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SERVPRO near me

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Our signature orange house logo for SERVPRO of West Covina If you were hiring someone to work inside your mom's home, who would you pick? Hire only the best! You, your family, and your business deserve it.

If you Google: SERVPRO near me, several restoration businesses in your local area will appear on the Google map. How do you select which company to go with? Are all SERVPRO’s the same? Yes and no. SERVPROS are independently owned franchises, many are family-operated, depending. So while much of the training and certifications may be the same or similar, each owner sets the tone for their specific team, office, and warehouse. Years of experience and specialty services will vary from franchise to franchise.

How do you pick which franchise to hire? If time permits:

  • Google SERVPRO of (the city name you are interested in). Our team is SERVPRO of West Covina. The city or cities name following SERVPRO is simply for franchise purposes and not for limiting cities that we work in. SERVPRO of West Covina services all of Southern California. We work hard to develop the highest reputation and to build strong relationships within our SOCAL community so wherever the call comes from, we will help. Online Google reviews are posted from within the community for an accurate read on how customers really feel about services rendered.
  • Search Yelp for reviews on the nearby franchises. Read the negative posts as well and see if and how management replied to resolve the issue. You can learn A LOT this way. Posted pictures are helpful also to allow you to see the pictures of who may be showing up at your door.
  • Review their company website’s about page to learn more about who you will be hiring. Jot down their contractor's state license number so that you can cross-reference it with the BBB and Angie’s List. Are they IICRC certified and learn what certifications they hold. What extra precautions are being taken since we are still in a pandemic? View before and after pictures, read customers' testimonials, and watch any videos that they have posted. All of the above will help paint an overall picture of who you are considering hiring.

Why call SERVPRO after a firestorm?

4/20/2021 (Permalink)

Spring brings bright pink blossoms on trees, fresh green grass and our SERVPRO green logo'd van sits in the middle Get a clean fresh start after any sort of disaster, storm, or damage to your property. Even call us around the clock for emergency needs!

While the nation deals with 'typical' weather-related storms from wind, twisters, monsoons, lightning, rain, and /or blizzards, here in California our largest issues relate to firestorms. The super-dry desert-like heat, surrounding dried brush, and hillsides combined with Santa Ana Winds can all add up to danger. Those circumstances can quickly lead to fire warnings, wildfires, and rolling blackouts.

We are still in the month of April and not yet in the high heat of summer but SERVPRO of West Covina continues to handle fire & smoke damage inspections for business owners, property managers, national insurance companies, HOA’s, homeowners, and lawyer’s offices.

Our fire inspections determine the extent of damages caused by soot, smoke, and char at properties. A sketch is rendered based on the affected areas so that a professional protocol for cleanup can be recommended. Our technicians will assist with the separation of what needs to be disposed of versus what is restorable and cleanable. Most properties that are burned and entered by the fire department either through the roof or another point of entry will need to be stabilized and secured. Board-ups or temporary tarping may be required to keep the elements out. Air-duct cleaning may be suggested and possibly the removal of old smoky insulation to be replaced with new materials. Both of these services will aid in freshening the air ventilation systems. Specialized equipment can be placed for a few days to filter out particulates; this is especially helpful for those with asthma or respiratory sensitivities. Last year when fires lasted for weeks, the air quality was harsh. We were called for rentals of our air-scrubber machinery which really helped indoors. Removing carcinogens and microscopic particles is only part of the process…

If you sustained any sort of damage at your residence or business, call to find out in what ways we may be of valuable assistance. There is no need to go through the entire process alone, we will communicate our experience to you along the way and assist in going through your insurance if you chose to do so. You can trust our SERVPRO Team and brand because we care about our community greatly and love what we do.

Keep Home Maintenance a Priority

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

A bright and clean kitchen seems to be having a real problem because a steady stream of clear water is flowing across tiles Help maintain your home by addressing issues before problems occur. If you discover trouble like this... call us out immediately!

Our spring cleaning checklist includes updating failing older appliances. After about eight to twelve years certain plumbing fixtures may need attention. Before a real problem occurs, it is best to begin addressing any maintenance issues, such as fixing leaking faucets, toilets and/or replacing and upgrading old ones.

