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How To Lose Weight?

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

A happy family is in their clean kitchen cooking together. An assortment of healthy whole foods are being prepared Prioritize your health in 2021. Eat right, exercise, continue to sanitize, and keep your environment clean. Need specialty cleaning? We can HELP.

This topic and question are on the minds of many, especially after the 2020 Pandemic. We know this because each month over five hundred thousand people Google the question “how to lose weight?”. Due to the Novel Coronavirus, during the initial shut down phase, we witnessed something we had never seen, completely empty and cleared shelves at markets and grocery stores. Basic supplies like cleaning and disinfecting products, toilet paper, paper goods, meat, and dried boxed foods were in short supply. Even someone at that time who was already interested in shedding a few pounds was forced to re-think their diet due to the country going into emergency mode. Limiting shopping to once a month made it difficult to have fresh produce on hand. Many working from home and limiting outdoor activities put on an extra few pounds of weight. Comfort foods provided a temporary fix as our waistbands expanded…

We are now well into 2021, vaccinations for COVID-19 are available to most ages and nearly everyone is back to an almost typical routine. Some who were over-weight in 2020, made drastic lifestyle changes after seeing dear loved ones who sadly lost the coronavirus battle and slimmed down to improve overall health and immunity. Little changes can add up to big results over time, so never give up. For those ready to finally rid themselves of the ‘stay at home twenty’, what can you do?

We are all different. With a variety of body types,  food preferences, and physical activity levels, what works for one person may not work for another. It is important to do a self-analysis to figure out what the main issue is and make the adjustment. Are you dealing with major health issues? Is too much stress wreaking havoc on your hormonal balance? Are you sleeping well? Are you giving into food cravings and making poor food choices? Is the problem portion sizes, overeating, or binging? Are you drinking too many calories through sugary juices, drinks, or homemade cocktails?

Getting outdoors and walking is excellent in many ways but your diet should be an issue to address right along with increasing exercise. The key is making better choices. What can you change?

If cravings are an issue, intermittent fasting may be an option. Some enjoy going fully plant-based because of the health benefits but it is important to educate yourself so that you do not end up undernourished. If support groups will help hold you accountable, join one. If meal prepping will keep you on track, carve out time on Sunday so that you are well prepared for the week.

Whatever positive changes you decide to implement should be something that you can stick to. Creating new habits takes time but if you enjoy the benefits, it will get easier. Of course, life happens and some days we indulge but then our goal should be ready to quickly resume whichever eating changes we can make part of our lifestyle. Regular ‘healthier food swaps’ can go a long way in keeping us feeling full. Eating the right foods can actually allow for larger portions and satiety. Can a bowl of fresh sweet berries or a crisp apple, sliced and sprinkled in cinnamon take care of a sweet tooth versus indulging in chocolate cake? Or, if you really want the cake, can you take two bites and stop? Not all of us have that sort of willpower, in which case its better to go with the healthier of the options. For savory cravings, can salty popcorn suffice instead of going for something deep-fried?

Knowing your limitations and what is doable for you personally will aid you towards success. Limiting Or omitting cheat days, caffeine intake and alcohol consumption may all be things to try, at least temporarily.

Some dieticians recommend keeping it simple, to find just a handful of healthy food ‘go-to’ meals and snacks, that you like and know you will enjoy. Others prefer a variety and would not eat the same lunch two days in a row, again whatever works for you, utilize it and make the swap.

Eating a balanced diet, including fresh colorful vegetables at every meal will aid you in getting the proper nutrient-rich foods that your body needs. Many YouTube vloggers have found incredible results by filling each plate with non-starchy steamed, roasted, or sautéed vegetables, filling up on veggies first then eating the other side of food on the plate that may contain starch, fats, or protein. This ensures that you are not left hungry and grumpy plus lowers your overall caloric intake. Cooking together as a family will help instill good eating habits for little ones.

At SERVPRO of West Covina, we care about your health. This is evident through the extra precautions we continue to take along with the disinfecting and specialty cleaning services that we provide. Even a couple of our team members with daily determination have worked hard and have been able to lose some significant weight as of late. This in turn boosts mood & energy levels and allows us to love our job even more as we continue to help those in need of property damage cleanup services in our community.

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