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You are not alone in a Storm, call SERVPRO

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage You are not alone in a Storm, call SERVPRO Whenever it rains, be proactive by keeping an eye out for any new water leaks so that mold does NOT become an issue.

One of the best things about belonging to the SERVPRO family is that we are a part of a national Storm Response Program. Stationed throughout the country we have four geographically located teams ready and able to manage any catastrophic event. By responding quickly with a properly staffed and adequately equipped to handle the largest disaster, it makes SERVPRO of West Covina the one to call first and even add to your speed dial.

Each of our team members receives extensive training and are prepared to tackle any sized emergency with well-stocked vehicles for optimal efficiency. While much of the country currently is worried about freezing pipes, hail or damaging winds, California has plenty of potential storm-related hazards as well. A primary storm hazard would be flood or rainwater intrusion, which would be classified as grey water. Grey water refers to a risk of potential bacteria content or slight contaminants in the water from either the ground or roof. Knowing that a good chance of bird or animal droppings could be present in the water, having professional care for such restoration needs will likely save you money. Our aim is to keep your surrounding environment safe by preventing secondary damages like mold growth. 

If you are concerned that your property may have an issue, call for details about our complimentary visual inspections so that our professional team may help out with a plan of action and follow through.

Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover Water Damage caused by Flooding?

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover Water Damage caused by Flooding? Water techs are standing by, serving our Socal commercial and residential properties for any flood, rain or other unexpected water damages. Call now!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a storm as a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning. While Southern California rarely experiences severe storm activity, it does occur from time to time. Being prepared for a swift change in temperatures and the seasonal Santa Ana Winds is always going to be advantages. Are you and your family California STORM READY? CA.GOV 

helps us prepare individually by first knowing whether or not our property is at risk of flooding. When we purchased our home just over a decade ago, our loan docs included the disclosure of our area being considered a flood zone area. Insurance companies as well have FEMA Risk mapping indicating cities and neighborhoods at high risk for any sort of natural disaster be it earthquakes, wind storms, wildfire and of course flooding. Are you properly insured with flood insurance or earthquake insurance? Since Homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage, it is finding out and act now because water damage repairs can be costly. to Water damages due to flooding water can potentially carry contaminants in the soil such as animal droppings, pesticides, etc., IICRC standards states removal of all materials affected by the exterior waters and recommends they be removed and replaced. If you find yourself dealing with unexpected soaking wet walls or googling: how to get rid of mold after a storm, you will be eternally grateful when your insurance helps to take away the sting of the loss.

As the rest of the nation continues to storm watch severe weather, while we are enjoying sunny days we can do our part now, by preparing a checklist and ensuring that we are ready just in case…

March Winds & April Showers Bring May Flowers…

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage March Winds & April Showers Bring May Flowers… Storm events bring different dangers, become familiar with the weather in your area and plan accordingly. #spring2019

We are all familiar with the 1920’s poem and song about the typical rainy season expected in the Spring. Such, storms also make for slick roads and more than usual dangerous driving conditions.

Extra caution and speed reduction should be exercised when behind the wheel when the roads are wet and slippery because nearly half of weather-related automobile accidents each year are from the rain. This extra caution applies to both new and experienced drivers. When rain follows hot and drier days, engine oil builds up on the roads and can contribute to many more accidents. Increase your following distance to improve visibility and give yourself enough time to fully brake. Avoid using cruise control in the rain to properly control speed when hitting patches of water and to prevent hydroplaning. If you begin to drift, do not turn your wheel or brake hard because your vehicle could skid or spin. We have all seen a driver flying through bad weather, not slowing at all or taking account of the road conditions only to collide right off the road, minutes later.  Practice being a defensive and patient driver.

Nowadays, dangers of driving have grown to include a much larger list than just rainy weather. Because of so many potential distractions; iPhones have a “do not disturb setting” while driving that detect motion and if receiving a call or text during that time will automatically send a quick text notifying the caller of such. This aids in the practice of not looking at our phones at all while driving.

Local law enforcement, hospitals, schools and businesses team up year after year for the EVERY 15 Minutes Program that instructs our young ones before they become licensed drivers to understand the many dangers on the road because life’s lessons are best learned through experience. This powerful program leaves a lasting and emotional impression through the use of a visual reenactment of a deadly accident stemmed from driving while impaired or distracted. Students are challenged to meditate on the weighty responsibility of getting behind the wheel and the grim realities that can be caused by making foolish choices. The program teaches the importance of taking responsibility by making mature decisions and how outcomes can greatly impact everyone around them.

As May approaches, the California weather will begin to warm up and the chance of rain drops to a day to two at the most, if any. While California is a year-round destination for travelers, May through the summer months brings the highest number of visitors to the beaches and local attractions. Wherever your California destination plans lie this Spring and Summer, have fun but be safe!

April has Lots Going on Weather Wise

4/18/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage April has Lots Going on Weather Wise April showers... and lots more damages predicted. SERVPRO is here to help for any and all storm-related damages.

Each part of the country is being affected differently from the various types of recent storms. While severe weather threatens the South with ridiculously large sized hail and residents are warned to brace for flooding this upcoming weekend in April, four tornadoes have been reported in Texas and damaging winds in Oklahoma. Severe thunderstorms with a huge risk of damaging wind gusts are threatening to hit Florida, Virginia, Washington DC and the Carolinas. New York is on a flash flood watch.