A few months back while we were replacing a vanity basin in our home, we began to notice some leaking from the pipes under the sink. We worked to make the necessary repairs to that sink but realized the turn-off valves were old and brittle, so we started swapping old angle stops out with new ones throughout the home. When we got to our kitchen sink valves, difficulties began. Water ended up leaking overnight and dripped down onto the garage ceiling below. The next morning when we noticed the water staining, we went to address the issue only to struggle a bit from a combination of problems, one being old calcium build upon a super short connector. A few attempts to repair failed, so water continued to seep out for a few days until the final clamp and sealant repair worked. We had tried getting a plumber to come out but several local ones were weeks away from responding in person so we had to figure this one out on our own. We were able to run air-movers and a large dehumidifier the whole time until everything was fully dried out but you can see how easy water can cause damages to wet materials if professional equipment is not used.

Small issues that you can maintain control of may go well as a DIY project but if leaking had continued or if flooding had occurred, we would have needed professional help. It is our responsibility as a homeowner to keep on top of all maintenance issues. If you notice a problem, it is best to prioritize that repair, ESPECIALLY if water or mold is involved. If you are unsure how to proceed or of how large an issue may be, give our team a call.

A good quality Spring cleaning will make your surroundings bright

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

A toddler smiles big as he sits inside a laundry basket being pushed by his mom in a fresh clean looking kitchen You deserve to live in clean surroundings. If you need a little extra help from the professionals, call today!

With summer still two months away, it is Spring cleaning time! Is your family’s To-Do Cleaning checklist ready? Pinterest has great lists to print out so you can physically check it off as you tackle each task as well as blogs providing wonderful tips and ways to be more thorough. Our cleaning list is long this year… for many who continue to work from home, focusing on some deep cleaning may really help improve your surroundings. For those with little ones, you will feel better about them playing on the floor. Clearing clutter and getting a fresh clean start may boost everyone’s mood. Some find it challenging to stay on top of regular dusting and routine weekly cleaning, so taking extra care to get into the detailed areas like corners, baseboards, and less used areas, should make a big difference in the overall appearance of your space. Moving larger pieces of furniture helps to really get underneath the hard-to-reach areas to remove all of the built-up clusters of dust bunnies. Polishing floors, cleaning rugs and carpets will freshen rooms up a lot too. Also, now may be the right time to turn your attention to blinds and windows that may have a blanket of sticky dust. A good tip is to use a paper towel or microfiber cloth lightly dipped in a bit of oil to clean. It degreases and works wonders on the stubborn hard parts to clean.

If taking on such a large cleaning project seems way too overwhelming, we can help. Our team is professionally trained for very methodical cleaning for post-mold, water, and fire damages.  When removing soot, smoke, and odor particles from all surfaces including ceilings, walls, trims, moldings, floors, and all of the contents, not an area can be missed. In fire damage cleanup, the only way to fully remove the smoke and char smell is to remove the teeniest particles first. In fact, one of our residential fire loss customers appreciated our talented team so much after the cleaning at his home that a few years later he called to ask us to return because of how great our team left his place in the end. We constantly get comments from both commercial and residential customers like “this is cleaner than before!” or “it was this clean when we moved in”. We highly value the feedback and input from our customers and love it when they call us out to return the next time our services can be of good use for them. Another area our team is fully trained in dealing with is sensitive matters such as hoarding and/or debris haul-away. In those situations, our cleaning crews can work wonders. We also get calls from restaurants and other local businesses to provide an extra deep cleaning when regular maid services just won’t do. Call now for more details!

What should be your Main Concerns when Flooding occurs?

4/8/2021 (Permalink)

Water floods a hardwood floor. A plugged in floor fan dangles in the water and so do the chords for a TV sitting on the floor Easily recognize the dangers after water damage and take proactive measures to address each issue.

If you wake up to find yourself ankle-deep in water, what are the dangers and what should you do?

