Recent Before & After Photos

Restoring Floors at a local Real Estate Office

Decades ago SERVPRO’s  humble beginnings came by being a reliable Carpet Cleaning Company. Over the years as our list of services expanded to fit the... READ MORE

Mold inside walls of this Professional Office Building in Baldwin Park

Wet rain leaks that are left unattended can cause secondary damages. In this instance, when inspecting ceiling staining further, mold was discovered. A pack out... READ MORE

Fire at a Local Kaiser Facility

We were asked to help out with a little bit of smoke and soot damage that occurred inside a restroom of a SOCAL Kaiser Facility. Fortunately, the small fire was... READ MORE

La Puente Preschool Commercial Cleaning

We received a call from a local Preschool because when they opened the doors that morning they discovered quite a mess. It turns out that absolutely everything ... READ MORE

Plaza West Covina Mall Cleaning

Commercial specialty cleaning is one of our specialties! These services are often utilized when either an extra deep cleaning is needed after unexpected da... READ MORE

Mold Removal in West Covina

Our visual mold inspections are complimentary because at times an actual issue may not even be present. The health and safety of your family is always our main ... READ MORE

Covina home suffered roof leak from rain damage - PART 1

Lots of California sun may have contributed to the wear and tear of these shingles. Then on a particularly windy day, it blew away several protective roof shing... READ MORE

Covina home suffered roof leak from rain damage - PART 2

Living in the San Gabriel Valley, we all have experienced heavy winds at some point where noticeable damage occurs. In this instance, the wind blew hard enough ... READ MORE

Home sprinklers malfunctioned and covered the home

While greatly appreciated in a fire situation, home sprinklers sometimes leak or go off at the wrong time due to the high pressure that the water is stored unde... READ MORE

Fire started in the bedroom of this West Covina home

On each of our fire damage calls, nerves are shot because of the traumatic experience and loss. In this home, thankfully only minor injuries occurred to the one... READ MORE