detailed and most importantly, PROFESSIONAL. I keep their number on speed dial!

These recent rains left our floors soaked, walls damp and even our ceilings wet. Thank you for coming right away to make the much needed repairs SERVPRO!

So appreciative to work with trust worthy group! Water had leaked a while back but we didn't know until mold spots had appeared along baseboards that things were still wet. Thank you for all your help and expertise!