  • Risk of electrical shock – Be careful because we all know that water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Looking at this picture, you can see plugged chords dangling in the water. This presents a high risk for electrical shock. It is important to stay out of the area and keep others, children and pets away as well.
  • The danger of slip and fall – Walking on a hard flooring surface like wood, tile, or cement when wet can definitely be a slippery hazard. Again, clearing everyone from the room until everything is dry is highly recommended.
  • Are harmful bacteria present in the water? – One of our first questions after a flood call is to find out the water source. Is it from groundwater where the soil is present along with possible traces of animal feces mixed in? Did a toilet overflow or sewage backup cause the flooding? For your own protection, do not walk in these areas. If the source is unknown initially, call our technicians to help make the determination of the source.
  • Can expensive wood floors be saved? – If the water source is a clean one and you call in the professionals right away, specialty drying equipment can be used to restore instead of replacing the costly materials. Please note: not every restoration company uses the same protocol, so ask!
  • How soon do you need to take action? – The answer for both whether if the water source is clean or dirty is to act immediately by calling a reputable company that will recommend an IICRC protocol based on your circumstances. Any delays could result in mold issues later… call SERVPRO of West Covina and we will respond right away.

Who do you call when dealing with a large loss?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

A bright lime green super long SERVPRO semi-tractor trailer parked with endless stacks of bright green specialty equipment Our bright green SERVPRO trucks are hard to miss. They keep us well equipped for any fire or water damage emergency call.

With so many restoration company choices in Southern California, some may wonder who to call when their jumbo warehouse is vandalized, suddenly floods, or catches fire. Many property managers keep their phones on around the clock in the event of such a disaster occurring at one of the properties that they oversee. By meeting and getting to know the restoration team that you will use first before an emergency strikes, it will provide you with peace of mind.

SERVPRO of West Covina invites you to reach out to us now. We can set up a virtual conference to ensure that we can meet your restoration needs and emergency response requirements. Concerns and questions will be addressed so that you feel confident in working with us. Then moving forward you have a go-to vendor for any sort of property damages that may occur. This way if the need arises, we are simply a call or text away from responding to your property emergency. No need to scramble last minute for a number or having to rely on the phone book to search for a willing responder.

As part of the SERVPRO family, you will have access to our unlimited resources including adequate manpower and large quantities of equipment when a loss is on a catastrophic level. Regardless of the extent of damages being huge or minute, we can help. Our professional and courteous team is on standby twenty-four seven. Call now to schedule a virtual meeting so as to be prepared ahead of time.

With so many options out there, Why choose SERVPRO of West Covina?

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

A close up of emergency operator at SERVPRO taking your call. She is smiling as someone who cares as she listens to the needs Trust the team who cares, is professional, and upholds the highest standards. Our online reviews speak volumes!

Living in Southern California, we all aim to support local businesses, especially now more than ever due to the pandemic. Business owners greatly value patrons because it means our livelihood. So when dealing with a stressful property damage emergency, how do you select who to call out for help and if you will hire them?

Here are three main points of reason to help you make the best choice:

  1. Online Reviews – Not every company has loads of reviews but for the ones posted, what do customers say? If a negative review was given, how did the business respond to that individual’s communication? Is their attitude all about customer service and willingness to make things right? Or is it a defensive rant?
  2. Professionalism – When you make your initial call, how is the information that you are communicating received? Are your needs and concerns being listened to so as to be met? Do you feel comfortable with this company responding to your request for services being rendered? How quickly is their response time to your emergency situation? How do you feel about the technicians that arrive at your door? Do you have confidence in speaking with them based on their experience level and knowledge about the issue that they will assist in making things better?
  3. Trust – Does this company truly care and do they display this to you? Do they care about you and your family’s best health interests? Do they care about their own reputation in the community? No one is perfect… so if hiccups arise, will they go the extra mile to resolve the matter and make things right? Our gut instinct can go a long way in helping us decide. If you feel uncomfortable now, will it be worse once they are deep in the middle of the cleanup or restoration project?

Selecting a restoration company that may be working inside your home or business is an important but necessary decision. When facing a property emergency, like a flood or fire time is of the essence. Choose wisely. You can put complete trust in SERVPRO of West Covina where our owner, management and team members have the very best attitude towards valuing each and every client and customer and will work very hard on your behalf.