Here in California while the Northern part of the state is experiencing dirt devils, our Southern section is forecasting sunny days ahead with temperatures into the high 80’s. Perfect timing for the exceptionally large crowds of travelers continuing to heading in for Coachella.

To keep updated and see the current weather, The Weather Chanel has a map of the entire country.

SOCAL Rain Leaks requires Mold Remediation

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SOCAL Rain Leaks requires Mold Remediation Lots of water staining from a passing storm occurred throughout this Baldwin Park office building. We got it all cleaned up fast!

Here in our sunny SOCAL neighborhood, it rains only once in a while… But it did rain once last week and even if the storm hits only in passing, property damage issues can arise unexpectedly. This local business office experienced ceiling staining on multiple areas from a leaky roof. They called our SERVPRO office in to inspect the damages. Wet materials along with the development of mold was discovered behind the spots seen here in the picture. From experience, removal of mold is the best protection against potential allergens. Their office staff was relieved to have everything professionally remediated and repaired.

For an updated photo, please check out our SERVPRO of West Covina website’s Before and After Photo Gallery to view the mold removal from the framing studs of this particular structure.

Prepare now for SOCAL’s summer heat…

4/11/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepare now for SOCAL’s summer heat… Regardless of the type of storm that strikes your property in West Covina or any of SOCAL's surrounding cities, call us to help because we care.

We love because Southern California in part because it's weather is certainly unique. Overall it is one of the most desirable states to live in. As seasons change, we adjust ever so slightly if at all...

We sometimes experience the effects of Santa Ana storm winds where rooftop or property damages pop up due to them. It hardly rains here, but when it does and it comes down hard, certain areas prone to flooding quickly suffer from the storm. Fortunately SERVPRO of West Covina is here to help with any and all of those issues.

Sunny California is a beautiful place to live so investing in a home or business is most definitely worthwhile. Staying on top of maintenance may be the very best way to help to protect your investment and prevent costly replacement costs from occurring later.

As we head towards summer our current high temperatures are an indicator as to what our upcoming summer may be like. It may turn out to be a real scorcher. Depending on the city you live in and primarily how far inland your home is, summer heat may lead to unusually high cooling costs.

If despite covering all the basics IE: regularly servicing the A.C., installing ceiling fans, layering thermal quality window treatments and tinting windows, excessive heat is still getting trapped each day, consider taking steps to help cut costly energy bills.

One way to assist with cooling issues may be by insulating your garage door with a reflective covering. Last year, our family discovered that the super high temperatures in our garage damaged all the food cans tucked into our ‘emergency go bags’.  Multiple cans exploded all over clothes, blankets and supplies. We learned our lesson and found a cooler spot for their storage but that gave us a real good idea as to just how HOT the garage can get…

Step by step instructions can be found by visiting It might be well worth it in the long run. Preparing to the best of our abilities is wise. For all the rest of the unexpected damages that occur, we are here to help around the clock.

Q:A passing storm floods the room – Is it Clean or Dirty Water? Does it Matter?

3/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Q:A passing storm floods the room – Is it Clean or Dirty Water?  Does it Matter? Bacteria can multiply rapidly under 'favorable' conditions, forming colonies of millions of organisms within a space as small as a drop of rainwater.

A: It depends because different categories of water can not only affect your health but also how a Water Damage Professional will proceed with the protocol of the actual cleanup. Either way, using an expert is highly advised because ultimately the protection of your health is a high priority and saving money is ALWAYS desired as long as no further risk is incurred.

To explain further... When dealing with Category 1 Water (Fresh, Clean), time and temperatures are urgent matters to consider. Mitigation or stopping the water invasion may proceed by utilizing professional specialized industrial equipment. This may aid in preserving money and minimizing costly replacements of flooring, cabinets and other materials, etc.

Category 1 Example: sudden pipe burst rupture or appliance supply line water leak.

If Category 2 Water (Grey with some degree of contaminants) is present, as with Type 1 time and temperatures are also main concerns because it could become progressively more contaminated, causing further damages.

Category 2 Example: water coming from inside of a dishwasher or clothes washing machine.

Category 3 Water (Black, Highly Contaminated) Some professionals carry test tube kits to make a quick assessment because dirty water could be dangerous and worst case scenario cause death or serious illness if consumed by humans. In which case the IICRC Recommendation is to cut and remove all surfaces affected.

Category 3 Example: SEWAGE DAMAGES: sewage leak, sewage back up, sewage spill, toilet tank water overflow, toilet backup overflow. STORM DAMAGES: rainwater or flood waters entering through a damaged roof, windows, walls or doors, or even exterior groundwater containing silt and soil. ‘CLEAN’ OR ‘GREY’ WATER  UNNOTICED OR ALLOWED TO SIT: permitting contaminants to multiply over the matter of days or sometimes mere hours.

SERVPRO of West Covina cleans up All types of water damages so call us out so that you may relax & leave it to the professionals to determine the best plan of action tailored for your unique situation.  This will save valuable time, money and minimize any disruption from your home or business. Regardless of the water type, it is IMPORTANT to act quickly. Call today!