Water damage typically occurs with Fire damage

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

Firemen use hoses to extinguish a fire in a house garage. A melted garage door and burnt car shows high heat and damages Do not go through the stress of fire damages alone, call in the professionals at SERVPRO of West Covina to help.

How do water damage and fire damage go hand in hand? As flames are extinguished from a Class A blaze of building materials, the continuous full force stream of an industrial-strength water hose can leave everything sopping wet. Approximately one gallon of water may be used to put out a three-foot section. Interesting to note is that a hose spraying out three hundred gallons (some hydrants pump five hundred) each minute can easily overflow the equivalency of eight full-size bathtubs. That is A LOT of water.

So how do you handle the situation after a fire? The first step is to safely get you and your family out and relocated to a calm relaxing setting like a neighbor’s, friend’s, or family’s place. Next call in the professionals to inspect, secure, and stabilize the property. Board–up’s of windows, doors or the roof may be necessary… Then the cleanup process can begin. Valuables and sentimental items that can be restored will be gathered and a team will get right to work in addressing the smoke, soot, char, and water affected materials of both the structure and all furniture and personal effects. We will do our best to communicate well and assist you through the whole process to minimize your stress and worry. Call today for more information!

The importance of being PROCATIVE with water damages

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

A family room has a bucket in the middle of the floor to catch the stream of dripping water from the ceiling Do Not delay in getting the professional help you need. Call immediately at the first sign of an issue.

Oxford Dictionary



(of a person, policy, or action)creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen by taking-charge rather than responding to it after it has happened.

“be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems”

What is a proactive homeowner?

A motivated homeowner remains observant of potential issues and will quickly take action when looking for and discovering any sort of damage or maintenance needs. Regular property maintenance is vital so by constantly anticipating property preservation, its requirements AND by taking immediate ACTION on the areas of concern you can prove yourself to be proactive.

Protect your biggest investment. As a homeowner and home insurance policyholder, it is crucial to understand that each insurance company expects you to be proactive on each property damage issue. Notifying your insurance of an issue is simply not enough, you must take action to work in harmony with your policy coverage. When the matter is related to a roof leak, a water leak, or a sudden water rupture you can be proactive by calling in a restoration company namely SERVPRO of West Covina at the first sign of a problem. Utilize our complimentary inspections to follow through with proper protocol and make the repairs as swiftly as possible. This will minimize costs and prevent further damages like mold from accruing.

Do you need odor removal from smoke damage?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

A wall outlet has a full sized plug. The chord of it is on fire and black smoke is beginning to cover the wall Call today and inquire about how we can help with odor removal!

Over the years in helping many different families and businesses after the devastating effects of a fire we have witnessed many different scenarios of how various fires have started. Learning from these situations has taught us a few basics. Never overload electrical plugs and never charge a laptop, tablet, or phone on soft materials like a bed where it can easily overheat.

How damaging a fire is, depends greatly on how quickly the flames are extinguished and the source of the fire. Electrical fires can sometimes smell like burned wires or chemicals and protein fires have a whole different set of circumstances to address. Sometimes these burned materials can make the odors dangerous for the respiratory system. Regardless smoke and soot particles travel quickly and spread throughout a space faster than one would think. Sometimes soot might not even be clearly seen until tested through a dry-cleaning method.

If you or a neighbor experienced a fire, even if it is quickly put out, you may be dealing with a strong smoke smell or the effects of acids in the ash that can etch into building materials. Many believe that in time the lingering odors will dissipate but that is not typically the case. Having a professional company that specializes in property damages is the best route. A typical protocol SERVPRO of West Covina will utilize for smoke smell removal is first to remove even the tiniest of particles from all affected surfaces, this includes ceilings, walls, floors, trim, cabinets, furniture, personal belongings and don’t forget about the ventilation system and/or attic. Soot can be between one to three microns in size so while it may not be visible to the naked eye you may certainly smell its odor. We have several methods to do this removal and depending on the situation our technicians will make use of either a hydroxyl or an ozone machine to fully deodorize. Call now for an inspection.